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2004-04-12 Microsoft, Sun Microsystems form technology collaboration
Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have entered into a broad technology collaboration arrangement to enable their products to work better together and to settle all pending litigation between the two companies
2006-06-28 Microsoft, Motorola to deliver unified communication solutions
Microsoft and Motorola will deliver unified communications solutions using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 across Motorola mobile devices and network hardware
2010-02-11 Microsoft, MediaTek deliver multimedia-rich smart phones
Microsoft Corp. and MediaTek Inc. entered a strategic partnership to provide a multimedia-rich smart phone solution primarily aimed at emerging markets
2007-05-25 Microsoft, Chunghwa Telecom ink strategic alliance
Chunghwa Telecom chairman Tan Hochen and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates signed a letter of intent on May 15 to form a strategic alliance
2008-03-06 Microsoft's Ballmer discusses next computing revolution
The rise of PCs, GUIs, the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies have obviously had major impacts on the IT industry, but according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the computing revolution that's about to take place will tie up all the loose ends from previous ones
2007-05-18 Microsoft wins partners for new home server
Microsoft disclosed the basic hardware requirements for its new home server coming out later this year and announced partners who plan to roll out systems and supporting software
2008-02-26 Microsoft makes openness pledge
Microsoft opens its software a bit more to the rest of the world? There's more than meets the eye going on
2002-07-17 Microsoft hopes to rev poky telematics market
Microsoft Corp. will release on Monday a list of five automakers that will use Windows CE OS in 12 upcoming car models
2009-05-28 Microsoft continues support for Russia market
Microsoft Russia President Nikolay Pryanishnikov assures that the software giant will continue to invest in Russia and will remain committed to supporting sustainable economic growth and social development in the country
2006-10-20 Microsoft beefs up R&D team in China
Microsoft is planning to boost its R&D division in China by hiring 500 engineers
2014-10-14 Intel outside: 7 takes on Microsoft's ARM agenda
While Intel chips have achieved momentum power, ARM processors have been making rapid gains in recent years, giving Microsoft a reason to maintain ARM development
2004-08-17 Embedded Linux gains on Microsoft, Wind River
Revenues from embedded Linux OSs, add-on components and related services is growing at the expense of proprietary systems from Microsoft Corp. and Wind River, a market research firm said on August 12, 2004
2006-03-10 Avaya, Microsoft team up to integrate business comm solutions
Avaya and Microsoft announced the intent to develop open standards, SIP-based interoperability between Avaya MultiVantage Communications Applications and Microsoft Office Communicator
2003-09-25 Wolfson software driver supports audio codec devices
Designers of mobile communication devices incorporating Wolfson Microelectronics' audio components now have access to a selection of software drivers to support five new processor families
2011-11-10 Tussle for cloud dominance pushes on
Competition among various platforms in cloud computing and applications, as well as mobile technologies and IOT, will heat up until next year.
2015-04-21 PC-peak is history: Industry preps for further decline
The reluctance by the PC user base to upgrade to new OS and hardware hurt the industry big time, and to make matters worse, market analysts say that PC companies should buckle up for more roadblocks.
2014-05-09 Optical channel model taps LEDs for positioning
The Epsilon system uses the most practical of materials for its infrastructure: visible LED lights and smartphone. It implements trilaterationtri-angulating the position of devices with a light sensor using LED lights.
2003-04-30 Oki introduces CTI system for .NET to China
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its CTstage 4i CTI and IP comms systems for Microsoft's .NET platform
2004-01-06 IT development emphasizes on integrating 3C
Legend thinks that in 2004, IT development will emphasize on the integration of
2006-07-25 HP joins NFC Forum as Sponsor member
The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association advancing the use of near field communication technology, announced that Hewlett-Packard has joined the forum as Sponsor member
2006-08-04 Apple, PC notebooks might be vulnerable to wireless attack
Wireless device drivers for computers running both Apple Computer and Microsoft operating systems appear to be full of holes, and a prominent security researcher recommends turning off wireless cards until the holes can be fixed
2003-10-30 Study sees slower than expected data growth
About five exabytes of unique analog and digital information was produced worldwide in 2002, twice the amount produced in 1999.
2003-02-11 MTI partners with WeeW Communications
WeeW Communications Inc. has granted mobile service provider MTI Ltd with exclusive rights to distribute its Tuna M+ communications system in Japan.
2004-03-15 Intel, LG to cooperate on home networking R&D
Intel Corp. has concluded an agreement with LG Electronics to initially collaborate on development of home networking technologies and later expand the alliance to WLANs and mobile communications devices.
2013-01-14 IBM tops patent list, Asian firms dominate
A U.S. patent research firm reports that IBM once again received the most number of utility patents in 2012 while Asian companies like TSMC experienced double digit percentage growth.
2000-09-07 Z86C17 in-mouse applications
This application note explains and illustrates Microsoft's standard two-button, three-byte standard of mouse communications, the use of a 100ppi optomechanical mouse and serial communication through an RS232 port.
2015-12-03 Tech co.'s enable interactive content delivery in Jakarta's taxis
Microsoft, NEC, Intel and Acer products and services have come together in an interactive taxi entertainment system in Jakarta. The interactivity feature is claimed to be the first of its kind in Asia
2008-12-17 Survey: Engineers brave job, economic panic
Engineers weren't supposed to be this fearful of the future but the increasing panic in once-stellar sectors is reminding even the best minds in the world of communication, electronics, IT and manufacturing that they, too, are mere mortals
2003-07-31 Siemens, Intrinsyc partner on wireless modems
Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group has collaborated with Intrinsyc Software Int. Inc. to develop wireless modem solutions
2008-05-30 Remote monitoring gets boost from NI tool
National Instruments has announced Measurement Studio 8.5 to add test and measurement functionality to the latest Microsoft development environment with a complete set of .NET class libraries, tools and NI DAQ driver support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
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