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2003-11-03 ST partners with Mobidiag for molecular diagnostics
In an effort to drive its silicon-based lab-on-a-chip to the commercial diagnostic market, STMicro has completed a joint development agreement with Helsinki-based Mobidiag.
2013-08-30 Shimadzu unveils compact turbo molecular pumps
The TMP-X series aims to reduce the costs and downsizing the footprint of manufacturing flat panel displays and semiconductor devices.
2003-01-30 RF Micro purchases Veeco molecular beam epitaxy system
Veeco Instruments Inc. has received an order from RF Micro Devices Inc. for a GEN2000 molecular beam epitaxy system.
2002-06-10 Researchers run molecular machines on light
In a breakthrough suggesting that a new field of nanotechnology based on optical fields might emerge, researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universit?t have demonstrated the feasibility of operating molecular machines with light.
2002-02-19 Researchers close to delivering molecular circuits
Although it's a little like watching a chess match in slow motion, molecular electronics researchers are converging on viable circuit-fabrication methods.
2004-02-16 Photosynthesis inspires molecular-assembly process
Nanotechnologists have recently succeeded in their attempts to build molecular systems based on highly efficient versions of the molecular "machine" that plants use to turn sunlight into energy.
2013-01-16 Molecular motors in development, says Nature journal
Researchers from various backgrounds are currently developing a multi-component molecular motor which could help pave the way for nanoscale devices.
2013-01-22 Molecular Imprints comes first in 450mm race
Molecular Imprints Inc. has recently disclosed that one of their machines are being used by an unnamed semiconductor company to support the development of 450mm diameter wafers.
2005-08-16 Molecular gates spin photons from chemicals
A Northern Ireland and Japan team develops a tiny molecular transistor that emits photons when supplied with the right chemicals.
2003-11-04 Logic and memory shown on molecular scale
Rice University researchers have demonstrated that molecule-sized electronic devices can be used for both logic and memory, despite being randomly wired, error-prone and inaccurately formed at the nanoscale.
2002-03-12 Infineon develops biochip for molecular-level analysis
Infineon announced the development of what is claimed to be the world's first molecular test biochip with integrated evaluation electronics.
2002-01-29 HP-UCLA collaboration awarded molecular electronics patent
Hewlett-Packard Co. and the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) have received a U.S. patent for technology that could make possible inexpensive, complex logic chips built in the molecular scale.
2001-05-16 Getters: Molecular scavengers for packaging
Getters will play a key role in MEMS and MOEMS to enable lower-cost packaging.
2010-11-23 A*STAR teams with EU orgs on molecular chips
Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research has joined with ten European Union research organizations to lay the foundation for creating and testing a molecular-sized processor chip.
2011-05-11 Research shows strengths of superconducting FETs
The Brookhaven lab configured a normally insulating copper-oxide material in the same way as the channel of an FET and used molecular beam epitaxy to create an atomically perfect superconducting film.
2004-08-23 Next-gen memory market to reach $66B
By 2011, the market for next-generation, nonvolatile memories will be worth $65.7 billion, according to a new report from research firm NanoMarkets LC on August 18, 2004.
2002-12-26 Nanoimprint lithography ready to make its mark
A potentially low-cost form of lithography affectionately known as
2013-04-24 MII rolls out first of three advanced imprint modules
The first of three advanced imprint modules from Molecular Imprints have shipped out, delivering the performance required for high volume manufacturing memory devices at sub-20nm dimensions.
2008-04-21 Memory tech puts 300M tunes in MP3 players
Researchers at the University of Glasgow have devised a molecular scale switch that they claim could dramatically improve the data storage capability of devices without increasing their size.
2003-07-07 KLA-Tencor removes airborne contamination effects
KLA-Tencor's SpectraFx 100 is an optical thin-film measurement system that eliminates the effects of AMC on film measurement.
2001-09-07 In-situ cathodoluminescence
This application note explains in-situ cathodoluminescence (CL) as a technique for determining film composition, optical quality and doping levels of MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) grown group III nitride films.
2011-06-14 GPU supercomputer simulation accelerates solar energy
Researchers announced a record-breaking scientific simulation on the Tianhe-1A GPU supercomputer that furthers research in solar energy and in the semiconductor industry.
2010-04-30 ESC keynoter takes audience back to the future
Professor Michio Kaku treated a keynote at the ESC to a blitzkrieg of futurism that included molecular computing, teleportation, and toilets that will be way too smart for your own good.
2006-01-24 Carbon nanotube, molecule joined to create new transistor
Columbia University researchers have successfully married a carbon nanotube with an organic molecule, creating what they said is the world's first hybrid carbon-nanotube/molecular transistor.
2002-03-15 Adaptable nanotubes developed for use in electronic devices
Purdue University researcher Hicham Fenniri has developed a method to create self-assembling nanotubes that can be easily manipulated with specific dimensions or chemical properties.
2008-06-06 Scientists gauge quantum states for chip cooling, settling
Scientists noted that in two-level quantum systems, like those used to represent qbits, these might control both temperature and entropy. The approach enables novel cooling schemes as well as instant settling for atomic, molecular and solid-state devices.
2002-06-06 Researchers demo self-assembling nanowires
Researchers at Aarhus University here have demonstrated a nanometer-scale fabrication technique that self-assembles tiny wires atop substrates, with an eye toward interconnecting molecular electronic circuits in the future.
2004-01-12 Protein recognition tapped to build nanotube FETs
Molecular self-assembly assisted by DNA and protein recognition might provide a route to complex logic and memory circuits built with nanotubes, a project in Haifa, Israel, suggests.
2004-05-10 NIST grant to support imprint litho research
The National Institute of Standards and Technology on Wednesday, May 5, 2004 approved funding for development of step-and-flash imprint lithography (S-FIL), with $17.6 million of NIST funds going to a group of companies working on the imprint approach developed at Molecular Imprints Inc. (MII), based in the U.S.
2003-03-12 New center targets epitaxial technology advancement
Veeco Instruments Inc. has opened a 15,000-square foot epitaxial Process Integration Center adjacent to its molecular beam epitaxy manufacturing operations in Minnesota, U.S.A.
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