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2002-02-08 Mitsubishi develops optical transmission technologies for cable systems
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed three key optical transmission technologies, the DWDM technology, optical devices and OXC prototype, for use in next-generation submarine cable systems that are planned to connect Japan, United States, Asia and Europe.
2011-09-08 Mindspeed releases fiber optic solutions
Mindspeed's end-to-end fiber optic solutions target GPON, GEPON, XG-PON and 10G-EPON applications.
2008-07-04 Microwave signal generator delivers power analysis
Rohde & Schwarz's two new options for its R&S SMF100A microwave signal generator expand its capabilities significantly.
2006-08-08 Microsemi expands RF power MOSFET line
Microsemi has announced the addition of the DRF100 and DRF1200 to its family of high-voltage, flangeless-packaged RF MOSFET Power Products.
2002-01-02 Micronic expands SLM licensing agreement with German group
Micronic Laser Systems AB has expanded its cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS).
2004-01-07 Microchip MCUs to support electrical appliances
The Kyoto summit on global warming has served as inspiration for chip maker Microchip Technology Inc. For the company, the shelved international environmental agreement symbolizes the growing trend to cap energy consumption of electrical appliances ? a movement that Microchip says will be supported by smarter microcontrollers (MCUs).
2008-01-16 MEMS set to tickle consumer fancy
Today, MEMS chips, combined with the smart software that uses them, are being designed into cellphones at a pace reminiscent of camera-phone adoption, enabling a new breed of consumer-pleasing electronic devices.
2002-11-01 MEMS light valves manage wavelengths for D-WDM
One type of optical MEMS, known as the grating light valve, is going into next-generation dynamic optical modules for use in optical networks.
2005-03-15 MCUs offer 16bit accuracy in 100KHz
TI's new digital signal controllers combine the real-time performance of its leading DSPs with the peripheral integration, C-language efficiency and ease of use of an MCU.
2005-06-06 MCU provides large memory space
Holtek's new MCU contains 4K of OTP Program Memory and 192 bytes of General Purpose Data Memory, providing the user with a flexible and large app memory space for more complicated apps with larger data requirements
2010-02-02 MCU packs 3.5Kbyte flash, 10bit ADC
The PIC12F617 MCU features 3.5Kbyte of self-programmable flash, and peripherals such as a 10bit ADC, comparator, PWM and VREF for closed-loop-control apps, all in 3mm x 3mm DFN package.
2006-04-14 MCU boasts precision analog conversion
Analog Devices is employing its precision analog conversion technology for its newest family of application-specific MCUs.
2002-05-31 Maxim transmitter has on-chip sigma-delta fractional-N synthesizer
The MAX2150 broadband RF transmitter IC from Maxim Integrated Products integrates an on-chip sigma-delta fractional-N synthesizer that has up to 28 bits of fractionalization, allowing 100mHz frequency resolution over 700MHz to 2.3GHz.
2002-05-24 Maxim cable modem amp delivers 64dBmV
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3505 cable modem upstream amplifier that delivers 64dBmV to a 75-ohm cable, using a 5V source.
2007-11-16 Manufacturers aim for energy efficiency in appliances
Appliance manufacturers are facing major design challenges to meet the new energy efficiency standards and to cope with significant increases in the cost of raw materials. Variable speed control of a compressor motor significantly reduces both the peak and average energy consumption.
2005-08-18 Make the most of unlicensed ISM band
Combat interference and achieve better link range for RF transceivers operating in the 915MHz ISM band.
2005-09-16 Make the most of the unlicensed ISM band
Maximizing the ISM band's potential may help decongest the clot forming within the frequency spectrum
2011-05-19 M/A-COM Tech to fight GigOptix lawsuit
M/A-COM is prepared to defend itself vigorously from the lawsuit filed by GigOptix Inc. The lawsuit filed involves allegations of breach of contract and trade secret misappropriation.
2011-05-02 M/A COM acquires Optomai, 40/100Gbps chips
Optomai's product portfolio complements M/A-COM Tech's CATV/broadcast and point-to-point/infrastructure businesses, and will help it penetrate the booming optical communications market.
2006-09-29 Lucent claims 100GbE over 2,000km
Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs said it transmitted ten channels of 107Gbps Ethernet traffic over 2,000km of fiber using components commonly applied in long-haul 40Gbps transmission.
2009-12-23 Low-power MCUs integrate capacitive touch-sensing
The MCUs provide a pin-compatible migration path for legacy 18-pin PIC MCUs still used in many designs.
2008-06-30 Low-cost, green-mode PWM controller for flyback converters
The SG6860 controller is a highly integrated PWM controller that is designed to meet the low standby-power needs of 1ow-power SMPS. The proprietary green-mode function provides off-time modulation to linearly decrease switching frequency under light-load conditions.
2008-02-22 Leadis ships samples of 6-channel LED driver
A charge-pump based 6-channel LED driver with an industry-standard I?C interface is available for sampling from Leadis Technology Inc.
2004-09-06 Latest multisource deal covers long-haul optics
The latest multisource agreement in the 10Gb optical component market announced in Tokyo, Japan on September 1 covers long-reach optical devices using externally-modulated lasers and avalanche photodiodes.
2011-08-30 Keypad controllers boast low current drain
Analog Devices' ADP5585 and ADP5589 general-purpose input/output port expander and keypad matrix controllers are for devices that require expanded I/O lines or mechanical keypads up to QWERTY size.
2002-09-13 iTerra RZ converter handles up to 12.5Gbps
The iTH10-4000 NRZ to RZ converter from iTerra Communications LLC handles up to 12.5Gbps, requires an input voltage of 500mV, and consumes <1.5W.
2014-08-05 Is there a bright optoelectronic future for PCM?
Here's a look at a venture modestly described as an optoelectronic framework. It has the potential to spawn whole new families of optoelectronic phase-change-based switching displays and modulators.
2010-08-19 IrDA driver and SD card file system on MM/JE Flexis families
This application note discusses a physical layer driver used to establish IrDA communication on Freescale devices in the MM/JE Flexis families.
2004-09-02 IR rolls out reference design for audio amplifier
IR disclosed the availability of its IRAUDAMP1 Class D audio amplifier reference design featuring the 200V-rated IR2011S high-speed gate driver IC.
2003-01-15 IR military-grade dc/dc converters exhibit 80 percent efficiency
International Rectifier's Advanced Analog Group has introduced two hermetically sealed, 120V input dc/dc converters that are able to handle up to 84W/in&sup3 power density.
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