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2010-11-23 True single-chip motor controller integrates digital, analog and power
High-performing motor drives for equipment may now be realized more quickly, utilizing a complete motor-control system on a chip designed by STMicroelectronics. The 'digital SPIN', or dSPIN, integrates all the necessary digital control, analog measurement, and power electronic circuitry for controlling stepper motors using ST's advanced BCD fabrication process.
2013-10-01 Toshiba introduces unipolar stepping motor drivers
The TB67S14x series touts a monolithic structure and small package by using an 80V analogue process, and also reduces power consumption, compared with a hybrid structure and bipolar transistor.
2003-06-30 Six-Output 600V MGDs Simplify 3-Phase Motor Drives
This application note discusses how to simplify 3-Phase Motor Drives by using Six-Output 600V MOS-Gate Device (MGD).
2004-05-05 Siliconix MOSFET eyes high-side switches, electric motor drives
Automotive 12V boardnet high-side switches and electric motor drives are the target apps of Siliconix's new family of p-channel MOSFETs.
2008-08-29 Power semiconductors in motor drives to hit $1.3B by 2010
IMS Research forecasts that the market for power semiconductors in industrial motors will grow from $1 billion in 2007 to $1.3 billion in 2010, with the growth mainly driven by an increasing fraction of motors electronic drives
2007-04-16 Optocouplers add efficiency to motor inverters
Avago's intelligent gate drivers improve precision and efficiency of motor inverters by featuring Active Miller Clamp, integrated Vce desaturation detection, undervoltage lockout protection, built-in IGBT shutdown and isolated open collector fault feedback
2000-12-07 Noise management in motor drives
This application note discusses several techniques that simplify the design of noise management in motor drives
2000-12-13 New components simplify brush dc motor drives
This application note demonstrates how a set of components, which include the MC33033 Brushless DC Controller IC, the MOC8102 optoisolator, the MDC1000 MOS turn-off device, multiple power MOSFETs and gain-stable opto level shifters, are combined to make practical brush DC motor drive circuits
2000-05-15 New components simplify brush dc motor drives
This application note describes the new components that help simplify brush dc motor drives.
2014-10-09 Motor drivers claim to lower noise, vibration, footprint
The latest devices from Toshiba, ranging from precision stepper motor drivers to sensorless brushless DC motor drivers, target home, business and industrial applications
2006-02-03 Motor driver IC takes a turn down brushless avenue
Apex Microtechnology has released a motor driver IC for dc brushless motors that's said to be both powerful and versatile
2013-07-17 Motor drive IC supports 4A currents
The TMC2660 from TRINAMIC integrates both a pre-driver for real-time calculation of motor coil current values, and power MOSFETS for amplification of coil outputs to directly drive an external motor
2001-10-04 Measuring variable speed drives and noisy loads
This application note explains techniques to minimize the effects of noise from variable speed motor drives and other noisy loads.
2003-07-25 IR, Sanyo, team up for power efficiency in motor control
In an effort to take advantage of each other's strengths, International Rectifier Corp. and Sanyo Semiconductor have announced the formation of a joint venture named IR-SA Integrated Technologies.
2002-06-17 IR ships 'intelligent' power modules for motor drives
International Rectifier has introduced the iNTERO family of power modules for motor and servo drives, which integrates the power stage with an embedded driver board.
2013-06-18 IR rolls 1200V IGBTs for motor drives, UPS apps
The IR's new IGBTs leverage IR's field stop trench ultra-thin wafer technology that delivers lower conduction and switching losses and are packaged with a soft recovery low Qrr diode.
2004-06-11 IR launches HVICs for industrial motor drive control
International Rectifier introduced its 1,200V-rated IR2214 and IR22141 high voltage integrated circuits for industrial motor drive control
2004-02-24 IR half-bridge inverter suits appliance motor drive apps
International Rectifier has introduced its IR3101 integrated half-bridge inverter for appliance motor drive applications
2005-05-25 IR half-bridge FredFET simplifies design of inverter motor drives
International Rectifier unveiled a half-bridge FredFET with gate driver IC that does not require a heatsink for electronic motor drive applications up to 180W
2002-10-22 IR driver ICs simplify variable speed motor designs
The IR2136 family of three-phase inverter-driver ICs combine six MOSFET or high voltage gate drivers to simplify variable speed motor designs
2005-03-18 IPMs simplify motor drive design
The new set of 600V, 16A and 20A integrated power modules from IR promises to simplify the design of compact, high-performance variable-speed motion control power stages for various apps.
2007-05-01 Integrated SAR ADC eases motor control design
ADI's AD7264 device simplifies industrial motor control designs by integrating two successive-approximation ADCs, a programmable gain amplifier and four comparators on a single chip
2006-10-25 Industrial cables suit AC motor drives
Belden has expanded its line of IndustrialTuff VFD cables with products that are designed to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors.
2012-10-18 IGBTs aimed at appliance motor drives
The IRGR4045DPBF and IRGS4045DPBF use IR's thin wafer Field-Stop Trench technology that claim to cut switching and conduction losses to deliver higher power density and efficiency at higher frequencies.
2013-07-22 Gate Driver IC drives MOSFETs, IGBTs operation up to 600V
IXYS's IX2113 High and Low Side Gate Driver IC boasts a 700V absolute maximum rating, providing additional margin for high voltage applications.
2008-05-20 Gate driver boosts robustness, reliability in motor drives
International Rectifier has introduced a rugged 600V three-phase gate driver IC for low-, mid- and high-voltage motor drive applications
2009-12-14 GaN inverter cuts conversion loss in motor drives
Panasonic Corp. has developed a Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based monolithic inverter IC featuring six GaN-based transistors that may be driven independently.
2011-06-29 Firmware eases motor drive design
STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32 FOC PMSM SDK v3.0 motor-control firmware library that supports the STM32 Value Line series and the STM32 Performance Line High-Density series
2005-06-28 Fairchild power modules target low-power appliance motor drives
Fairchild's Motion-Smart Power Modules offer a highly integrated solution for low-power (below 100 W), brushless dc (BLDC) motor apps
2013-07-02 Digital isolators for AC voltage motor drives
Here are the benefits of digital isolators, including reductions in cost and component count.
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