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2007-02-09 Down-converting mixer extends receiver bandwidth to 3.8GHz
Linear Technology's down-converting active RF mixer elevates receiver dynamic range performance while extending bandwidth capability to cover 3G and WiMAX base station frequencies to 3.8GHz.
2009-03-20 Digital signal mixer packs 4-channel power amp
ClearOne has released the Converge SR 1212A digital signal processing mixer with 4-channel power amplifier that interfaces with 8? or 70v/100v loudspeaker systems.
2012-05-16 Broadband RF mixer tips 26.9dBm IIP3 on 294mW
Linear Technology's LTC5567 300MHz to 4GHz downconverting broadband RF mixer features 2.5GHz IF bandwidth for 4G wireless base stations and high dynamic range receiver applications.
2002-12-19 BGA2022, RX mixer 880, 1950 and 2450 MHz
This application note describes three demo boards on which the BGA2022 has been applied as a down-mixer.
2001-04-05 Applying the oscillator of the SA602 in low-power mixer applications
This application note discusses how to use Philips Semiconductors' SA602 mixer/oscillator in low-power mixer applications at frequencies beyond 500MHz.
2005-05-24 Agilent's new active mixer combines high-linearity, low-LO
The new low-LO power E-pHEMT MMIC active mixer from Agilent is designed to meet the performance requirements of BTS 3G base station radio cards and other point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave radio link apps.
2008-02-13 Active mixer supports wide frequency range, saves cost
Linear Technology has introduced a new high dynamic range active upconverting mixer with a wide frequency range of 1.5GHz to 3.8GHz and covers the 1.9GHz cellular bands.
2006-06-16 Accounting for LO noise in Tx/Rx mixer ICs
Wide-band noise in the buffer amplifier stages impairs the received and transmitted signal. By introducing a noise parameter in dBc/Hz for the passive mixer IC, the user can calculate the system-related impairments when using the IC in base-station transmit and receive applications.
2008-01-24 815-1,000MHz SiGe passive mixer rolls for 2.5/3G base stations
Designed specifically for 2.5G/3G wireless-infrastructure applications, Maxim's MAX2029 815-1,000MHz SiGe passive mixer promises an unparalleled combination of linearity, noise performance and component integration.
2001-06-04 Using microwave mixers as phase detectors
This application note discusses some of the general theory behind the use of microwave mixers as phase detectors, and provides some useful information for the system designer attempting to use a mixer.
2005-11-10 Tuner meets all DVB, cable, terrestrial and analog standards
Zarlink Semiconductor launched a new MOPLL single-conversion tuner for the fast-growth digital TV market
2001-04-06 Techniques for optimizing UHF front-end Integrated Circuits
This application note discusses S-parameter theory and applications, and details a method for obtaining device noise parameter data for the SA621 and SA611 UHF front-end ICs.
2001-08-09 Silicon germanium ICs target wireless basestation transceivers
This conference technical paper describes high performance active silicon germanium components designed specifically for wireless basestation applications.
2000-11-01 Signal leakage mires conversions
This article reviews superheterodyne tuning techniques and offers pointers for more streamlined implementations.
2003-03-20 Richardson to distribute Celeritek RF line globally
Celeritek Inc. has named Richardson Electronics Ltd as the sole worldwide distributor for its complete line of RF semiconductor products.
2003-12-17 RFMD device suits CDMA, JCDMA apps
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has announced the availability of the RF2890 dual-band cellular/GPS LNA/mixer for CDMA and JCDMA applications.
2010-05-17 RF mixers operate at 2300-2900MHz range
Analog Devices Inc. has launched two new high-performance RF passive mixers for a variety of wireless applications.
2009-03-06 RF mixers fit for high-dynamic range apps
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a family of five single-channel RF mixers for high-dynamic-range applications within satellite communications, wireless base stations, point-to-point radio links, instrumentation and military equipment.
2005-08-01 RF IC tools still seeking paths to silicon
Complicated by multiple modulation schemes, RF tools have become proficient at simulating behavior on an architectural level.
2005-02-02 RF active mixers combine low power, high performance
Linear Tech's new RF Active Mixers feature low power and high performance, making them suitable for wireless infrastructure transceiver and portable radio apps.
2001-04-05 Reviewing key areas when designing with the SA605
This application note addresses key information that is needed when designing with the SA605. It discusses the device's theory of operation, important parameters, specifications, tables and graphs of performance.
2000-11-01 Plan to avoid 3G frequency spurs
Designers of 3G must avoid spurious responses and adopt architectures that allow high levels of IC integration. A fundamental part of design is frequency planning to minimize the problems of duplex operation.
2002-08-08 Philips ships front-end chipset for digital video receivers
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced a front-end chipset targeted at improving digital video reception of digital terrestrial video receivers.
2003-02-07 Peregrine RFICs meet military specs
Peregrine Semiconductor's family of RFICs meet the requirements described by the MIL PRF 38535 class N specifications.
2005-11-24 Mixers integrate LO driver amps
Hittite Microwave unveiled a mixer family with integrated local oscillator amplifiers designed for cellular/3G infrastructure apps from 0.7GHz to 1.4GHz.
2013-02-27 Meet half-IF spurious requirement for LTE receiver
Know the relationship between a mixer's IP2 and second-order response performance to the half-IF spurious requirement.
2000-06-12 Low-Cost Integrated Solution for Analog Cellular RF Blocks
This technical note presents an IC solution to the analog cellular receive LNA/Mixer and transmit PA blocks that satisfy the performance and size requirements at a favorable cost, competitive with discrete solutions.
2001-04-11 Low voltage front-end circuits: SA601, SA620
This application note highlights the key features and distinguishes the key differences between Philips Semiconductors' SA601 and SA620 low-power RF communication devices.
2004-04-19 Linear Tech RF mixers offer low LO drive level
The company is targeting the performance demands of the wireless infrastructure market with the release of its two high linearity upconverting RF active mixers.
2001-06-06 Layout guidelines for MMIC components
This application note describes layout techniques for MMIC devices.
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