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2007-05-04 Rotary and linear motion detection using the MSP430 scan interface and optical sensor
The MSP430FW42x scan interface module provides an innovative way of detecting rotation and movement without the need for CPU intervention. While the interface was designed with LC and GMR sensors in mind, it is also possible to use the scan interface with optical sensors. Complete measurement sequence and the processing of the measurement results are performed by the peripheral module with no CPU intervention.
2010-01-14 Optical finger nav enables high-speed motion detection
The OFN uses low-power architecture and power management modes, making it suitable for battery- and power-sensitive apps.
2010-07-01 MCUs offer enhanced motion detection capabilities
The Zilog ZMOTION microcontrollers are designed for the rapid development and deployment of products requiring control based on passive infrared motion detection.
2009-05-22 Gaming sensor boasts high-speed motion detection
Avago Technologies is offering a high-performance laser navigation sensor designed for use in high-end, professional gaming applications.
2007-04-26 Evaluation kits address motion detection, port expansion
Cypress Semiconductor has introduced two new evaluation kits for its PSoC mixed-signal arrays, which address PIR motion detection and I?C port expansion.
2007-04-27 Photomicrosensors detect motion, position
Developed for motion and position detection, Omron's EE-SX1 series of transmissive photomicrosensors detect the presence of an object without direct contact.
2010-03-05 Motion and freefall detection using the MMA8450Q
The MMA8450Q has two embedded functions for both motion and/or freefall along with a very flexible interrupt routing scheme. Motion is often used to simply alert the main processor that the device is currently in use.
2010-02-24 Hall sensors detect position, motion direction, fluid level
From Micronas come three new value-optimized variants of the HAL 182x family boasting EMC performance and overvoltage protection that make them suited for automotive applications.
2010-11-18 Detection, control solution features passive IR sensor
Zilog Inc. introduces the Zmotion module which integrates an MCU with embedded software for products requiring control based on passive IR motion detection.
2008-04-18 Accelerometers fit for ultrasmall applications
STMicroelectronics has added two new accelerometers to its ultracompact portfolio of devices in 4mm x 4mm x 1.5mm LGA packages, with full-scale range selectable between 2g, or 6g for those super-small applications where high performance is required.
2010-06-24 VGA sensor delivers smoother motion video
OmniVision has released a high-performance VGA sensor that can capture video at 60fps, enabling smoother motion video, as well as improved accuracy for motion detection applications.
2003-11-18 TI MCU features watchdog timer, brownout protection
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced what it claims is the industry's first single-chip MCU for electronic flow measurement and motion detection.
2009-06-09 MEMS gyros promise stability in wide temp range
STMicroelectronics has launched a new family of single- and multi-axis MEMS gyroscopes deliver superior performance and reliability for angular-motion detection.
2007-06-19 MEMS accelerometer taps advanced sensing
Smart features embedded in ST's new LIS202DL accelerometer include click and double-click recognition, motion-detection/wake-up and high-pass filters.
2010-12-16 Contactless sensing hall-sensor IC detects up to 2mm displacement
austriamicrosystems' AS5013 Hall-sensor IC utilized in the EasyPoint module consists of a mechanical stack with a navigation knob, a magnet and encoder IC. Simple construction and contactless sensing technology give the module high reliability, particularly designed for any kind of 360 degrees navigation input device. The IC includes five integrated Hall sensing elements for detecting up to ±2 mm lateral displacement, a high-resolution ADC, XY coordinate and motion detection engine.
2003-03-03 Aditec rolls DSP DVR module for security systems
Aditec Inc. has released a standalone DSP DVR module that allows users to add watermarking and motion detection features in security systems.
2014-06-17 Vision-based AI boosts surveillance applications
Cost, performance and power consumption advances are now paving the way for the proliferation of embedded vision into diverse surveillance applications.
2010-04-01 Video SoC brings smart analytics to IP cams
TI's DMVA1 SoC provides entry level analytics by integrating TI's first generation vision co-processor, which allows customers to easily deploy smart analytics functions.
2007-07-11 Video server meets mobile surveillance requirements
Mango DSP introduced the Raven X2 PC104+, a video server designed to meet the requirements of outdoor and mobile surveillance needs.
2010-05-24 Video processor integrates smart analytics
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced the DaVinci DMVA2 video processor claimed as the first megapixel IP camera SoC equipped with smart analytics.
2008-01-23 Video decoder with 3D comb filter aims at HDTVs
Analog Devices has expanded its Advantiv advanced TV portfolio with a new 12bit resolution 3D comb video decoder with an integrated 150MSps digitizer for Full-HD 1,080p input formats.
2005-03-30 Video compressor supports four inputs at a time
The MPEG104+ video compressor from Parvus can support up to four simultaneous inputs.
2011-12-26 Utilize interrupt features of a MEMS accelerometer
Find out how to implement reliable and robust interrupt-based applications using MEMS-based accelerometers.
2007-06-13 Ultrathin MEMS-based sensor suits portable devices
Freescale Semiconductor has started sampling a MEMS-based sensor with a three-axis digital-output accelerometer that the company says is the thinnest on the market.
2009-11-16 TI, Fullpower bring motion sensing to portable apps
Texas Instruments and Fullpower Technology fuse their technologies to bring advanced motion sensing capabilities to portable devices.
2004-10-18 TI sharpens decoder chip for high-end displays
The TVP5160 chip translates analog video signals and deploys image improvement features for high-end DVD recorders and TVs.
2010-07-06 Three-axis accelerometer consumes as low as 2?A
STMicroelectronics introduces a three axis accelerometer with low power consumption, miniature footprint and enhanced functionality.
2006-09-07 TED releases 'fastest' JPEG chipset for DVRs, cameras
Tokyo Electron Device has announced the inrevium JPEG chipset, a three-chip solution touted to be the industry's fastest.
2011-05-17 STMicro's iNemo platform enables new undergrad course
Based on STMicro's iNemo design platform for measurement gear, the new undergraduate course will train students in the integration of various cutting-edge sensors into embedded computer systems.
2011-09-19 Software improves motion-based apps accuracy
ST has launched the iNEMO Engine Sensor Fusion Suite, a predictive software aimed at enhancing accuracy, resolution, stability and response time in motion-based applications.
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