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2006-03-10 Nvidia, Intel to bring 3D gaming to handheld devices
Nvidia Corp. announced that it has combined the processing capabilities of the NVIDIA GoForce with Intel's Monahans to deliver a powerful development platform to content developers
2007-12-28 Newsmakers: The (not so) golden Apple
Apple outdid itself this year with the heavily hyped rollout of three electronic eye candies!the Apple TV, the iPhone and the iPod Touch!triggering a frenzy in the consumer market that reverberated to the supply chain
2012-05-03 Movea intros sol'n for motion-enabled devices
Chemistry of Motion!based on the company's patented SmartMotion atoms!claims to enable rapid prototyping and development of devices for mobile, Interactive TV, sports and health markets.
2011-04-29 MIPS gains early access to Honeycomb
MIPS has started porting Honeycomb to its architecture, allowing it to develop MIPS-based tablets and Google TV products, and belying claims that MIPS will be excluded from the Android ecosystem
2006-04-12 Microsoft releases Windows CE 5.0 for next-gen NMDs, IP STBs
Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of Windows CE 5.0 Networked Media Device Feature Pack, an optional set of software components designed to lower the total cost of development
2012-12-13 MediaTek integrates modem into latest apps SoC
MediaTek is going head to head with Qualcomm with its latest quad-core mobile apps processor with built-in modem
2004-03-15 Lucent's former chief scientist starts a venture fund
India's icon picks up minority equity positions in U.S.-based telecom that outsource development to India to keep costs down
2008-07-01 LCD, plasma successors make headway
LCDs and plasma screens may be the dominant choice for TV sets today, and LCDs the displays of choice for almost every other application, but a pair of upstart technologies is vying to replace them
2004-02-20 Japanese firms create switching tech for programmable LSI devices
NEC Corp., National Institute for Materials Science, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have announced the development of a switching technology, called NanoBridge, that migrate metal atoms in a solid electrolyte to be able to manufacture programmable LSI devices
2012-02-09 Japan Inc. swims in troubled seas
The merger of Panasonic, Fujitsu and Renasas may salvage the weaker players of the three (Fujitsu and Panasonic) to survive for several more years through government handouts. But the move threatens the potential winner (Renesas Mobile) with a reduction to irrelevancy in the already very competitive mobile SoC market
2007-11-12 iSuppli: Backlights drive LED market leap
The backlighting of small-screen LCD displays and of keypads in mobile devices remains the single largest application market for LEDs, and will account for more than 25 percent of total LED market revenue in 2007
2008-12-15 Intel eyes energy harvesting for electronic apps
Intel Corp. is working on harvesting free energy to power devices such as mobile phones, as well as researching other technologies to reduce power in electronics devices and data centers
2007-10-29 India hinges hope on embedded design
What India lacks in manufacturing, however, it makes up for in embedded software development!a foundation that could prove increasingly important in the future
2014-06-20 Imagination seeks to resurrect MIPS in the spotlight
The MIPS legacy is anchored on its processor cores' architecture and its power-efficient performance, but industry analysts remain impassive, believing that MIPS lost the mobile battle against ARM
2008-06-30 FST, Arphic combine tech for next-gen GUI devices
Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) and Taiwan-based Arphic Technology have signed of a memorandum of understanding for a joint research, development and marketing alliance for GUI devices
2007-11-16 Embedded pushes India into spotlight
India's electronics industry is undergoing a gradual but inexorable transition from a software-driven outsourcing model to one that is increasingly focused on growth and development of the domestic market
2003-04-24 Docomo, SingTel join forces on 3G services
NTT Docomo Inc. has announced that it will work with Singapore Telecom Mobile to develop technologies for mobile multimedia services on W-CDMA 3G phones
2008-01-04 CSSP enables concurrent LCD, video output for portables
Together with development partner Chrontel, QuickLogic can now enable handheld device developers to add simultaneous video output to their products without sacrificing battery lifetime or burdening the host application processor
2006-03-06 Crystal unit features low CI value
Epson Toyocom has announced the development of the FA-20H, a 2.5-by-2mm, high-stability, high-sensitivity AT crystal unit
2007-06-07 Confusion clouds China DTV spec
Some companies insist the technology behind China's digital terrestrial TV standard is being closely guarded by a select few despite government claims that DMB-T is open to all
2008-01-16 Comms, CE markets show great promise
Taiwan's display, communications and CE industries delivered many surprises. With global TV digitalization approaching, the future looks bright for the entire display industry
2008-10-01 Chipmakers pack multimedia functions in processors
Semiconductor vendors tailoring video chips for the consumer market have taken integration to the next level. As price pressure from consumers persists in the flat-panel, DTV, DVD player, notebook and mobile phone sectors, chip companies are taking a cue from OEMs to provide devices that pack more video functions to minimize costs
2013-02-05 Chip integrates reference design kit from Comcast
ST's Orly STiH416 SoC with integrated RDK promises to speed development of set-top boxes and video gateways as part of next-generation home entertainment systems
2014-08-06 China ups ante in semiconductor competitiveness
China's IC industry is still very weak, far from supporting economic and social development as well as national information security, national defence, and security-building needs
2014-02-06 China OS spells trouble for Google, Microsoft
Developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Liantong Network Communications, the China Operating System (COS) is designed for use in smartphones, tablets, TV STBs and PCs
2007-07-23 Cellphones eye wireless video
Promoted as a low-power wireless technology suitable for battery-powered devices, many ask: How long will it be before UWB is deployed in mobile phones
2005-01-03 Asia ups ante on wireless functionality
Functionality and convergence are painting Asia's wireless landscape a shade brighter this year as more consumers in the region go mobile
2013-01-11 ARM mulls RF IP for IoT
CEO Warren East talks about what part ARM will play in making the "Internet of Things" a widespread success as well as the significant changes in the smart TV market
2009-04-16 Android extends beyond cellphones
The Google-designed Android platform is reaching out beyond the mobile phone and will soon enter STBs, TVs, VoIP phones, Karaoke boxes and digital photo frames
2010-05-31 AMOLED: Display market's next 'big thing'
A Samsung keynoter at the Society for Information Display hailed amorphous OLED (AMOLED) as the next 'big thing' in displays, powering smart TVs and smart mobile devices
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