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2004-12-13 M/A COM new devices target avionics, military apps
The new components from M/A COM serve 8GHz to 12GHz and 24GHz to 36GHz apps with space saving, lightweight, high-rel designs.
2007-07-31 Linear unveils military-grade DC/DC uModule regulator
Linear has developed a complete and encapsulated 10A switching DC/DC regulator system designed for military and avionics applications.
2008-05-26 LCDs address commercial, military requirements
WEDC has expanded its family of enhanced LCD displays with the introduction of three standard displays aimed at a variety of applications.
2003-01-15 IR military-grade dc/dc converters exhibit 80 percent efficiency
International Rectifier's Advanced Analog Group has introduced two hermetically sealed, 120V input dc/dc converters that are able to handle up to 84W/in&sup3 power density.
2003-10-31 Industries Li-ion batteries to be used by China military
Industries Int. Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Li Sun Power, has been granted authorization to work with the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
2005-06-20 Inductors eye military, GPS apps
Gowanda announces the introduction of the SMRF 1010 series of commercial off-the-shelf surface mount RF inductors which is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to equivalent Mil Spec products
2013-07-19 Hollow-core optical fibre fit for military sensors
DARPA's spider-web-like fibre, shows single-spatial-mode, low-loss and polarisation control, which are crucial for advanced military applications such as high-precision fibre optic gyroscopes.
2009-09-17 High-reliability DC/DC converters fit military apps
The high-reliability 28V DC/DC converters are designed for military applications and offer extended input range.
2005-04-20 High-power amp IC boosts signals for military, communications apps
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs MMIC two-stage, single ended, X-band high power amplifier, which integrates an on-chip gate bias circuit to simplify biasing.
2011-07-04 Harris, Tektronix strengthen alliance in military apps dev't
Harris and Tektronix are strengthening their collaboration in military apps development to improve their product offerings for the defense industry.
2008-09-09 GaAs FET amplifier gears up for military, wireless apps
Stealth Microwave has designed Model SM06927-36H, a 690-2,700MHz solid-state GaAs FET amplifier designed for multipurpose use in multiple wireless and military markets.
2007-06-20 Freescale unveils first military-temperature MRAMs
Freescale Semiconducutor Inc. has announced the first Mil-spec extended-temperature-range magnetic RAMs (MRAMs), providing the last piece of the puzzle for the potential customers who have funded much of the memory category's development.
2010-06-24 Flyback controllers come in military temp versions
Linear Technology Corp. is offering high-reliability military temperature grade versions of the LTC3803/-3/-5 current mode flyback controllers in the tiny 6-pin ThinSOT package.
2006-09-20 Fiber-optic product line suits military, aerospace apps
The FCI Fiber Optics product line may be used in a variety of military, aerospace and commercial applications including industrial, data and communications optical devices.
2008-03-14 Enclosure keeps military electronics clean
A solution for enclosing electronics used in military applications has been introduced by SprayCool Inc., dubbed as the Multi-Platform Enclosure (MPE).
2005-11-15 EEPROM suits military sector
2009-09-30 Duo to co-develop PV products for U.S. military
Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. and Energy Technologies Inc. have signed a cooperation agreement on the development of new photovoltaic (PV) products for the U.S. military.
2008-04-02 DC/DC regulator meets military, avionics specs
A complete and encapsulated 12A switching micromodule DC/DC regulator system featuring PLL and output tracking has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp. for rugged military and avionics applications.
2009-06-08 DC/DC converters tailored for military apps
SynQor has added a the new MQFL-28E series to its portfolio of Hi-Rel DC/DC converters specifically developed for the military/aerospace industry.
2008-07-31 DC/DC converters are fit for military, avionics use
XP Power introduces the latest additions to its MTC series of fully encapsulated COTS 4-35W DC/DC converters, the MTC15 and MTC30.
2007-12-04 DC/DC converter modules meet military requirements
VPT has added three DC/DC converter modules to its new commercial off-the-shelf product line.
2008-03-24 COTS- compliant EMI filters tip for military, avionic apps
Two EMI filters that satisfy the Department of Defense's Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) directive have been introduced by VPT Inc. The 10A VPTF10-28 and 20A VPTF20-28 filter modules provide compliance to MIL-STD-461 C/D/E for conducted emissions in military and avionics DC-DC power systems.
2011-01-21 COTS systems cut costs of military vehicle platforms
GE rolls two CompactPCI-based computers that are available in a wide range of application-specific configurations and which can be delivered in a rugged, convection- or base plate-cooled 3U chassis.
2004-06-04 China's military modernization continues to stress electronics
U.S. military analysts in an annual report to Congress argue that China's military modernization effort continues as it seeks to strengthen its space capabilities while leveraging technological gains in its civilian sector to upgrade weapons and supporting networks.
2003-01-20 AVX releases military tantalum chip capacitors
AVX Corp. is offering its CWR09 and CWR11 military tantalum chip capacitors for commercial availability.
2005-06-27 AVX medium power film capacitors suit military, industrial apps
AVX introduces the FD series of medium power film capacitors. The standard devices are available with voltage ratings up to 3kV (5kV on request) and offer a high specific energy level of up to 1,500 joules per liter
2003-12-03 AVX capacitors suit military, aerospace apps
AVX Corp. has released its TAZ, TBJ, and CWR series of tantalum capacitors that are suitable for use in military and aerospace systems.
2006-11-22 Altera, WEDC collaborate on FPGA packaging for military use
Altera and White Electronic Designs will collaborate on a slew of packaging options for FPGAs for military applications.
2007-09-14 Active filter protects DC/DCs to military standards
XP Power's DSF500 is designed to protect DC/DC converters from the surges, spikes and ripples that are typically found on the electrical system of any military platform, such as an aircraft or vehicle.
2002-10-10 Actel rolls out military-qualified FPGAs
Actel's single-chip SX72A and SX32A antifuse FPGA is qualified to military specifications and suitable for use in avionics applications.
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