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2005-01-19 Designing a wireless base station transmitter chain? Check out ADI's broadband VGA
Unlike its other VGAs, this is ADI's first variable gain amplifier/attenuator specifically made for transmitter apps.
2010-01-19 Designing a superheterodyne receiver using an IF sampling diversity chipset
The application note introduces a chipset to simplify receiver design and puts forth a design example based on GSM but can be extended to many open or closed air interface.
2008-09-12 Design kit eases signal interface between DACs, amps
TI has launched a support tool that helps designers to evaluate signal chain performance for test and measurement, industrial and communications applications, including arbitrary waveform and signal generators.
2012-06-15 Demodulators claim highest DVB-T2 perfromance
When combined with Silicon Labs' silicon TV tuners, the Si2168/69 demodulators enable a complete video front-end solution from RF to baseband.
2007-06-04 Demodulator suits WiMAX, WiBro apps
ADI's ADL5387 demodulator enables high capacity digital modems for microwave radio transmission and broadband access systems, such as 802.16 WiMAX and WiBro applications.
2004-12-09 Demodulator IC with up to 100MHz operating frequency
New Japan Radio unveiled an FM IF demodulator IC with 450kHz (standard) IF input.
2007-08-17 Data-converter advances enable SDR designs
Advances in DSP technologies have accelerated SDR�s development but, paradoxically, the catalyst that enables SDR is in the analog domain of high-speed data-converter technologies.
2009-03-20 DACs support high-fidelity digital synthesis
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a pair of 14bit DACs that perform direct digital synthesis for signals up to 3.6GHz.
2015-05-14 Connecting passive components to logic gates
By adding a few passive components, you can make circuits such as level converters, frequency multipliers, phase detectors, line drivers, and pulse changers.
2009-03-16 Conference system packs automatic mic mixing
ClearOne has released the Converge Pro 880TA, its latest addition to the Converge Pro suite of professional audio products.
2005-09-07 Codec expands portable features
Wolfson introduced a stereo codec for portable multimedia apps, including cellular phonesthat is said to integrate high-quality audio performance and enhanced mixing capabilities, with low-power consumption
2004-07-01 CMOS RF SoC design shoots for 60GHz
The article describes a potential design of an RF SoC that is backward-compatible with a 60GHz WLAN systems.
2007-12-19 Class D audio subsystems render 3D stereo sound
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9775/MAX9776 highly efficient Class D audio subsystems that provide 3D stereo enhancement.
2005-10-25 Chipset targets millimeter wave apps
Mimix Broadband announced the introduction of a gallium arsenide MMIC 13GHz/15GHz chipset that consists of a highly integrated image reject receiver and transmitter, and compact, two stage power amplifier.
2008-02-20 Chip integrates power management, audio features
austriamicrosystems has announced the launch of its AS3658 integrated power and audio management unit with sophisticated audio features.
2005-01-31 China maker begins sampling RFIC transceivers
China-based Rising Micro Electronics Co. Ltd (Rising) has started sampling its first SCDMA/GSM dual mode RFIC transceiver for the SCDMA wireless standard.
2003-12-01 Challenges confront RFIC, WLAN testing
Two major challenges associated with testing WLAN devices are the broad-frequency spectrum of each channel and measuring error-vector magnitude.
2005-06-13 Cellphone sound chip from Yamaha includes class-D amplifier
Yamaha recently started shipping its AudioEngine mobile phone sound chip that features the company's proprietary hybrid synthesizer, a high-quality sound processor, and an energy-saving Class-D amplifier
2004-06-07 Broadcom licenses QSound technology for baseband processors
Broadcom Corp. has inked a licensing agreement with QSound Labs under which Broadcom will implement QSound's microQ synthesizer components in baseband processors optimized for mobile phones and PDAs.
2005-12-19 Boomer audio amp incorporates digital, analog input paths
National Semiconductor introduced the LM4934 Boomer stereo audio subsystem, which it touts as the industry's first subsystem to incorporate both digital and analog input paths.
2009-05-18 Audio IC suits portable multimedia apps
Atmel Corp. has released its AT73C240 Audio Companion IC for portable multimedia applications. Manufactured on Atmel's low-cost mainstream CMOS process, the AT73C240 integrates an audio quality 20bit Stereo DAC and an up to 1W audio power amplifier.
2009-05-19 Audio codec packs dual ADC paths, digital voice filters
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX9860, a low-power, mono audio codec with dual ADC paths and programmable digital voice filters.
2008-01-24 Audio buffer promises 'lowest' distortion, noise
National's high-fidelity, high-current audio buffer, the LME49600, promises the lowest noise and distortion for professional and high-performance audio applications.
2004-12-03 Atmel transceiver IC with -93dBm sensitivity
Atmel's new 2.4GHz transceiver IC is especially designed for digital cordless telephone apps.
2006-02-13 Atmel rolls out new transceiver for WiMAX apps
Atmel announced the AT86RF535A, a single-chip transceiver designed for WiMAX applications. The product operates at 3.5GHz with multiple bandwidth options.
2005-02-11 Atmel audio chip includes DAC, power speaker
Atmel's AT73C213 audio companion chip for multimedia portable apps integrates an audio-quality 20bit stereo DAC and an audio power amplifier providing up to 1W.
2008-06-12 ASK receiver withstands high temperature
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX7034 low-power superheterodyne receiver for ASK data in the 300-450MHz frequency range.
2010-06-11 ARM MCU companion IC packs two power supply channels
Atmel's AT73C246 analog companion chip provides power supplies and audio I/O to match the AT91SAM9 ARM9-based MCUs to host multimedia applications.
2012-05-28 Analyzing microwave and millimeter signal
Know the right steps to get accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurements.
2014-06-05 Analog expands RF platform with modulator, demodulator
The devices are designed for 3G/4G communication, microwave PtP radios, military/aerospace and instrumentation applications.
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