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2002-09-24 Kingston RIMMs double bandwidth capacity
The ValueRAM 32-bit RIMM 3200 and RIMM 4200 devices from Kingston Technology Co. Inc. support two 16-bit channels per memory modules.
2002-04-15 Kingston DDR memory modules suit next-gen servers
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. has announced the availability of 1GB and 2GB low-profile DDR PC2100-registered ECC memory modules for 1U and blade server environments.
2002-06-20 Intersil to power Legend QDI's latest motherboards
China-based Legend QDI has selected Intersil Corp.'s Endura, to power the Intel Pentium 4 processor on their latest motherboards which are based on the i845G and i845GL chipsets.
2002-11-13 Intersil solutions to power FIC PC platforms
FIC has selected Intersil Corp.'s Endura power solutions for virtually all its systems on a range of new and next generation computing platforms.
2002-08-13 Intersil platforms to power Gigabyte motherboards
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd has selected Intersil Corp.'s Endura power solutions for its Titan GA-8IGX and GA-8IEXP motherboards.
2004-06-21 Interfacing the DS2156 UTOPIA II bus to Dallas demo kits
This app note describes how to use the DS2156 UTOPIA II bus interface on the Dallas Semiconductor DS2156DK development kit.
2007-10-19 Intel Q35 chipsets aim at embedded systems
Intel Corp. has unveiled at this week's Intel Developer Forum in Taiwan extended lifecycle support for the Q35 Express chipset for embedded and communications applications requiring graphics.
2002-09-12 Intel outlines products for "anytime" connectivity
Three senior Intel executives said at the IDF keynote on September 10 that achieving seamless connectivity between devices is the greatest challenge facing developers.
2009-08-14 Intel licenses Nvidia SLI technology
Nvidia said motherboard makers licensed the technology to prepare for Intel Core i7 and i5 chips.
2006-10-10 Industrial MOBO supports data-intensive business apps
Adlink said its new MicroATX motherboard meets the challenges of modern data-intensive business applications, which include graphics, image processing and intelligence transportation systems.
2008-06-27 I/O controller supports Intel Eaglelake, AMD AM3
Winbond Electronics Corp. announces its next generation Super I/O controller: the W83667HG.
2006-09-01 How to power motherboards under ACPI control
This article discusses how to efficiently provide the majority of motherboard voltages, such as 5Vdual, 3.3Vdual, DDR memory voltages and Vtt-CPU/IO under ACPI control.
2000-05-03 High-speed backplane interconnect solutions
This paper briefly describes the general performance characteristics of backplane systems and how best to select the connectors to yield a match between performance of the interconnect system and the backplane system.
2004-12-16 HARDI releases 4-million gate ASIC prototyping board
HARDI released a new ASIC prototyping motherboard with multi-gigabit serial links, embedded PowerPC processors and over 1,600 pairs of LVDS signals.
2002-01-14 Gigabit Ethernet to desktop
We should expect to see mass deployment of Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop through LAN-on-motherboard installation by early 2003.
2004-12-16 FW323/FW322 hardware implementation design guideline
This app presents board-level design requirements, strategies, and guidelines that are equally applicable to motherboard and expansion card applications.
2002-11-06 Foshan Rimming capacitor fits Pentium 4 boards
The company's CD288R aluminum electrolytic capacitor features capacitance values ranging from 220?F to 3.3mF with 20 percent tolerance.
2014-12-29 Flying probe testers flaunt high throughput
The A8a test system from atg Luther & Maelzer is equipped with eight test heads and four cameras for optical alignment, geared to test HDI products for smartphones, tablet and PC motherboards.
2014-01-30 Exar's LPC UARTs significantly cut board space
The XR28V382 and XR28V384 UARTs claim to reduce footprint by a factor of eight compared to 128-pin super I/O devices, while increasing data integrity and throughput.
2010-06-18 Em-ITX board tailored for fanless designs
From VIA Technologies Inc. comes the EITX-3001, a slim-line board featuring VIA Nano E-series and HD video over HDMI suitable for fanless designs in kiosk.
2002-07-03 doubleBW daughtercard packs 'fastest' full-floating point FFT processor
The PowerFFT RACE++ Type-B Daughtercard from doubleBW integrates what is claimed to be the world's fastest stand-alone full-floating point FFT processor.
2001-08-27 Controlled impedance design and test
This application note provides information to assist OEMs and PCB vendors to design and test motherboards that will meet a 28W (?0 percent) impedance specification.
2000-03-31 Controlled impedance design and test
This application note provides information to assist OEMs and PCB vendors to design and test motherboards that will meet a 28-ohm (10 percent) impedance specification.
2002-03-26 Connecting the MT2xx0 to PowerPC boards
This application note explains the process of connecting the MT2xx0 to powerPC boards.
2009-05-22 Computing boards are Atom-equipped
Avalue Technology Inc. has unveiled a series embedded computing boards, industrial motherboards/systems, box PCs and multifunctional panel PCs, equipped with Intel Atom platforms.
2005-06-08 Compact-footprint, 60A, two-phase power supply for AMD K8 motherboards
This app note describes a compact-footprint, low-cost, 60A, twophase solution for desktop motherboard applications using AMD K8 CPUs.
2003-05-07 CMD LDO regulator works with VRM/VDO 10.0 motherboards
The CM3112-12 low-voltage LDO regulator of California Micro Devices is designed to specifically work with VRM/VRD 10.0-compliant PC motherboards.
2002-08-07 Avocent to take hold of 2C Computing
Avocent Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 2C Computing Inc. for about $22.8 million.
2004-05-05 Asustek withdraws Rambus support
Rambus Inc.'s last-ditch effort to maintain a presence in the high-performance computing arena seems to have fizzled now that Taiwan's largest motherboard maker, Asustek Computer Inc., has quietly withdrawn support for Rambus technology.
2003-05-23 AsusTeK adopts Cadence tool for PCB development
Taiwan-based AsusTeK Computer Inc. has selected Cadence Design Systems' SPECCTRAQuest design solution for its PCB motherboard designs.
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