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2015-10-15 Mouser ships hi-res motion feedback encoder kits from Avago
The AEDC-55xx modules enable a high resolution up to 2,500 or 5,000 counts per revolution (CPR), depending on the model, and the AEDM-5810 module offers resolutions up to 5,000 CPR.
2008-07-04 Series promises complete digital motion control solution
ACS Motion Control has developed a family of motion control modules that provide a complete, high-performance, all digital motion control solution
2008-06-26 Rotary encoder weathers extreme environments
Nonmetallic fiber optic rotary encoder operates in extreme electromagnetic fields, including various medical facilities and industrial process plants
2008-08-07 Motion controllers facilitate sub-nanometer resolution
Providing sub-nanometer position resolution without compromising speed or throughput, ACS Motion Control's advanced SPiiPlus and MC4U multi-axis motion controllers feature a Sin-Cos encoder multiplier that enables accurate, high-resolution positioning while reducing jitter and settling times
2006-12-18 Motion control IC features advanced stall-detection
The Magellan 55110 from Performance Motion Devices is a single-axis motion control processor IC with advanced stall detection features
2003-07-08 MicroE optical encoder features better resolution
Suitable for closed-loop motion control in automated manufacturing equipment, the ChipEncoder device from MicroE Systems is compatible with pick-and-place and solder reflow systems
2011-07-22 Magnetic encoder provides up to 16bit resolution
Avago's AEAT-6600-T16, Hall-effect magnetic encoder offers up to 16bit resolution for precise angle measurement over a full rotation of 360
2010-01-22 Magnetic encoder delivers 256 CPR resolution
Avago's Technologies' AEAT-601B incremental magnetic encoder is easy to install and provides a resolution of 256 cycles per revolutions (CPR
2007-04-17 Hybrid linear actuator suits motion control apps
Haydon Motion Europe offers its size 8 hybrid linear actuators with encoder feedback for high- and low-volume motion control applications.
2008-07-14 DAQ cards add motion control interface
Adlink Technology Inc. has released two new members of multifunction DAQ cards familythe PCI-9222 and PCI-9223, 16/32-ch 16bit high performance DAQ cards with eight different input ranges.
2004-06-21 Designing robust and fault-tolerant motion-control feedback systems
This app note discusses the design of a robust and fault-tolerant motion-control system whose feedback paths incorporate quadrature encoders
2003-05-12 Trinamic stepper modules simplify motor control design
Trinamic Microchips GmbH's TMCM series of stepper modules for stepper motor control eliminates chip-level design, thus reducing the design time and cost, while simplifying the design of application-specific motor controllers.
2001-07-01 Quadrature-encoded position and beyond
This information is useful for commutation with brushless motors as well as other applications for determining accelerations, velocities, and when the controlled device should stop.
2002-08-13 NPM card controls stepper motors, servomotors
Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd has introduced the PPC17443 4-axis motion control card that incorporates a PCL6045 control chip that controls stepper motors or servomotors
2009-01-09 Interface module handles high-performance controllers
ACS Motion Control has developed a new peripheral module for their SPiiPlus and MC4U family of high performance motion controllers
2013-11-14 Integration trends for BLDC motor
Here's a look at different Hall sensor arrangements and the technology trends in integration.
2008-01-16 Managing latency in video encoding, decoding
In applications where there is a closed feedback loop, latency is the most crucial aspect of the system, as it determines whether the system will be stable or not. Keeping the latency of a video codec as minimal as possible is the proper approach for such systems. In many such applications, latency measured in sub-10ms is crucial
2004-01-26 Microchip MCUs extend motor life in industrial apps
Microchip Technology has announced a family of 8-bit Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) with advanced motor control peripherals.
2006-12-08 AC motor drives support Ethernet Powerlink, TCP/IP
Baldor has launched a range of three-phase AC motor drives, the MotiFlex e100, which introduces the flexibility of Ethernet Powerlink and TCP/IP connectivity into the high-power machine building sector.
2012-11-29 TI releases C2000 32bit Piccolo F2805x MCUs
The devices target three-phase inverter motor control applications that claim to enhance power efficiency and control performance of electric pumps, fans, traction drives and textile machines.
2006-05-23 Single-axis stepper motor offers data acquisition
RMV Electronics has introduced the Sport 232-ST, an intelligent single-axis stepper motor with data acquisition and control features.
2006-05-24 Servo amp delivers two independently-controlled outputs
Copley Controls' Model 800-1514 servo amplifier provides independent (torque) control of two brushless motors.
2006-03-16 Overcoming obstacles to use of linear motors
Find out how the ServoTube can help you overcome linear motors' application impediments.
2010-11-25 Customizable motor-mounted module brings next-gen industrial automation
ST launched a customizable motor-control module that supports industrial Ethernet connectivity.
2008-11-25 Cavium Networks buys W&W Communications
Cavium Networks has signed a definitive agreement to acquire fabless semiconductor company W&W Communications Inc.
2007-04-16 Boost automotive electric motor control with DSCs
The digital signal controller (DSC) is an ideal embedded control processor option for emerging BLDC-based applications. It is important that systems developers invest in a DSC architecture that is well suited to address the challenges of their particular applications.
2014-11-20 AC servo sol'n boosts productivity in industrial apps
The RZ/T1 from Renesas is built around the ARM Cortex-R4F core operating at up to 600MHz and are configured with two regions of tightly coupled memory, which is linked directly to the CPU core.
2015-06-18 14 award-winning sensor technologies
The 2015 Sensors Expo has announced the winners of the annual "Best of Sensors Expo awards." A total of 14 awards were given in two categories: Application and Innovation.
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