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What is a stepper motor?
A motor that rotates in small, fixed increments and is used to control the movement of the access arm on a disk drive.
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2010-01-28 Tiny piezo motor runs over 7mm/s at low power
New Scale Technologies' SQUIGGLE RV reduced voltage linear drive system delivers performance comparable to much larger motion controls at 40 percent lower power and less than one-fourth the size.
2012-04-24 TI's motor drivers target battery-powered apps
The DRV8834, DRV8835 and DRV8836 motor drivers claim to cut power use by 80 percent and PCB space by 95 percent.
2013-04-25 TI's Motor control solution built upon InstaSPIN-FOC
InstaSPIN-MOTION is designed to optimise complex motion sequences, reduce tuning to a single parameter and tracking desired trajectories with unmatched accuracy across operating ranges.
2006-07-17 TI's DSP controllers target power conversion, motor-control apps
Targeting digital power conversion and motor-control applications, Texas Instruments has added four new members to its TMS320F280xx digital signal controller family.
2013-09-16 TI unveils integrated stepper motor pre-driver
The DRV8711 is highly configurable that boasts best-in-class on-chip micro-stepping indexer, as well as stall detection, and advanced current regulation that claims to easily and efficiently tune any motor.
2012-10-15 TI rolls MCUs, PMICs, motor drivers
The SafeTI design package includes the 32bit Hercules safety MCUs, TPS65381-Q1 PMIC and DRV3201 motor driver to help speed and ease customer motor control design and certification.
2003-01-15 TI current shunt modulator eyes motor control apps
The ADS1202 current shunt modulator features a 16-bit resolution, 80dB dynamic range, and provides current measurements for motor control apps.
2004-02-12 TI analog front-end suits motor control apps
Texas Instruments has introduced a complete analog front-end that is designed for motor control applications.
2000-12-13 Three piece solution for brushless motor controller design
This application note presents a design procedure for the construction of a Brushless Motor Controller by using a three-product solution, which consists of the MPM3003 three-phase power module, the MC33035 linear controller chip and the MC33039 companion IC.
2001-04-19 Three and four phase brushless dc motor controllers using pulse-width modulation
This application note describes LSI Computer Systems' five motor circuits (LS7260, LS7261, LS7262, LS7263 and LS7264) that drive brushless DC motor controllers.
2002-01-17 Telemterics servo motor offers doubled panning/tilting speed
Offering twice the speed and thrice the accuracy of older models, the PT-HP-S2 panning/tilting mechanism is designed specifically for ENG and CCD cameras with digital drive lenses.
2014-12-03 Technosoft intros intelligent stepless motor
The iMOT172S XM-CAN is based on a cost-effective hybrid step motor that features an integrated magnetic encoder and incorporates iPOS motion controllers into a 42 x 42 x 70mm package.
2002-05-08 Synchronous motor controller prevents pole slip and saves costs when operating brushless synchronous motors
This application note discusses the process of preventing pole slip via a synchronous motor controller.
2001-05-10 Switched reluctance motor control?Basic operation and example using the TMS320F240
This application note describes the basic operation of switched reluctance motors (SRMs) and demonstrates how a TMS320F240 DSP-based SRM drive from Texas Instruments can be used to achieve a wide variety of control objectives.
2002-08-12 Suntech miniature dc motor provides 5kg-cm torque
The SR1237G miniature dc motor of Suntech Dev. Co. Ltd can operate down to 1.5V and provides a torque level of 5kg-cm, allowing it to be used in camera lens driving apps.
2004-01-27 Suntech ac motor offers 3,000rpm
Suntech Development has announced the release of its SGD11A three-phase magnetic ac motor that is designed for use as a recharger for recorders with batteries.
2004-04-02 Sun Motor miniature motors run at 13,100rpm
Sun Motor Technology's SFEM20S miniature motor is designed for use in A/V equipment, car CD players, camcorders and motorized toys.
2002-02-01 Sun Motor miniature motors exhibit <30dB noise
The AFR-300L series miniature motors are designed for A/V devices, such as CD and DVD players. They can also be used in office automation equipment.
2003-03-31 Sun Motor dc motor fits home appliances
The SR8812SM dc micro motor of Sun Motor Ind. Co. Ltd measures 48(?)-by-103mm and is designed to replace ac motors in home appliances.
2003-01-08 Suhder synchronous motor provides 300rpm rotor speed
The SD-83-02HTS synchronous motor from Suhder Ind. Co. Ltd produces a rotor speed of 300rpm from a 3W to 4W input power.
2004-05-24 STMicro motor driver targets automotive apps
STMicro introduced an H bridge in a single package for high-power automotive apps such as driving window lifts, seat positioners and for dc motor control.
2004-02-26 STMicro MCU features on-chip motor control peripheral
STMicro has released its ST7MC family of MCUs for the control of three-phase induction and permanent magnet brushless motors.
2013-07-16 Stepping motor driver offers 50V max rating
The TB67S10xA series from Toshiba boasts low on resistance during motor driver output (0.5 or less, total of upper and lower side) to reduce heat.
2012-05-30 Stepper motor module delivers up to 337N
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions' size 17 "captive" stepper motor linear actuator and DCM4826X microstepping drive module can be configured for full step, half step, or microstep.
2007-04-18 Stepper motor drivers feature auto start function
AMI Semiconductor's enhanced single-chip stepper motor driver and control ICs feature an automatic start function that allows a stepper motor to start automatically when powered up.
2012-04-27 Stepper motor driver reduces board space, improves thermal efficiency
Texas Instruments' new driver is designed for industrial, medical and consumer applications.
2006-09-08 Stepper motor delivers up to 40% more torque
Portescap said the stator-enhanced magnets of the h3 stepper motor series deliver up to 40 percent more torque in the same footprint as competing devices.
2007-03-27 Stepper motor card offers fast control, smooth motion
Adlink's PCI-8144 stepper motor control card supports both T-curve and S-curve speed profiles, as well as unsymmetrical acceleration and deceleration to fit a variety of applications that require fast control with smooth motion.
2007-03-06 Starter kit eases motor control development
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has unveiled the MotorKit-91F267-MC starter kit designed to simplify the development of 3-phase motor control solutions using the company's MB91F267N 32bit motor control MCU.
2001-10-03 ST92141 ac motor-control software library version 2.1 update
This application note provides information on release 2.1 of the ST92141 AC motor control firmware.
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