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What is MOSFET driver?
Power MOSFETs usually have a large stray capacitance between the gate and the other terminals, called Ciss. When the pulse to the gate terminal arrives, it must first charge up this capacitance before the gate voltage can reach the voltage required. Therefore the circuit that drives the gate terminal should be capable of supplying a reasonable current so the stray capacitance can be charged up as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to use a dedicated MOSFET driver chip.
A low-value resistor is often placed between the MOSFET driver and the MOSFET gate terminal. This is to damp down any ringing oscillations caused by the lead inductance and gate capacitance, which can otherwise exceed the maximum voltage allowed on the gate terminal.
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2009-09-22 White LED driver targets LCD backlights
TAEC's new 60V power MOSFET driver is designed for white LEDs to be used in LCD panel backlight applications.
2002-11-13 TI MOSFET driver delivers 9A of driver current
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a family of high-speed MOSFET drivers that deliver 9A of peak drive current in an industry-standard pin-out
2002-01-04 TI dual MOSFET gate drivers provide more current
The UCC37323/4/5 series enhanced, industry-standard footprint dual MOSFET gate driver ICs feature higher current and improved noise immunity and are drop-in replacements for popular MOSFET driver ICs.
2007-11-29 Synchronous driver rolls for n-channel MOSFETs
Linear Technology has introduced a high-speed synchronous MOSFET driver designed to drive upper and lower n-channel power MOSFETs in a synchronous rectified converter topology.
2003-02-28 STMicro rectifier driver boosts converter efficiency
The STSR2 smart driver IC is designed for synchronous rectifiers that helps boost power converter efficiencies
2003-04-30 STMicro MOSFET driver sources 2A of current
The company's STSR3 MOSFET driver provides the high current output necessary for MOSFETs to be used as synchronous rectifiers in flyback converters.
2005-02-02 Siliconix unveils four new MOSFET driver ICs
Siliconix announced four new high-speed, half-bridge, n-channel MOSFET driver ICs.
2004-10-01 PWM controller uses only one primary side MOSFET
The latest current mode PWM controller from Linear Technology uses only one primary side MOSFET
2004-10-26 PWM control IC incorporates MOSFET drivers
Intersil developed a three-phase PWM control IC, with integrated MOSFET drivers, that provides a precision voltage regulation system
2004-08-25 NJR driver IC offers better saturation characteristics
The NJU7343/44/45 from NJR are single-phase dc brushless motor driver ICs that feature a MOSFET driver circuit for better saturation characteristics.
2006-06-28 MOSFET, IGBT driver eliminates need for shunt resistor
Vishay Intertechnology is adding to its optoelectronics product portfolio with a 0.5-A MOSFET/IGBT driver that has a 1V maximum low-level output voltage, eliminating the need for negative gate drive.
2009-11-03 MOSFET drivers provide light-load efficiency mode
Microchip rolls out synchronous buck MOSFET drivers in small 8-pin SOIC and 3mm x 3mm DFN packages to provide maximum efficiency in a small footprint
2006-04-06 MOSFET drivers load speed, power in 2-by-2mm package
Micrel launched a new line of 6A devices designed for power supplies and synchronous rectification applications operating at frequencies up to 2MHz.
2006-02-24 MOSFET drivers deliver 12A
Microchip's TC4451 (inverting) and TC4452 (noninverting) MOSFET drivers, for use in switching power supplies and similar high-speed, high-current apps, can deliver peak output currents of 12A
2004-11-25 MOSFET drivers combine low power consumption, high efficiency
The new dual 1.5A low-side MOSFET drivers from Micrel feature low power consumption and high efficiency
2009-09-07 MOSFET driver suits automotive apps
The AUIRS2016S high-voltage power MOSFET high-side driver features an internal Vs-to-GND recharge NMOS.
2011-04-11 MOSFET driver promises high reliability
Linear Technology Corp. announces a high reliability (MP-grade) version of the LTC4441, a 6A N-channel MOSFET gate driver that operates over a -55C-125C operating junction temperature range.
2007-03-02 MOSFET driver offers 2A peak sink and source
Vishay announced the release of the SiP41111 high-frequency 75V half-bridge n-channel MOSFET driver IC that delivers a 2A peak sink and source gate-driver current.
2006-03-02 MOSFET driver offers 'highest' open-circuit voltage
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announced the VO1263AB solid state relay, dual photovoltaic MOSFET driver.
2005-04-15 MOSFET driver increases efficiency
International Rectifier has introduced the IR5001S universal high-speed controller/N-channel power MOSFET driver for high-performance, active ORing circuits.
2005-02-08 MOSFET driver ICs tailored for medical ultrasound market
Supertex released the first in a family of high performance MOSFET driver ICs targeted for the medical ultrasound market.
2004-10-29 MOSFET driver IC includes anti-shoot through protection
The MIC4102 100V half bridge MOSFET driver IC from Micrel comes with an internal anti-shoot through protection.
2011-09-06 MOSFET driver feature hi-res imaging
The three-level, three-channel MOSFET driver from Supertex, the MD1716, has two separate voltage controls for reduced power consumption.
2010-02-09 MOSFET driver boasts fast rise, fall times
The LTC4449 MOSFET driver from Linear Technology features fast rise and fall times when driving a 3,000pF load, which minimizes switching losses.
2005-12-13 MOFSET driver ICs deliver flexible gate drive levels
Vishay's new MOSFET driver ICs promise to provide flexible gate drive levels to optimize efficiency, reduce component count, and minimize expense in synchronous rectifier buck power supplies.
2009-03-25 Microchip's power MOSFET driver simulation models
This application note covers the function and use of the SPICE simulation models, tips on solving convergence issues, and provides a boost converter example using the TC1410N simulation model.
2011-04-12 Microchip MOSFET driver family expands products
Microchip Technology expands its MOSFET driver family of products with the introduction of the low-side MCP14E6/7/8 2A and MCP14E9/10/11 3A drivers
2005-05-02 Micrel releases SPICE models for MOSFET driver ICs
Micrel Inc. announced the immediate availability of a suite of SPICE models for its MIC44xx family of low side MOSFET driver ICs.
2004-09-07 Maxim unveils latest MOSFET driver
Maxim introduced a high-speed MOSFET driver for use in power MOSFET switching, motor control and in the design of high-frequency, switching power supplies.
2002-07-12 Maxim MOSFET driver has separate n-, p-channel outputs
The MAX5048 power MOSFET driver from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. includes two separate n-channel and p-channel outputs.
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