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2002-03-01 A 2.6GHz microstrip hairpin filter design using CAD and EDA tools
This application note discusses the design of a 2.6GHz microstrip hairpin bandpass filter using the Harmonica circuit-level simulator in Ansoft Corp.'s Serenade Design Environment.
2002-12-02 The care and feeding of high speed dividers
This article provides practical guidelines in the care and feeding of high speed dividers.
2002-09-20 T/R switch for IMT-2000 handset applications
This application note describes a handset T/R switch design that enables its antenna to be electronically connected to either the transmitter or receiver.
2002-10-09 Switches and attenuators metal package mounting
This application note describes the process of microstrip mounting for flat packs.
2002-03-01 Linear and EM simulation cuts design time of a 3.8GHz amplifier
This application note shows how CAD design tools are valuable aids in circuit design and validation.
2005-08-16 GPS low-noise amplifier design made easy with MMIC
Learn the possible ways of putting MMIC-based GPS low-noise amplifier designs under software control
2015-07-15 E-band cost, reliability concerns in MMIC packaging
Traditional semiconductor packaging approaches either cost too much or suffer from signal integrity issues. However, new techniques are becoming available that can address these problems.
2002-09-20 A Colpitts VCO for wideband (0.95GHz to 2.15GHz) set-top TV tuner applications
This application note describes the design of a broadband Colpitts VCO that incorporates the SMV1265-011 varactor diode.
2001-06-15 GPS antenna considerations for automotive applications
This application note discusses the design of active GPS antennas using Microstrip patch technology for automotive applications.
2007-11-16 Use time-domain methods to measure crosstalk
This article discusses the elements of crosstalk, and demonstrates how you can measure crosstalk on a single-layer PCB using an oscilloscope or a signal analyzer.
2004-06-10 TriQuint rolls out ADS kits for pHEMT processes
TriQuint announced the availability of new Advanced Design System design kits for seven of the widely-utilized pHEMT processes available.
2006-12-01 Startup offers smart antennas on microstrips
Pinyon Technology is demonstrating a steerable smart-antenna technology that can be implemented in very small microstrips on FR4, or even on single chips.
2005-09-08 RF ICs can be quite complex
According to one industry analyst, the worldwide handset RF semiconductor market is expected to grow from $5.3 billion in 2004 to $8.26 billion in 2008
2005-09-08 RF ICs can be quite complex
Understanding that complexity, and putting these devices to work for you, can help get you ahead of the competition
2009-03-23 Re-drivers target storage, computing apps
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced two re-drivers to support the industry's latest high-speed serial interfaces. These protocol-specific re-drivers are intended for use in storage and computing applications.
2009-05-28 Re-drivers support high-speed serial interfaces
Maxim Integrated Products has launched two new re-drivers to support the industry's latest high-speed serial interfaces.
2010-05-07 Radar detector packs location-aware features
Without specialty ASICs, but with beautiful RF engineering, the Escort 9500ix seems to own the top spot in radar/laser detectors for now.
2002-07-04 Plastic enclosures may impede Bluetooth signals
Flomerics Ltd says serious problems could arise with enclosures used to house Bluetooth units.
2008-07-07 Panasonic comes up with GaN ICs for millimeter-wave comms
Panasonic has developed Gallium Nitride (GaN) ICs for the receiver in future millimeter-wave communication systems.
2007-08-01 Overcome high-speed FPGA design challenges
When using high-speed FPGAs in a design, it is important to consider several design issues both before and during board development.
2007-01-16 New materials expand wireless options
Designers of portable wireless products now have new tools, approaches and components that provide fresh trade-offs in the quest for a perfect antenna. Newer antenna designs and components give designers other options
2002-04-19 MEMSCAP rolls out MEMS-based microwave filters
MEMSCAP SA has developed what it claims to be the first commercially-available MEMS-based microwave filter for use in local multipoint distribution services, and is aimed at reducing the size and cost of customer premise equipment.
2000-12-01 Infiniband requires design trade-offs
Primary players in the computer industry are developing the Infiniband architecture as the next generation of server I/O, with the intent of eventually replacing PCI.
2012-09-28 How to select PCB materials for high-frequency apps
Find out how to simplify that choice when striving for the best tradeoff between ease of fabrication and best electrical performance.
2015-01-14 Grasping the concept of ground
The term ground is probably the most misunderstood and misused word in electrical engineering. Read this article that probes deeper into this concept.
2008-10-16 File translation flies via high-frequency PCB co-design
AWR and Mentor Graphics Corp. introduce the AWR Connected for Mentor Graphics.
2002-11-07 FDK phase shifter has 1.7dB maximum passage loss
The FS2501 phase shifter module from FDK Corp. operates from 24.5MHz to 25.5MHz and exhibits a maximum passage loss of 1.7dB and a reflective loss of 17dB.
2015-01-19 Enhanced SMT pad design for signal transmission
In this article, we present an analysis that proves that insertion of a cut-out on the reference plane underneath the SMT pads reduces the impedance mismatch and increases the bandwidth of the transmission line.
2006-01-03 Double-balanced mixers convert between 4GHz to 38GHz
Hittite's new hermetic mixer modules are well suited for military, space, wideband telecom, industrial, microwave radio and test equipment applications from 4GHz to 38GHz.
2014-04-03 Dealing with impedances on the test bench
Designers and producers of digital high-speed systems are about to confront the challenge of having to consider high-frequency design aspects.
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