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2005-04-19 Motorola, Modulus Video to offer HD,SD MPEG-4 encoding solutions
Motorola and Modulus Video Inc. will work together to provide high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) MPEG-4 advanced video codec (AVC) encoder and decoder products to cable, satellite, and telecom providers globally.
2007-05-21 Motorola inks merger agreement with Modulus Video
Motorola Inc. and Modulus Video Inc. signed a definitive merger agreement, under which Motorola will acquire Modulus.
2012-06-25 Measure complex shear modulus of commercial gelatin
Understand the theory behind measuring complex shear modulus by dynamic instrumented indentation.
2002-12-05 The Pythagoras processor
This article describes the signal processing system of the pythagoras processor.
2006-09-14 MPEG-4 AVC encoders easily switch between HD and SD
Modulus Video announced it is shipping its ME2000 family of MPEG-4 AVC video encoders, said to be the first compact encoding platform that can easily switch between high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video.
2013-06-10 Peregrine debuts PLL with 5GHz operation
Peregrine's Integer-N PE33241 Phase-Locked Loop features a very low phase noise Figure of Merit (FOM) of -230dBc/Hz and supports operation at 5GHz with a 10/11 pre-scaler modulus.
2007-04-24 WiMAX transceiver minimizes component count
All of Atmel's MAX-Link WiMAX transceivers promise excellent RF performance with low current consumption, low cost and only a minimum of external components for the RF design.
2007-10-01 WiMAX transceiver first to roll with internal calibration
Atmel has unveiled the third of its MAX-Link series of transceivers designed for WiMAX applications, which feature proprietary internal calibration algorithm.
2010-01-04 What's the next big application?
Here's a list of the 10 technology applications to watch for in 2010, examining examine the features that make them so compelling as well unresolved issues that might keep them from breaking out.
2012-08-29 Understand tensile stress-strain response of small-diameter electrospun fibers
Know how to characterize the tensile stress-strain behavior of small diameter electrospun fibers of PCL using Agilent UTM T150.
2008-01-02 Taking the IC designer to the top
Expert IC designer Chu Yiren has achieved his dream of setting-up a successful IC business in China.
2002-01-30 Sumitomo contact probe features <2mm length, 305m2 area
Using its proprietary x-ray lithographic micromachining technology, the company has developed a contact probe that occupies an area of 305m2 and is <2mm long.
2013-06-18 Spin coatable negative I-Line photoresist for MEMS
Optimised for spin coating and processing on MEMS and IC wafers, the NR-2500 liquid negative photoresist can withstand harsh environments including resistance to extreme moisture conditions.
2011-09-01 Speeding up medical imaging process using FPGA
Read about the use of FPGA platform and a synthesis tool called Impulse C to speed up a statistical line of reaction estimation for a high-resolution PET scanner.
2007-02-20 SEMI releases 11 tech standards for FPD, MEMS
SEMI has published 11 technical standards for the semiconductor, flat panel display and MEMS manufacturing industries.
2006-04-11 Security processor designed for IP storage networking apps
Hifn announced its next-generation FlowThrough security processor designed for IP storage networking applications.
2006-05-15 Power-efficient ISM-band RF transmitter chip sips current
Micrel is offering an efficient and power-managed ISM-band radio transmitter IC for less than $1.50.
2007-10-11 PLLs tailored for wireless, satellite applications
Analog Devices Inc. beefs up its portfolio once again with the release of the the ADF4157, a fractional-N PLL synthesizer.
2010-01-08 PLL synthesizer cuts costs in FMCW radars
Analog Devices Inc. has released a new PLL synthesizer that enables flexible and cost-effective implementation of frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar systems.
2002-04-01 Peregrine synthesizer ICs include EEPROM
Targeting fixed-frequency applications, Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has launched a family of high-performance PLL synthesizer chips with embedded EEPROM memory.
2005-09-01 Packaging becomes problem-solving tool
Package technology provides improved electrical and thermal performance for today's single-die power products.
2014-01-23 Optimise CMOS for MEMS-based frequency control
CMEMS fabrication process can be used to fabricate both micro-electromechanical and CMOS electronic devices on a single die.
2014-09-29 Online monitoring of resistive power load (Part 2)
As we have already tackled the models and topologies for continuously monitoring the resistance of power load in Part 1, we will now look into interesting cases and examples.
2005-03-14 ON Semi ICs support CML output
ON Semi's new fully differential clock distribution, clock driving, clock multiplexing, and clock pre-scaling ICs that support Current Mode Logic output.
2003-01-15 New RFIC design company launched
A team of engineers formerly with IBM Microelectronics' Wireless Division have formed a new radio and analog IC design company, Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc.
2003-02-06 NEC bioplastic boasts high rigidity, heat resistance
NEC Corp. has developed a bioplastic material composed of a polylactic acid reinforced with kenaf fiber.
2003-04-09 National delta-sigma PLLs boast low power consumption
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a new family of delta-sigma fractional-N PLLs into its PLLatium portfolio of devices for use in cellular applications.
2008-01-15 MEMS measurement tech could increase wafer yields
NIST claims that CMOS semiconductor makers could take advantage of its MEMS measurement regime to increase wafer yields by reducing the frequency of failures.
2002-06-11 Matsushita ships stronger multilayer PCBs
Designed for use in laptops, PDAs, and mobile phones, the ALIVH G type multilayer PCB from Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd has the same structure as the standard ALIVH product but uses an improved laser processing technology that enables the G type product to be 1.4 times stronger than the previous board.
2006-11-07 Master Bond adhesive is resistant up to 205C
Master Bond announced it has developed a two-component, high temperature-resistant, thermally conductive epoxy adhesive, sealant and coating that features resistance up to 205C.
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