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2006-02-13 TI, MIT, DARPA collaborate on 65nm SRAM
Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented an ultra low power 256Kb SRAM test device manufactured in Texas Instruments' 65nm CMOS process.
2011-03-02 TI, MIT make 28nm DSP that scales from 1V to 0.6V
Texas Instruments and MIT has presented a 28nm mobile applications processor enabling lower power and extended battery life in mobile devices running advanced applications.
2008-02-08 TI, MIT develop design technique for ultralow-voltage ICs
A new design technique for low-power ICs has been developed by engineers from Texas Instruments Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2008-11-25 ST works with MIT on MCU development
STMicroelectronics has joined the Microsystems Industrial Group industry consortium at the Microsystems Technology Laboratories, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2013-10-02 Researchers in Singapore, MIT develop flexible ceramics
The team developed a way of making minuscule ceramic objects that are not only flexible, but also have a "memory" for shape: when bent and then heated, they return to their original shapes.
2008-07-24 Optical lithography can cover 12nm, says MIT
Optical lithography can be extended to 12nm, according to MIT researchers who have so far demonstrated 25nm lines using a new technique called scanning beam interference lithography.
2005-11-02 MIT, Nokia establish research lab
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Nokia Research Center have announced a research collaboration to advance mobile computing and communications technologies.
2011-05-13 MIT works on high-def, glass-free 3D
MIT Media Lab describes an algorithm for rendering high-definition 3D images utilizing glasses-free technique.
2004-03-25 MIT technology fuels startup's synthesis tool
EDA startup Bluespec Inc. this week will announce an exclusive license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for synthesis technology based on term rewriting systems (TRS).
2014-01-29 MIT team shows method to control nanoscale diamond sensors
The control technique allows the tiny sensors to monitor how magnetic fields change over time, such as when neurons in the brain transmit electrical signals to each other.
2013-11-13 MIT team eases surface cooling under extreme heat
Researchers have come up with a way to cool hot surfaces more effectively by keeping droplets from bouncing, which could benefit power plants and electronics applications.
2013-12-13 MIT team develops through-wall, 3D motion tracking system
Dubbed by the researchers as "WiTrack," the system uses radio signals to track a person through walls and obstructions, pinpointing 3D location to within 10-20cm.
2013-12-18 MIT study uncovers hidden risk in supply chains
The study, which looks at Ford Motor's supply chain, shows that the supply firms whose disruption would inflict the greatest blow to Ford's profits are those that provide relatively low-cost components.
2013-11-19 MIT researchers use viruses to boost Li-air cell performance
The team added genetically modified viruses to the production of nanowires that serve as one of a battery's electrodes to improve the number of charging-discharging cycles the batteries can withstand.
2013-10-11 MIT researchers to showcase self-assembling robots
The M-Block prototypes use a unique internal flywheel for locomotion and use cylindrical magnets mounted on rollers along their edges to snap together arbitrarily.
2013-04-22 MIT researchers successfully demo barrier-busting technique
The principle behind the barrier-busting technique has been known theoretically since the 1960s but it was a somewhat obscure idea that nobody had succeeded in putting into practiceuntil now.
2008-05-19 MIT researchers report fuel cell advance
MIT researchers claim they have improved the power output of one type of fuel cell by more than 50 percent to suit portable electronics' power requirements.
2014-12-19 MIT researchers find superconductor law
Researchers at MIT have discovered the law governing thin-film superconductors. This eliminates trial and error for companies making photodetectors that can sense single photons and squids.
2013-07-12 MIT researchers find new way to trap light
The system sets up two waves that have the same wavelength, but exactly opposite phaseswhere one wave has a peak, the other has a troughso that the waves cancel each other out.
2014-02-11 MIT researchers develop chip to study metastasis
A team of researchers from MIT, Italy and South Korea developed a 3D microfluidic platform that mimics the spread of breast cancer cells into a bonelike environment.
2013-07-08 MIT researchers develop all-optical transistor
The researchers describe an optical switch controlled by a single photon that allows light to govern the transmission of light intended for new designs for both classical and quantum computers.
2008-12-03 MIT researchers boost solar cell efficiency
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers are expected to report on thin-film solar cells that could boost conversion efficiency by 50 percent while cutting materials costs by using less silicon.
2012-08-10 MIT releases Halide program for multicore image processing
MIT's computer science arm claims program can help developers execute image-processing code faster.
2013-02-27 MIT Quad HD TV chip promises 4x resolution
The video coding standard that come to be known as ultra high-def (UHD), Quad HD or 4K claims to quadruple the resolution of current HD video.
2011-09-06 MIT launches center for graphene-based tech
MIT has announced the creation of MIT-CG, a center that will explore advanced technologies geared toward the development of graphene-based materials, devices and systems.
2008-06-26 MIT Energy Initiative, Bosch energy collaboration
As part of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), MIT and Bosch will be collaborating on energy research aimed at exploring new materials and concepts for efficient energy-conversion and energy-storage systems.
2013-06-04 MIT develops carbine-based binding material
The new binding method developed by MIT offers a cheaper alternative to the use of thiols in binding materials.
2010-07-06 MIT demos eye exam via handset display
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed an eye exam that can be executed using a small, plastic device clipped to the front of a cellphone's screen.
2005-02-14 MIT debuts 'bionic ear processor' for hearing impaired
A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology described an analog "bionic ear processor7quot; with zero-crossing detection for the hearing impaired.
2006-07-25 MIT boosts India's IP rights enforcement
India's Ministry of Information Technology has amended its IP rights program to curtail patent infringement and adhere to international trade rules on intellectual property.
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