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2002-01-21 TQS driver amplifier features low jitter and <15ps edge rates
Specifically designed for high-speed optical network applications, the TGA4802 modulator driver amplifier from TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. features low additive jitter and edge rates of <15ps.
2002-09-18 PPL delivers 40Gbps amplifiers, driver
The Model 5885 modulator driver is intended to drive LiNbO3 modulators at data rates of up to 43Gbps and requires 400mV of input signal to produce wide-open eye patterns with 7.7V amplitude.
2002-02-15 Multilink modulator driver occupies less board space
Manufactured using the company's Micro-Module technology, the MTC5529 12.5Gbps NRZ modulator driver is claimed to provide a 75 percent reduction in board area utilization.
2002-10-04 Multilink ERZ driver allows direct signal generation
Multilink Technology's 10.7Gbps to 12.5Gbps ERZ modulator driver allows direct generation of an RZ data stream using a single modulator device.
2002-10-15 Multilink driver eliminates optical dispersion devices
The MTC5536 9.9Gbps to 11.1Gbps Optical Duobinary modulator driver eliminates the need for optical dispersion devices within the optical link.
2012-01-13 Modulator driver targets 40G, 100G apps
The 28Gb/s GX6262 features low RMS jitter degradation and is designed for long-haul optical transmitters.
2008-06-27 Modulator driver improves manufacturability
Designed to improve manufacturability, GigOptix's Mach-Zehnder modulator driver dubbed as GX6155 is targeted at 10Gbit/s 300-pin transponder applications for long haul and metro communication links.
2003-10-01 Maxim EAM driver with integrated bias T
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3941 10.7Gbps electro-absorption modulator (EAM) driver with integrated bias T.
2002-11-20 Agilent samples 'smallest' optical driver amp
Agilent Technologies' MDA-1220-08S surface-mount optical driver amplifier is designed for use in OC-192/STM-64 10Gbps SONET/SDH fiber optic systems
2002-07-09 Agere clock modulator driver provides 2ps jitter
Agere Systems' TCMD0110G clock modulator driver chip provides 2ps of typical rms jitter performance.
2010-03-25 40/100Gbit/s driver amps consume 1.7W
TriQuint's TGA4943-SL 40- and 100Gbit/s SMT driver amplifier operates using half the power of other devices at just 1.7W
2007-03-28 10Gbps EML driver IC claims lowest power draw
Oki Electric said its KGL5115KD, a 10Gbps EML driver IC for optical communication, achieves the world's lowest power consumption at 0.45W
2005-09-08 Video filter/driver eliminates dozens of discrete devices
Fairchild Semiconductor's FMS6406 is the industry's most highly integrated standard definition, low-pass reconstruction video filter/driver
2012-03-22 Optical modulator geared for 40G, 100G systems
The GX6255 from GigOptix is an SMT Mach-Zehnder modulator designed for both the 40G RZ-DQPSK and the 100G DP-QPSK metro and long haul transponders
2002-07-09 ON Semi delivers 10Gbps variable swing SiGe driver/receiver
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NBSG16VS 2.5V/3.3V SiGe differential driver/receiver with a variable output swing that can be programmed to provide output amplitudes ranging between 100mVpp to 700mVpp
2006-02-03 Motor driver IC takes a turn down brushless avenue
Apex Microtechnology has released a motor driver IC for dc brushless motors that's said to be both powerful and versatile
2008-02-22 Leadis ships samples of 6-channel LED driver
A charge-pump based 6-channel LED driver with an industry-standard I?C interface is available for sampling from Leadis Technology Inc
2010-08-19 IrDA driver and SD card file system on MM/JE Flexis families
This application note discusses a physical layer driver used to establish IrDA communication on Freescale devices in the MM/JE Flexis families
2008-03-25 High-speed MOSFET driver bucks or boosts efficiently
A high speed synchronous MOSFET driver designed to drive upper and lower power n-channel MOSFETs in synchronous rectified converter topologies has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp
2010-05-17 HBLED driver integrates PWM dithering
Micrel Inc. is rolling out the MIC3203 step-down high-brightness LED (HBLED) driver controller IC with high-side current sense and PWM dithering feature for EMI control
2013-10-29 GigOptix rolls out 100Gbit/s/400Gbit/s quad linear driver
The GX62472 device has a 30 per cent power reduction achievement and directly enables our customers to target higher data rates via advanced modulation formats, and into smaller form factors.
2008-06-30 Application review and comparative evaluation of low-side gate driver
Fairchild Semiconductor's application note 6069 by Mark Dennis provides details of MOSFET switching action in applications with clamped inductive load, when used as a secondary synchronous rectifier, and driving pulse drive transformers.
2004-07-20 AKM modulator generates 110dB SNR
Asahi Kasei Microsystems released a Class-D two channel modulator that can generate 110dB signal-to-noise ratio
2010-08-27 7.5Vpp Quad MZM (DWDM) driver reaches 32Gb/s data rate
GigOptix has just announced sampling availability of its new GX62455, a quad channel 7.5Vpp Mach-Zenhder Modulator (MZM) driver designed for 100G DP-QPSK long haul optical transmitters.
2007-06-01 3-channel LED driver promises stability, efficiency
Linear Technology has made available a triple-output DC/DC converter that can drive up to 24 x 500mA LEDs at efficiencies up to 96 percent.
2002-04-16 Velocium RZ converter runs up to 12.7Gbps
Specifically targeted for OC-192/STM-64 ultra-long haul, long-haul and metro-fiber systems, Velocium's UCJ106 non-return-to-zero to return-to-zero converter runs up to 12.7Gbps while consuming <1W.
2002-07-26 Inphi RZ converter exhibits <1ps jitter
The 13705RZ NRZ to RZ support data rates of 12.5Gbps and exhibits a typical jitter of <1ps.
2002-03-05 Centellax broadband amplifier targets 40Gbps apps
Designed for use in 40Gbps EAM and TIA applications, the DA1A broadband amplifier operates up to 65GHz and is suitable as a TIA, small signal gain block or driver amplifier
2003-04-11 ADI rolls chips for optical-fiber comms
Analog Devices Inc. came to the Optical Fiber Communication conference with a new CDR chip and a pair of 10.7Gbps external modulator drivers
2001-04-24 Simulating direct laser modulation with the MAX3930
This application note is intended to establish a simulation model for transient analysis and address driver-to-laser interface using Maxim's MAX3930 direct modulator for laser diodes.
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