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2003-10-16 New DIP-IPM for high-performance motor control
Mitsubishi's new version of IPM series employs the latest 5G IGBT, not only achieved an improvement in the static and dynamic performance, but also extended the power capacity to up to 3.7kW.
2007-02-06 NEC expands MCU line for inverter control apps
NEC Electronics has added six highly integrated devices to its 32bit RISC MCU product portfolio for inverter-control systems
2000-08-01 Moving to 12-bit embedded control
At the Embedded Systems Conference in 1998, Tremont Mao of Analog Devices was demonstrating his own version of the Rube Goldberg machine.
2002-06-03 Motorola ships ac motor controller
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector has announced the development of the MC3PHAC motor control unit suitable for use in pre-programmed, variable speed, three-phase ac motors.
2007-08-20 Motor-driver IC uses Hall-element commutation
Allegro MicroSystems Europe's A1442 is designed to drive low-voltage bipolar brushless DC motors, with commutation of the motor being achieved using a single Hall-element sensor
2005-06-23 Motor drivers from ST eliminate need for over-specification
STMicroelectronics unveiled a family of monolithic motor drivers, including devices suitable for driving DC motors, stepper motors and brushless DC motors
2006-02-03 Motor driver IC takes a turn down brushless avenue
Apex Microtechnology has released a motor driver IC for dc brushless motors that's said to be both powerful and versatile
2006-05-09 Motor controller simplifies computer control of Squiggle motors
The SQ-2300 series benchtop motor controller from New Scale Technologies includes an ActiveX command library and USB connection
2008-12-01 Motor controller delivers all-in-one solution
Diodes Inc. has introduced a single chip solution providing all the functionality required for driving low power single coil brushless DC fans and motors.
2004-02-16 Motor control MCUs target appliances
Microchip Technology introduces the four-member PIC18Fxx31 family of 28-pin and 40/44-pin 8bit MCUs aimed at motor control applications.
2007-03-15 Motor control devt kit eases vector drive design
ST has announced a new motor control kit that enables the rapid development of high-performance vector-control applications.
2008-08-20 Motor control by ?PD78F0714
This application note is intended for users who understand the functions of the ?PD78F0714, and who design application systems that use these functions.
2014-06-09 Motion control collaboration opens up robotics, automation
The collaboration between XMOS and Synapticon involves joint development and marketing initiatives for the uptake of motion control technologies in areas including robotics and smart factories
2006-10-20 Module enables sensor-free motor control
IR's new HiRel hybird motor control module promises accurate, high-performance speed and torque control without commutation or position sensors.
2009-12-08 Mini driver IC cuts space in stepper motor designs
Designed for use with two-phase stepper motors, the mixed-signal motor drivers eliminate external switches and sense resistors
2006-11-07 Microchip unveils new MCUs for intelligent motor control
The PIC18F1330 and PIC18F1230 8bit MCUs from Microchip are aimed at basic, open-loop and low-end closed-loop motor control that is not algorithmically intensive.
2003-01-27 Microchip MCUs target single-phase motor control
Microchip Technology has unveiled the PIC18FXX9 series of PICmicro Flash MCUs, which is targeted for efficient operation of single-phase motor control applications.
2004-01-26 Microchip MCUs extend motor life in industrial apps
Microchip Technology has announced a family of 8-bit Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) with advanced motor control peripherals.
2004-03-04 Microchip launches motor control design center
Microchip Technology Inc. has expanded its technical resources for the burgeoning electronic motor control market in the form of the new online Motor Control Design Center.
2005-09-01 Meet demanding specs of control systems
Technology requirements of control systems for consumer and industrial electronics are diverse, yet share many similarities
2007-03-26 MCUs suit embedded motion control applications
Luminary Micro has announced the immediate availability of five new Stellaris MCUs with features suited for embedded motion control applications
2015-05-29 MCUs from Renesas simplify BLDC motor control designs
The RL78/G1F devices promise to deliver precision operation at faster rotational speeds with high accuracy for energy-efficient home appliances and electric power tools.
2009-07-10 MCUs for inverter control enable energy efficiency
In an effort to develop solutions enabling energy-efficient products, NEC Electronics has made available 15 new 32bit All Flash V850 MCUs for inverter control and motor control applications.
2014-06-20 MCUs equip motor control on the ROM
The embedded field-oriented control (FOC) and motion control technologies on the read-only memory of the controllers facilitate design time reduction from months to minutes
2013-08-27 MCUs boast sensorless motor control tech
TI brings its InstaSPIN-FOC sensorless motor control technology to its most affordable, real-time-control C2000 Piccolo F2802x MCU series, offering a smaller package size and much lower cost.
2006-10-02 Managing quantization errors in digital motor control systems
32bit implementations liberate system designers from examining their algorithms in detail for quantization issues in motor control systems.
2015-03-19 Magnetic position sensor targets motor, motion control apps
The AS5047P from Ams claims to produce outstanding angle measurement accuracy even at very high rotation speeds, as well as offer higher-resolution incremental outputs.
2005-03-04 Low-Z driver ICs boost multiphase, motor designs
Four new high-speed, low-impedance n-channel MOSFET driver ICs from Siliconix are intended to improve high-current, single- and multiphase dc-dc switching power supply designs.
2000-12-08 Low-cost universal motor phase angle drive system
This application note describes the design of a low-cost phase angle motor control drive system based on the MC68HC05JJ6/MC68HC705JJ7 microcontroller and the MAC4DC snuberless triac.
2008-02-05 Kits speed up DSP-based motor control design
Technosoft's new family of DSP motor control kits based on the TMS320F28335 floating-point DSC offer a wide range of tools for the design of DSP-based motor control applications.
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