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2004-12-31 Samsung Electronics joins WiMAX forum as principal member
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has become a principal member of the WiMAX Forum.
2012-03-09 RFMD expands 3G, 4G/LTE portfolio
The PowerSmart product family is geared for multimode, multiband applications such as smartphones, tablets and other data-centric mobile broadband devices.
2008-08-27 RF solutions build reliable test set for 3G handsets
Agilent has launched the latest members of the GS-8800 family of RF design verification and conformance test solutions such as the GS-8853 3G RF Conformance Test system.
2009-02-23 Reality bites LTE rollout
Fourth generation networks and specifically LTE (Long Term Evolution) may be one of the major talking points at the Mobile World Congress, but the messages are unclear about what their impact will be in the short term
2008-09-12 Qualcomm's Gobi gets Panasonic Tough(book)
Panasonic Computer Solutions Co will offer Qualcomm's new Gobi global mobile Internet solution in its entire line of rugged laptops
2008-04-07 Qualcomm wins eight licenses in 700MHz auction
Qualcomm Inc. has acquired eight licenses in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's 700MHz spectrum auction for $558.1 million.
2010-06-16 Qualcomm secures 2.3GHz band in India
Qualcomm Inc. has won BWA (Broadband Wireless Access), an unpaired spectrum in the 2.3GHz band, in four telecom circles in India
2008-12-05 Qualcomm revs up LTE plans
Qualcomm has laid out an aggressive roadmap for readying engineering samples of its initial devices for the LTE upgrade to W-CDMA 3G technology, and expects to be sampling selected customers by Q2 09.
2007-07-31 Qualcomm fields UMB base station reference design
Qualcomm has released its new infrastructure reference design for UMB base stations that can help OEMs reduce development costs and quickly commercialize UMB products.
2008-07-02 Qualcomm brings 3G to Thai health stations
Qualcomm Inc. announced the provision of next generation broadband services, notebook computers and mobile phones to Princess Mother's Medical Volunteer public health stations in the rural areas in nine provinces in Thailand.
2010-01-28 Processors ease transition to data centric 3G+/4G
Mindspeed's Transcede processors help provide the critical, structural underpinnings for the rapidly evolving mobile Internet, capable of delivering 10x growth in user devices
2009-08-27 Power amps tailored for 4G LTE apps
RF Micro Devices Inc. is supplying the RF6276 and the RF3280 power amplifiers (PAs) designed to meet or exceed the data-centric performance requirements of the 4G LTE mobile broadband standard.
2004-12-06 Plastic Logic to develop displays with Siemens Communications
Plastic Logic Ltd, a developer of plastic electronics for flexible display backplanes and sensors, has entered into a joint development agreement with mobile phone maker Siemens Communications, to develop flexible displays for Siemens mobile devices, Plastic Logic said
2007-09-24 Plans to open up 900MHz in U.K. revealed
Britain's communications and media regulator Ofcom has revealed plans to open some of the 900MHz bands to more efficient use and increasing competition in mobile services
2008-03-19 Perform smart verification of GAN-enabled phones
Mobile phone developers have several opportunities to test their GAN implementations against standards. Early verification of a phone's ability to handle data and voice improves the probability of success during conformance testing
2006-03-01 Path to cellular/WLAN convergence crosses UMA
Almost any type of wireless, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, can converge seamlessly with cellular.
2010-11-18 Option to sell M4S to Huawei
Option, Huawei sign sale agreement for M4S and its 4G RF chipset assets
2010-03-12 NTU, NI explore next-gen wireless comms
NTU and National Instruments (NI) are joining hands to develop the next-generation wireless communication technologies which are cheaper, faster, more reliable and more pervasive.
2007-09-19 Nokia Siemens, Airvana partner on 3G femto net deployment
Airvana and Nokia Siemens Network announced they plan to provide an end-to-end femto cell solution for mobile 3G operators worldwide that wish to extend their coverage and offer new voice and mobile broadband data services.
2008-07-18 Nokia Siemens to conduct HSPA trial in Taiwan
Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom plans to increase the capacity of its 3G network to significantly improve transmission speeds and expand coverage.
2011-11-24 Nokia Siemens slashes 17,000 jobs, shifts market focus
The restructuring program comes after the company has announced that they are realigning its business to focus on mobile broadband (including optical), customer experience management and services.
2009-07-24 Nokia Siemens powers Vietnam 3G
Viettel is slated to deploy the Vietnam's first 3G network, appointing Nokia Siemens Networks as its radio network infrastructure supplier.
2010-04-23 Nokia Siemens helps Qatar telco get LTE-ready
Qatar Telecom has chosen Nokia Siemens to modernize its network and enhance capacity to deliver improved smart phone experience while paving the way for next-generation LTE networks.
2012-12-06 Nokia Siemens divests optical networks unit
Nokia Siemens Networks has decided to spin off its Optical Networks business unit to a private investment firm with the goal of focusing efforts in its mobile broadband services.
2007-01-09 Nokia joins Sprint Nextel's WiMax effort
Sprint Nextel announced that Nokia Corp. will be a key infrastructure and consumer device provider for the so-called 4G network.
2008-06-30 NGMN, Femto Forum push femtocells for WiMAX, LTE
The Femto Forum and the NGMN Alliance will cooperate on how femtocells can benefit the architecture of next-generation mobile broadband networks such as WiMAX and LTE.
2008-11-06 New wave of collaboration to roll in 4G segment
The mobile broadband chip sector is likely to see more consolidations as the business progresses, based on a study made by Light Reading's Components Insider research unit.
2008-10-08 NEC participates in LTE/SAE trial initiative
NEC has joined the LSTI, an industry group composed of major telecom vendors and operators who are committed to driving the development of commercial and interoperable next-generation LTE mobile broadband systems.
2011-05-16 MPA: High cost for Asia's pay-TV growth
Pay-TV has a bright future in Asia Pacific for companies who are willing to invest, but this will affect other industries at a high cost.
2004-05-10 Motorola opens innovation center in Swindon
Motorola Inc. has launched the EMEA Motorola Innovation Center in its facility in Swindon, in U.K.
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