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2005-04-13 Motor microstepper translates into simpler designs
Allegro MicroSystems' A3982 is a complete bipolar motor driver IC with input logic translator to simplify motor stepping and direction for basic office automation and industrial applications
2011-09-01 Motor IC features LIN, PWM interface
The EC motor driver targets high-temperature environments and industrial applications such as radiator and blower fans and oil and water pumps
2011-06-01 Motor drivers offer 60% lower RDS(on
TI has added to its DRV8x motor driver family eight new devices supporting up to 5A for higher-current bipolar stepper and brushed DC motors
2006-09-22 Motor driver's built-in translator enables easy operation
Allegro MicroSystems has released a new microstepping motor driver with built-in translator for easy operation
2003-08-19 Motor driver IC with built-in sequencer
Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a family of Sanken unipolar microstepping two-phase constant-current motor driver ICs with built-in sequencer
2006-05-05 Motor driver IC suits automotive apps in harsh environments
Atmel has released the ATA6026, an integrated motor driver IC for high-volume DC motor applications such as windshield wiper systems, door locks or seat position adjusters
2006-01-04 Motor driver IC keeps an eye on the camera
Freescale's MPC17C724 is a dual-channel, motor driver IC that delivers 400mA per channel for controlling the camera lens and shutter
2007-02-07 Motor driver has built-in translator
Allegro MicroSystems expands its family of stepper motor drivers with the launch of its A4983 DMOS microstepping motor driver with a built-in translator for easy operation in automation, industrial and medical markets
2007-01-04 Motor driver controls two DC motors at 2.4A
Allegro MicroSystems has announced a DMOS full-bridge PWM motor driver designed to control two DC motors at currents up to 2.4A.
2013-07-17 Motor drive IC supports 4A currents
The TMC2660 from TRINAMIC integrates both a pre-driver for real-time calculation of motor coil current values, and power MOSFETS for amplification of coil outputs to directly drive an external motor
2008-12-16 Motion control software receives a boost
ACS Motion Control has enhanced its user-friendly motion control software to support its new motion controller products. Designated Application Development Kit (ADK) v6.5 supports all of ACS' motion control products including the new SPiiPlus 3U-HP, SPiiPlus LF, MC4U and the LDM 3U linear drive
2006-12-18 Motion control IC features advanced stall-detection
The Magellan 55110 from Performance Motion Devices is a single-axis motion control processor IC with advanced stall detection features
2005-09-06 Motion control card with SSCNETII, High Speed Link bus
Adlink unveiled its cPCI-8312H motion control card, which features SSCNETII and High Speed Link bus in a 6U CompactPCI form factor
2003-06-23 Mitsumi motor driver IC incorporates actuator functions
The MM3137XV 7-channel motor driver IC from Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd supports DVD write optical combo drives (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/DVD+RW
2007-02-19 Minidrive suits modern motion axis control apps
Ease of implementation and small size makes Technosoft's IPS210 a suitable solution for modern motion axis control applications suited for virtually all high-precision areas from medical to factory automation
2010-07-01 Microstep drivers optimize motor torque, noise
ROHM Semiconductor is rolling out high-performance, high-reliability stepper motor drivers that enable designers to optimize motor torque, noise and vibration for a wide range of applications
2006-11-21 MCU delivers vector control capability
The Z8 Encore! MC (FMC16100 series) from ZiLOG is touted to be the first 8bit MCU to offer vector control capability
2016-03-28 Linear step-down ?Module has adjustable load current control
The LTM8064 regulates and controls load current up to 7A when sourcing and 9.1A when sinking. It is ideal for Peltier devices for cooling and heating, LED and laser driver, and motor and fan controllers
2006-05-29 Linear motor claims industry's smallest size
New Scale Technologies Inc. touts its latest Squiggle motor is the industry's smallest motor in a 1.5-by-1.5-by-6mm footprint
2010-10-01 LED drivers boast brightness, backlight control
Advanced Analogic Technologies delivers new high efficiency, low-power LED drivers with backlight control and dimming
2004-05-13 Johnson Electric takes full control of Nihon Mini Motor
Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd has taken full control of Nihon Mini Motor for $14.2 million.
2004-08-19 IR to conduct motion control seminar in China
International Rectifier (IR) has disclosed the first in a series of motion control educational seminars for engineering students throughout China
2004-06-11 IR launches HVICs for industrial motor drive control
International Rectifier introduced its 1,200V-rated IR2214 and IR22141 high voltage integrated circuits for industrial motor drive control.
2002-08-02 IR 600V IGBTs target motor drive apps
International Rectifier has introduced a series of new 600V non punch-through IGBT Co-Packs designed for appliance an industrial motor drive applications
2005-03-18 IPMs simplify motor drive design
The new set of 600V, 16A and 20A integrated power modules from IR promises to simplify the design of compact, high-performance variable-speed motion control power stages for various apps
2014-09-08 IPI outs single phase 50/60Hz step/control transformers
The devices feature a flexible, scalable design that supports a range of cost-effective applications requiring superior electrical performance, high reliability, long-life and a low lifecycle cost.
2014-07-09 Intuitive dev't kit targets motion control apps
The TMCM-1043-KIT development system is aimed at Trinamic's highly integrated, NEMA 17-compatible TMCM-1043 stepDancer stepper motor module
2014-12-22 Intelligent servo drive optimises motion axis control
The iPOS3604 HX-CAN from Technosoft offers high level single or multiple-axis control functions such as master, slave or standalone operations in an 80 x 55 x 16mm package
2008-03-06 Intelligent minidrive fits in tight motion-control apps
Technosoft has announced the PIM2401, its new intelligent plug-in minidrive designed for motion control applications where space is limited
2008-10-29 Implementing a Stepper Motor Controller on an IGLOO FPGA
The main objective of the design is to commutate a stepper motor. The control inputs are available through hardware (I/Os) or a two-wire serial interface.
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