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2000-12-07 ITC132 high-voltage micro to motor interface
This application note presents an IGBT power stage that is designed to run three-phase AC induction motors with input signals from an ASB124 Motion Control Development Board
2000-12-07 ITC122 high-voltage micro to motor interface
This application note presents a MOSFET power stage that is designed to run brushed or brushless DC motors with input signals from an ASB124 Motion Control Development Board
2003-07-25 IR, Sanyo, team up for power efficiency in motor control
In an effort to take advantage of each other's strengths, International Rectifier Corp. and Sanyo Semiconductor have announced the formation of a joint venture named IR-SA Integrated Technologies.
2002-06-17 IR ships 'intelligent' power modules for motor drives
International Rectifier has introduced the iNTERO family of power modules for motor and servo drives, which integrates the power stage with an embedded driver board
2005-05-25 IR half-bridge FredFET simplifies design of inverter motor drives
International Rectifier unveiled a half-bridge FredFET with gate driver IC that does not require a heatsink for electronic motor drive applications up to 180W
2006-03-23 IP core enables single-chip, closed-loop control systems
Actel introduced CorePWM, a flexible PWM intellectual property IP building block for D/A conversion, designed for the company's nonvolatile FPGAs.
2000-05-31 Intelligent Remote Positioner (Motor Control)
The excellent cost/performance ratio of the PIC16C5X is well suited for a low-cost proportional dc actuator controller. This application note depicts a design of a remote intelligent positioning system using a dc motor (up to 248.67W) run from 12V to 24V
2013-11-14 Integration trends for BLDC motor
Here's a look at different Hall sensor arrangements and the technology trends in integration.
2007-05-01 Integrated SAR ADC eases motor control design
ADI's AD7264 device simplifies industrial motor control designs by integrating two successive-approximation ADCs, a programmable gain amplifier and four comparators on a single chip.
2008-02-26 Infineon launches three-phase motor-control dev't kit
Infineon Technologies has made available a low-cost three-phase motor-control development kit that combines the company's XC886 series of 8bit MCUs and CIPOS.
2008-05-22 Industrial stepper motor driver
This application note from Cypress Semiconductor describes stepper motor control based on PSoC.
2008-01-02 Increase options for stepper motor control
ASSP solutions for stepper motor drive electronics integrate all necessary driver, feedback and correction functions while implementing sensorless control.
2001-05-18 Implementation of a speed field oriented control of 3-Phase PMSM motor using TMS320F240
This application note presents a solution to control a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP.
2007-07-04 ICs control two three-phase motors simultaneously
NEC Electronics' two new three-phase control device families, V850E/IF3 and V850E/IG3, are claimed to open up all kinds of new application possibilities
2003-06-10 IC for dc motor control - MM1038 monolithic IC
This application note discusses the MM1038 IC, which is used to control the revolution rate of motors operating at low voltages
2002-11-13 Hitachi MCU replaces multichip motor control systems
The company has announced the availability of the SH7145F 32-bit RISC microcontroller that exhibits a processing speed of 65 Dhrystone MIPS.
2008-07-01 High-voltage ICs drive trapezoidal motor controls
International Rectifier has developed the IRS260xD family of single-phase high-voltage ICs for motor drive applications including air conditioners, fans, pumps, micro, mini and general-purpose inverter drives
2007-11-19 High-efficiency motor control solutions aim at HVACs
This article describes a simple and low cost motor drive based on an inverter topology and specifically designed for the energy efficient permanent magnet motor
2011-09-13 Gate drivers target 3-phase motor drive apps
TI's new brushless motor pre-driver ICs include 1.5A step-down voltage regulators that operate from 3.5 to 60V
2013-05-14 Gate drivers promise long-term motor control reliability
Silicon Labs' CMOS-based Si826x isolated gate drivers support up to 5kV isolation ratings and up to 10kV surge protection aimed at industrial power systems.
2006-02-10 Full-bridge driver extends motor control
Designed for PWM-based control applications, Allegro's A3950 full-bridge device can deliver peak output currents of 2.8A for the office automation, industrial and medical markets
2012-08-21 Freescale unveils torque control solution
Freescale and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics introduced the SVM-DTC solution boasts cost-efficiency and helps cut time to market for motor/compressor control applications.
2009-01-21 FPGA-based motor control development platform rolls
Arrow Electronics, Altera and National Semiconductor have jointly developed MotionFire motor-control development platform, which is now available in North America. The platform is offered as a flexible and power-saving motor-control environment that supports and bridges multiple industrial networking protocols and reduces obsolescence risk.
2011-06-29 Firmware eases motor drive design
STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32 FOC PMSM SDK v3.0 motor-control firmware library that supports the STM32 Value Line series and the STM32 Performance Line High-Density series.
2008-10-17 FAQs: Motor control design
What is the optimal switching frequency I need to drive a motor
2013-06-13 Fairchild simplifies BLDC motor controller reference design
Reference design RD-401 uses SPM smart power modules and incorporates PFC to enable designers to simplify design, reduce BOM costs and develop rapid prototypes.
2013-12-19 Explore 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor control kit
Read about the design of a 3-phase brushless DC motor control drive using a sensorless algorithm.
2007-03-12 Ethernet AC drives ease machine motion control
Baldor Electric Company has launched the Ethernet Powerlink three-phase AC drives offering all major motion control functions including single-phase drives, a motion and machine controller, and development tools
2001-04-02 Embedded DSPs bring cost-effective high-performance solutions to appliance control
This paper presents the basic features and advantages of embedded DSP motor controllers, and then focuses on the implementation of DSP-based, field-oriented control for induction motor and Extended Kalman Estimator for sensorless brushless DC motor control.
2009-12-30 EC motor driver packs protection mechanisms
From Elmos Semiconductor AG comes the E910.87 EC motor driver that pack flexible configuration options and diverse protection mechanisms that make it suitable for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications
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