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2011-09-09 FPGA kit improves high-bandwidth systems
Altera has launched the full-featured Stratix V GX FPGA-based development kit, which features 28-nm FPGAs and promises to speed up high-performance system design.
2013-09-19 FDP optical fibre from Polymicro geared for deep UV region
Operating down to 190nm with excellent deep UV solarisation resistance characteristics, the company said the enhancements improve solarisation of the fibre in deep UV applications.
2007-07-03 External cabling device extends PCIe slot function
Dynalith Systems Co. Ltd has developed a PCIe external cabling solution that can extend a normal PCIe slot to a multi-gigabit cable, at the other end of which a normal PCIe application board can be connected.
2005-02-25 Ethernet switch combines low power dissipation, small size
Parvus unveiled the Switch104, a rugged 5-port PC/104 Fast Ethernet switching hub featuring low power dissipation and highly reliable extended-temperature operation up to 85C.
2007-09-17 Connectors cope with medical apps' requirements
Despite the lack of standardized testing today for electronic components used in medical products, manufacturers are delivering connectors that meet the most demanding requirements of the medical industry.
2007-08-30 Connectors boost medical systems
As medical OEMs increasingly rely on electronics to deliver higher functionality, they also expect the connectors and cable assemblies to meet the harsher operating conditions and higher reliability requirements demanded in medical applications.
2008-07-04 Cisco readies 10G FCoE market
With the latest advances in Fibre Channel over Ethernet, Cisco hopes all the pieces are finally in place to drive adoption of 10Gbit Ethernet into rack-mounted servers and switches that represent the mainstream of data center computing.
2012-01-11 Circuit headers boast press-fit terminals
The hybrid connection system is geared for high, medium and low-current wire-to-board applications in high-vibration powertrain applications in vehicles.
2013-04-09 Choosing medical device interconnects
Biocompatibilty, durability and reliability are key attributes to consider when selecting the right interconnects for remotely connecting healthcare professionals and patients.
2013-10-16 CDFP aims to promote, develop 400Gbit/s transceivers
The CDFP MSA will focus its efforts to increase customer choice, reduce end-user costs and ensure interoperability, allowing the copper cable and fibre optics transceiver market to rapidly expand.
2008-05-02 Backplane connectors deliver 20Gbit/s
Tyco Electronics has introduced the high-speed, high-density Impact backplane connector system that delivers 20Gbit/s performance.
2004-04-13 Astrodyne switching power supply offer reduced size, cost
Astrodyne's ASL series of ultraminiature open frame switching power supplies offer reduced size and cost.
2004-05-17 Astrodyne power supply delivers 125W output power
The PPS/PPT125 series of open frame switching power supplies from Astrodyne provides output power of 125W.
2011-03-01 Asian electronics growth boosts connector demand
Electronics Demand is being driven by technology-advanced features consumers want, pent-up demand for new infrastructure and the thrust toward sustainability. And Asia is the center of major engagements.
2010-04-23 Analysis: What's behind TSMC's LED venture?
TSMC's foray to the LED market leaves some to wonder if the foundry giant is just looking for new market or making a huge strategic shift by taking a step as an IDM.
2006-03-06 AC/DC switcher delivers any required voltage
XP Power has announced an AC/DC switching power supply that is said to enable users to specify any voltage level up to the maximum rating of each output.
2006-11-01 AC/DC supply delivers 250W
The PAM250/PAS250 series of single output switching supplies from Tamura delivers up to 250W at 12V to 48V.
2006-07-31 400W AC/DC switcher offers high power density
XP Power said its SMM400 series of 400W AC/DC switching power supplies has power densities of up to 6.25W per cubic inch, meeting the demand for higher power within a given space.
2012-07-02 32-circuit connection system fit for harsh environments
The 32-circuit wire-to-wire system enables the customer to implement one female connector and CP terminal system throughout the entire vehicle.
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