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What is a mobile phone?
A portable electronic telephone that, in addition to the standard voice function, may offer many services like SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet and MMS for sending/receiving multimedia content. Most mobile phones connect to a cellular network of base stations, which is why they are more commonly called cell phones. The base stations in turn connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
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2004-07-16 IP Datacasting brings TV to mobile phones
The future of mobile-phone TV is based on the technology called IP Datacast over DVB-Handheld.
2002-03-19 Intel to put mobile solution on display at CTIA
Intel Corp. has created a reference guide that shows how to securely and efficiently integrate wireless client devices into their corporate IT systems.
2005-06-06 Intel preps dual-core mobile platform
Intel expects that one-third of all the PC microprocessors it ships next year will be incorporated into mobile platforms, so the chipmaker is readying a next-generation dual-core chipset that's optimized for mobile computing
2004-10-08 Intel gains mobile traction with Nokia, Symbian
Intel Corp., the world's largest chip maker, and Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone maker, will work together on smartphones based on Nokia's Series 60 platform and Intel technology, the chip giant said Tuesday (Oct. 5) at the Symbian Developer Conference.
2006-10-09 Infineon, Panasonic team up for dual-mode 3G phone
Infineon Technologies announced that its GPRS/UMTS multimedia platform powers Panasonic Mobile Communications Co. Ltd's Softbank 705P mobile handset to be launched in Japan
2005-11-17 Infineon's MP-EU platform speeds up next-gen mobile phone designs
Infineon Technologies announced the availability of its latest multimedia mobile phone reference design platform. The MP-EU platform enables mobile phone manufacturers to speed up introduction of next-generation UMTS phones by up to 30 percent from today's 14 months on average.
2003-10-10 Infineon strengthens mobile comms team
Infineon Technologies AG has announced that they will take on 145 software developers from Siemens Information and Communication Mobile
2008-11-21 Infineon optimizes mobile phone chips
Infineon Technologies has introduced its latest chips for ultralow cost (ULC) mobile phones that optimizes system performance five times and reduces the BOM by almost 10 percent
2005-07-15 Infineon joins the 'sub-$20' mobile handset crowd
Infineon Technologies has joined the rush of cellphone chip designers readying devices and platforms for what are becoming known as 'ultra low cost' handsets targeted mainly at users in developing countries.
2004-12-02 India's BPL, Intel consider mobile phone venture
Indian consumer electronics and wireless phone services company BPL is in talks with Intel Corp. to set up a jointly-owned plant to build GSM and Wi-Fi dual mode mobile handsets.
2006-05-12 India to reach 100M mobile subscribers
The pace of India's mobile phone market growth is accelerating and the country is on track to surpass Russia and the United States in total subscribers.
2007-04-13 India mobile phone industry to triple by 2011
Cellphone subscribers in India are expected to triple during the next few years, making it one of the world's fastest growing markets.
2011-03-16 In-Stat sees mobile handset ICs reaching $82 billion in 2015
The value of semiconductors used across all mobile handsets exceeded $55 billion dollars in 2010, with smartphones driving growth over the next five years
2010-05-24 IME, Watchdata co-develop mobile payment solutions
The Institute of Microelectronics (IME) and Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd are collaborating to develop mobile payment solutions
2012-01-24 IHS: Nokia Lumia 900 brings Windows Phone back to life
The Lumia 900 is also expected to re-establish Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Phone as a leading contender in the cellphone operating business, says IHS
2009-06-25 IBM injects $100M on mobile comms research
IBM Corp. is investing $100 million in mobile research over the next five years in an effort to recreate mobile services for businesses and consumers
2010-03-31 Huawei, SRS Labs team on mobile multimedia
SRS Labs and Huawei have formed a strategic partnership to advance multimedia performance by integrating SRS WOW HD to Huawei's C5900 CDMA EVDO model.
2008-12-12 Huawei to launch Android smart phone in 09
Upon announcing its entry into the Open Handset Alliance, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd also revealed its plan to launch smart phones based on the Android platform next year.
2004-08-12 Huawei chooses LSI DSP cores for mobile
LSI Logic has landed another big win in the Asian markets, announcing on Aug. 9, 2004 that Huawei will integrate the ZSP400 and ZSP500 DSP cores into ASIC designs for third-generation (3G) wireless phones.
2009-08-27 HTC, China Mobile partner on TD-SCDMA
HTC Corp. has singed a memorandum of understanding covering substantive cooperation on TD-SCDMA with China Mobile Ltd
2009-07-24 How to minimize mobile phone GSM buzz
This article identifies some of the mechanisms that can cause GSM buzz and identifies proven, practical solutions.
2014-01-03 How much higher can mobile display resolution go
Find out how much higher can resolution go before we do reach the limits of human vision.
2002-07-08 Hitachi mobile phone processor targets camera-equipped phones
Hitachi Ltd has announced the release of the SH7294 SuperHTM mobile application processor that incorporates enhanced camera-support and display functions
2004-03-31 HI, Nvidia to form 3D games on mobile phone alliance
HI Corp. and Nvidia Inc. have agreed to form a worldwide alliance for advanced interactive 3D games on mobile communication devices
2004-05-04 HDDs unready for mass market marriage with mobile phones
According to IDC, the incorporation of hard disk drives (HDDs) into mobile handsets will require a number of further evolutionary steps before HDD-enabled mobile phones will represent a beneficial investment for consumers and enterprises
2006-02-15 Hard disk drives coming for mobile phones
Cornice Inc. and Seagate Technology introduced early this week new high-capacity tiny hard drives aimed at the mobile phone market as the 3GSM Congress underway in Barcelona.
2009-04-27 Hainan gets a taste of mobile TV
UTStarcom Inc. has been selected as the only technology supplier for the first mobile TV system across Hainan province, driven by China Telecom's Hainan branch. This is the first large-scale mobile TV system in China to adopt UTStarcom's end-to-end RollingStream platform
2008-01-21 Haier, NXP bring Edge to China mobile users
Haier Mobile and NXP Semiconductors have entered a strategic collaboration that will allow Haier to adopt NXP's solutions for its EDGE mobile phones
2011-04-04 Growing mobile phone use pushes base station deployments
The number of macro base stations deployed will increase to over 6 million by 2014, according to In-Stat, with over a third of new base stations located in China, India or the US.
2003-03-27 GPS/mobile combo antennas suit telematics apps
Maxrad Inc. has introduced its Max-Matics AGPSC series of GPS/mobile combination antenna and is targeted for telematics systems
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