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2005-06-17 Using the MSSP module to interface microwire serial EEPROMs to PIC16 devices
This app note provides assistance and source code to ease the design process of interfacing a Microchip mid-range PIC16F877A microcontroller to a Microchip microwire serial EEPROM
2007-05-07 Recommended usage of Microchip Microwire serial EEPROM devices
This application note provides assistance and guidance with the use of Microchip Microwire Serial EEPROMs.
2002-02-27 Catalyst offers EEPROM with Microwire, I?C interface
The company has expanded its high-speed serial EEPROM products with the addition of the CAT93HC46 with Microwire interface, and the CAT24FC32 with I?C interface.
2003-10-29 Microchip releases EEPROM in SOT-23 package
Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first 8Kb and 16Kb Microwire compatible serial EEPROMs in a 6-lead SOT-23 package.
2002-11-22 Microchip offers EEPROMs in SOT-23 package
Microchip Technology has announced that it is offering the 93XX46A/B, 93XX56A/B, and 93XX66A/B Microwire serial EEPROMs in the 6-lead SOT-23 package.
2005-02-15 Microchip EEPROMs available in DFN package
Microchip is introducing a 2-by-3mm DFN package option across its entire product line of I?C serial EEPROMs and Microwire EEPROMs.
2000-05-25 Interconnecting National Semiconductor's TP3420A SID to Motorola SCP/HDLC devices
This application note describes the TP3420A connection to a Motorola SCP/HDLC device (such as the MC68302).
2000-05-31 Intelligent Remote Positioner (Motor Control)
The excellent cost/performance ratio of the PIC16C5X is well suited for a low-cost proportional dc actuator controller. This application note depicts a design of a remote intelligent positioning system using a dc motor (up to 248.67W) run from 12V to 24V.
2003-02-07 Catalyst sets up product development center in Europe
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has launched its first international product development center in Bucharest, Romania.
2002-06-25 Catalyst Semiconductor rolls out lead-free packages
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc., an EEPROM memory supplier, has launched its environmentally safe lead-free package initiative.
2004-12-20 Automotive family of serial EEPROMs introduced
Integrated Silicon Solution announced a complete line of serial EEPROM devices for the automotive market.
2009-03-18 Samsung claims print electronics progress
Samsung and its university research partners claim to have overcome two of the last hurdles to large-scale printable electronics on plastic substrates: an n-type organic semiconductor material and a patterning method for separately fabricating nano- and microwire transistor channels.
2002-08-22 Maxim ADC eliminates additional interface logic
The MAX1162 16-bit, serially-interfaced ADC connects directly to SPI, QSPI, and MICROWIRE devices without additional interface logic.
2002-08-28 ISSI enhances serial EEPROM
ISSI has has added features to its IS93C46A 1Kb Microwire Serial EEPROM including increasing the clock rate up to 2MHz and providing Schmitt-trigger inputs to reduce the noise interference.
2000-11-30 COP8 Flash ISP handbookParallel port programming adapter
This application note describes the construction of an inexpensive programming adapter, which programs the COP8 Flash microcontrollers, and demonstrates the simplicity of interfacing and using the MICROWIRE ISP boot ROM firmware.
2008-05-28 CAT93CXX serial EEPROM design guidelines for power up and power down operation
In this application note, Denisa Stefan discusses the simple rules on avoiding unpredictable operation of Catalyst Semi's Microwire Serial EEPROMs during power up/down.
2005-09-02 ADCs conserve board space
Maxim Integrated Products' 12-, 10- and 8bit family of tiny, high-speed, analog-to-digital converters feature two true-differential inputs, 3V or 5V single-supply operation, and a SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-compatible interface
2007-01-29 Voltage supervisors offer broad memory options
Catalyst has launched three families of voltage supervisors claiming the industry's broadest selection of embedded memory.
2008-05-05 Tiny SAR ADC dissipates less power
Operating from a single 2.35V to 3.6V supply, Lineary's LTC2366 SAR ADC consumes only 7.2mW at the maximum output rate, a 20-percent power savings over the nearest competitor.
2002-11-06 TI DAC targets industrial, portable process controls
The company's latest 16-bit quad DAC offering is targeted at portable and low-power systems such as industrial process control apps.
2009-07-09 Synthesizer provides
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced what it claims is the industry's lowest-noise, fully integrated frequency synthesizer, the PowerWise LMX2541.
2002-09-26 STMicro memory package reduces size by 23 percent
STMicroelectronics has introduced the MSOP8 package for use in their serial nonvolatile memory product that provides about 23 percent reduction in size, compared to the TSSOP8 package.
2004-04-23 STMicro introduces MLP8 2x3 package
STMicroelectronics has disclosed that it has launched one of the smallest packages available on the market - the MLP8 2x3.
2010-08-20 RMS detector delivers accurate RF power measurements
Linear Technology has announced the release of its LTC5587, a 40dB dynamic range 6GHz RMS detector integrated with a high sampling rate 12-bit serial A/D converter.
2008-08-22 Recommended usage of Microchip UNI/O bus-compatible serial EEPROMs
This application note provides assistance and guidance with the use of Microchip UNI/O bus-compatible serial EEPROMs.
2005-01-17 Philips Semi pushes ARM outside MCU envelope
Two trends are converging on the 32bit MCU segment, accelerating CPU power growth, memory size and I/O sophistication.
2002-10-03 Oxford bridge IC integrates embedded compatibility mode
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has added an embedded compatibility mode to its OXCF950B 16-bit PC Card UART bridge chip.
2007-02-22 National, IPextreme sign IP distribution deal
IPextreme Inc. and National Semiconductor Corp. have signed an intellectual property distribution agreement.
2007-11-14 Micro-power ADCs suit portable DAQ systems
austriamicrosystems has expanded its micro-power ADC family with cost-efficient AS1528, a 10bit, ultralow-power single-channel fully-differential ADC, and AS1529, a dual-channel single-ended ultralow-power ADCs.
2006-03-15 Maxim's panel meter ADCs with 4-20mA current output
Maxim's new stand-alone panel meters feature sigma-delta ADCs which digitize fully differential analog signals in the 2V and 200mV range and display the results with 3.5- or 4.5-digit resolution on a local LED display.
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