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2006-07-06 Universal Display, Mitsubishi Chemical partner on OLED display R&D
Universal Display has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center on the R&D of phosphorescent OLED displays accessible to ink-jet printing.
2010-07-09 Toshiba, Mitsubishi bring SCiB batteries to electric cars
Toshiba Corp. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. are collaborating to bring the SCiB battery to electric vehicles (EV).
2002-01-30 Sumitomo, Mitsubishi to integrate silicon wafer businesses
Sumitomo Metal Ind. Ltd and Mitsubishi Materials Corp. will merge and integrate their silicon wafer businesses, including 300mm wafers and wafer-related quartz products operations, in Japan as well as overseas.
2002-10-01 Samsung, Mitsubishi to develop camera chips
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. have entered into a strategic alliance to develop camera chip solutions for mobile applications such as cellular phones, PDAs, and mobile PCs.
2004-04-26 NEC-Mitsubishi signs up in Helius alliance program
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America has joined Helius Inc.'s strategic alliance program.
2002-01-31 NEC-Mitsubishi provides touch-panel monitor designs to LCD market
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America Inc. has established Integration Select, a program that enables integrators to add touch panel or protective glass option to its integration monitors.
2003-10-29 NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics establishes new division
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America has established a new division within the company to expand its offerings in the global medical display market.
2005-09-13 Motorola grabs European R&D team from Mitsubishi
Motorola Inc. has acquired a European team of i-mode design employees and a research center in western France from Melco Mobile Communication Europe (MMCE), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
2003-07-24 Mitsubishi, Toshiba to establish new company
Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba have agreed to integrate their businesses in industrial electric and automation systems to form a new joint venture company in Japan.
2002-03-18 Mitsubishi, Toshiba team up on 3G platform
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Toshiba Corp. have agreed to jointly develop 3G mobile phones in an effort to establish a common platform for dual-mode phones with multimedia capabilities.
2012-06-22 Mitsubishi, Hitachi okay Renesas support package
NEC Corp., the company's third and largest shareholder, will not be able to contribute with loans as it is also struggling with the implementation of its own turnaround plan.
2002-07-25 Mitsubishi W-CDMA amplifier is 35 percent smaller
2002-06-20 Mitsubishi video processor integrates microcontroller
The Dreama 2 digital video processor from Mitsubishi Electric Corp. digitizes and processes video, chroma, and deflection while integrating a microcontroller in an 80-pin QFP.
2010-03-05 Mitsubishi ups PV cell production to 270MW
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has completed its PV Cell Plant #2 facility at its Nakatsugawa Works Iida Factory in Nagano Prefecture and plans to raise its annual PV cell/module production capacity to 270MW.
2006-05-24 Mitsubishi under scrutiny over DRAM sales
Mitsubishi Electric said it has been contacted by the U.S. Justice Department's Antitrust Division concerning sales of DRAMs from 1998 to 2002.
2008-03-25 Mitsubishi touts polysilicon PV conversion record
Mitsubishi Electric has claimed to have achieved a world record in photoelectric conversion efficiency in a 150mm? practical-use polycrystalline silicon solar cell, with a rate of 18.6 percent.
2004-10-26 Mitsubishi touts new low-k material
Mitsubishi claims to have developed an insulator material with a lower dielectric constant and increased robustness compared to current materials.
2003-03-31 Mitsubishi to retain photonic, RF components in IC unit
Mitsubishi will retain its optoelectronic and microwave/RF businesses in a new Semiconductor Division within Mitsubishi Electric & Electronic USA Inc.
2003-03-10 Mitsubishi to deploy amplifiers from HighWave
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has selected HighWave Optical Technologies Ltd's optical amplifiers to be deployed in inter-city metro-ring networks in Japan, through Mitsubishi's all-optical DWDM platform.
2007-05-10 Mitsubishi to break into OLED panel market
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will formally enter the OLED market when it starts rolling out sample panels this year.
2008-02-04 Mitsubishi to acquire Renesas' Kumamoto facility
Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas Technology have reached an agreement for Mitsubishi to acquire Renesas' Kumamoto factory.
2002-12-10 Mitsubishi TFT-LCDs use Lumileds LED technology
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed three TFT-LCD modules that utilize Lumileds Lighting's Luxeon LEDs.
2008-08-20 Mitsubishi taps Pacnet to link Japan, China offices
Pacnet is selected by Mitsubishi Electric to deliver an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network solution that provides reliable and secure network communications with its China operations.
2008-08-21 Mitsubishi signs solar project deal in Brunei
The large-scale photovoltaic demonstration project is now being prepared after the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Energy Division, Prime Minister's Office and Mitsubishi Corp. in Brunei Darussalam.
2003-03-13 Mitsubishi SigmaRAM features 72-bit bus
An 18Mb SigmaRAM networking SRAM from Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA has a 72-bit bus width.
2003-01-06 Mitsubishi ships world's first 4x DVD-R disc
Mitsubishi Chemical Media (MKM) Co. Ltd has announced the launch of what it claims to be the world's first 4x DVD-R data disc for video and data use.
2003-02-21 Mitsubishi ships RF design kit for VHF, UHF
The company has introduced the Design Accelerator Kit 2 for its MOSFET-based silicon RF modules for VHF and UHF apps.
2002-05-21 Mitsubishi RF module widens bandwidth
Manufactured using the a 0.55m MOSFET process, the RA45H4452M UHF power module from Mitsubishi Electric Corp. integrates a negative feedback circuit and a multistage matching circuit to deliver wider bandwidth than previous generations of products.
2003-06-23 Mitsubishi reduces surface-mounting area by 40 percent
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has introduced a high reliability DIP-IPM that is suitable for motor inverter drives of electric car air conditioners.
2003-04-21 Mitsubishi Rayon begins high luminance LCD materials production
Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd has begun full-scale mass production of DIAART Y-Type prism sheets for high luminance LCD displays.
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