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What is Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)?
A Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) is a type of IC that operates at microwave frequencies (300MHz to 300GHz), performing such functions as microwave mixing, power amplification, low-noise amplification and high-frequency switching.
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2010-08-09 Handheld RF/microwave spectrum analyzer enables customization
Agilent's new handheld spectrum analyzer is designed for RF technicians and engineers performing installation, maintenance and surveillance of RF systems in the field.
2011-03-10 Handheld Microwave camera sees the invisible
Researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed a camera that uses millimeter and microwave signals to non-intrusively peek into materials and structures and produce images of what's inside them, in real time.
2012-06-28 GaAs FETs target microwave radios
Toshiba's TIM5359-16EL and TIM5964-16EL gallium arsenide FETs support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint terrestrial communications, and BUCs support satellite communications.
2004-07-01 Ericsson, Telenor sign global microwave transmission deal
Ericsson has been chosen as a supplier of microwave transmission for the Norwegian operator Telenor.
2008-02-11 Ericsson bags microwave, optical transmission deal in Singapore
Ericsson has secured a two-phase turnkey contract to implement microwave and optical transmission solutions for M1, a mobile communications provider in Singapore.
2006-12-13 Electromagnetic tool speeds radio, microwave designs
Vector Fields has updated Concerto, its high-frequency electromagnetic package, to provide the means to rapidly create and optimize the most complex radio and microwave designs.
2002-07-04 Cree to develop substrates for microwave, power devices
Cree Inc. has received two contracts, worth about $14.4 million, from the Office of Naval Research of the U.S. military.
2005-06-06 Cree to close silicon microwave business
Cree Inc. has announced it would close the unprofitable silicon radio frequency (RF) and microwave semiconductor business of its subsidiary Cree Microwave Inc., to focus on silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) RF and microwave products
2003-06-16 Cree Microwave RF transistor offers >13dB gain
The company has released the CRF-24010, a Class AB 10W silicon carbide device that is based on the company's 2G 48V MESFET process.
2002-06-13 Cree Microwave MESFET covers 1.8GHz to 2.2GHz
Cree Microwave Inc. has announced the release of the CRF-22010 SiC MESFET power transistor that is designed to cover the entire DCS/PCS/UMTS frequency band of 1.8GHz to 2.2GHz.
2002-09-20 Circuit models for plastic packaged microwave diodes
This application note discusses the measurement and establishment of circuit models for SOT-23 and SOD-323 packaged diodes.
2001-04-19 Circuit models for plastic packaged microwave diodes
This application note reports on the measurement and establishment of circuit models for SOT-23- and SOD-323-packaged diodes.
2015-02-26 Chipsets quadruple spectral efficiency for microwave backhaul
Broadcom's BCM85650 flaunts integrated XPIC and LoS-MIMO functionalities while the BCM85820 uses advanced digital RF correction mechanisms such as ADPD functionary to attain high system gain.
2009-03-19 Calibrating signal paths in RF/microwave test signals
This application note provides an overview of three approaches that can be used to calibrate RF signal paths and produce accurate, repeatable measurements
2012-02-08 Broadcom rolls microwave ODU chip
The BCM85810 combines the functionality of up to 10 off-the-shelf chips, dramatically reducing the size, complexity, production cost and power consumption of microwave radio frequency units.
2011-03-25 Broadcom acquires microwave backhaul chipmaker Provigent
Broadcom is acquiring Provigent, a privately-held fabless provider of mixed signal chips for microwave backhaul systems.
2012-11-26 Boost measurement integrity in RF/microwave systems
Read these hints that address common problems that may exist along RF signal pathways.
2005-06-28 AWG serves microwave design
Agilent's low phase-noise N6031A AWG module, using a CompactPCI backplane internally and to connect to the chassis that it's plugged into, offers dual differential output channels to drive both single-ended and balanced designs.
2004-08-06 Aspen spectrum analyzer serves microwave test
Aspen Electronics is rolling out a Model GW Instek GSP-827 General Purpose Spectrum Analyzer.
2012-05-28 Analyzing microwave and millimeter signal
Know the right steps to get accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurements.
2014-02-20 Altera optimises microwave backhaul at 5Gbit/s throughput
The microwave backhaul modem IP from Escape is optimised for use on Altera Cyclone V, Arria V, and Arria V to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of 4G networks.
2010-09-15 Agilent receives global award in microwave test equipment
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced its receiving the Frost & Sullivan's 2010 Global Award for Product Line Strategy in the Microwave Test Equipment Market.
2004-06-16 Agilent offering evaluates all RF, microwave sources
Agilent's new instrument can evaluate the critical performance characteristics of nearly all types of RF and microwave signal sources.
2005-08-19 Agilent microwave synthetic instruments to meet MIL demands
Extending longevity, and attempting to lower the cost of automated test, Agilent is about to roll out a family of six synthetic instruments that are all are slated for microwave apps.
2007-06-08 Agilent boosts investment in RF/microwave design
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the expansion of technologies in its Advanced Design System and GENESYS design platforms to provide a full spectrum of software tools for microwave and RF designers.
2004-08-20 AdTech Ceramics offers microwave design assistance
AdTech Ceramics has added a design process using the art 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) simulators and proprietary numerical simulators that can yield market differentiating performance while maintaining cost effective solutions.
2009-03-18 6 hints for enhancing measurement integrity in RF/microwave test systems
This application note suggests a framework for those tradeoffs and offers six sets of hints that address common problems that may exist along RF signal pathways.
2012-11-02 3D FEM EM simulation included in Microwave Office circuit design software
AWR's Analyst can be used in MMIC, RFIC and MIC on-chip passive components, RF PCB, module and packaging interconnect, finite dielectrics and hierarchical designs.
2004-11-16 WLANs are jump-starting cognitive radio
CR techniques can be expanded in an evolutionary way to achieve the full promise of wireless communications.
2005-10-31 Wideband tuner targets high-end military RF signal processing
M/A-COM announced the new TU-3840 wideband ELINT tuner, which is designed for use in high-end signal processing military applications and is based on the company's SEI-certified, SMR-3822 RF Microwave Sweeping Receiver technology.
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