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What is a stepper motor?
A motor that rotates in small, fixed increments and is used to control the movement of the access arm on a disk drive.
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2002-04-10 HiTek switching supplies handle motor-driven equipment
HiTek Power's HT9827 series of universal input switching supplies can power thermal printers, medical devices, ATM machines, wireless radio amplifiers, computer peripherals, telecom, test and other equipment with high-output current-pulse requirements.
2002-11-13 Hitachi MCU replaces multichip motor control systems
The company has announced the availability of the SH7145F 32-bit RISC microcontroller that exhibits a processing speed of 65 Dhrystone MIPS.
2008-07-01 High-voltage ICs drive trapezoidal motor controls
International Rectifier has developed the IRS260xD family of single-phase high-voltage ICs for motor drive applications including air conditioners, fans, pumps, micro, mini and general-purpose inverter drives.
2007-11-19 High-efficiency motor control solutions aim at HVACs
This article describes a simple and low cost motor drive based on an inverter topology and specifically designed for the energy efficient permanent magnet motor.
2000-12-05 High-current dc motor drive uses low on-resistance surface mount MOSFETs
This application note presents a 5A DC motor drive using all surface-mount components required with the exception of the filter capacitor.
2001-10-01 High current motor driver ICs bring automotive multiplex closer
This application note discusses how smart power chips, which can deliver up to 25A, enable quick and large-scale adoption of multiplex wiring systems for automotive applications.
2002-07-24 Hangzhou Star relays act as motor overload protection
Hangzhou Star Shuaier Electric Appliance Co. Ltd's DRB series of relays features a compact and lightweight design with silver or silver alloy contacts.
2005-09-20 Hall-effect latch suits motor-speed and direction-sensing apps
Allegro MicroSystems introduced its new A1242, a new two-wire, chopper-stabilized latch, that is suited for use in motor-speed and direction-sensing apps.
2011-09-13 Gate drivers target 3-phase motor drive apps
TI's new brushless motor pre-driver ICs include 1.5A step-down voltage regulators that operate from 3.5 to 60V.
2013-05-14 Gate drivers promise long-term motor control reliability
Silicon Labs' CMOS-based Si826x isolated gate drivers support up to 5kV isolation ratings and up to 10kV surge protection aimed at industrial power systems.
2008-05-20 Gate driver boosts robustness, reliability in motor drives
International Rectifier has introduced a rugged 600V three-phase gate driver IC for low-, mid- and high-voltage motor drive applications.
2009-12-14 GaN inverter cuts conversion loss in motor drives
Panasonic Corp. has developed a Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based monolithic inverter IC featuring six GaN-based transistors that may be driven independently.
2002-12-17 Fumin miniature vibration motor fits pagers, cellphones
Shanghai Fumin Micromachine Fty's coreless, miniature vibration motor measures 4(?)-by-14mm and operates from a supply of 1V to 2V.
2006-02-10 Full-bridge driver extends motor control
Designed for PWM-based control applications, Allegro's A3950 full-bridge device can deliver peak output currents of 2.8A for the office automation, industrial and medical markets.
2009-01-21 FPGA-based motor control development platform rolls
Arrow Electronics, Altera and National Semiconductor have jointly developed MotionFire motor-control development platform, which is now available in North America. The platform is offered as a flexible and power-saving motor-control environment that supports and bridges multiple industrial networking protocols and reduces obsolescence risk.
2008-05-20 Forces on motor housings catch torque sensor's attention
SDI has developed a unique style torque sensor that is designed to measure the reaction forces exerted on motor housings.
2011-06-29 Firmware eases motor drive design
STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32 FOC PMSM SDK v3.0 motor-control firmware library that supports the STM32 Value Line series and the STM32 Performance Line High-Density series.
2008-10-23 Feature-packed BLDC motor ICs trim overall system cost
Atmel Corp. has released ATA6833 and ATA6834 highly integrated driver ICs for brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications such as fuel pumps, turbo chargers, or exhaust gas recirculation.
2008-08-18 Fault-protected transceiver suits motor-driver control systems
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX13448E 80V fault-protected, full-duplex RS-485 transceiver.
2008-10-17 FAQs: Motor control design
What is the optimal switching frequency I need to drive a motor?
2013-06-13 Fairchild simplifies BLDC motor controller reference design
Reference design RD-401 uses SPM smart power modules and incorporates PFC to enable designers to simplify design, reduce BOM costs and develop rapid prototypes.
2005-06-28 Fairchild power modules target low-power appliance motor drives
Fairchild's Motion-Smart Power Modules offer a highly integrated solution for low-power (below 100 W), brushless dc (BLDC) motor apps.
2006-01-19 Fairchild module powers CMG motor-drive
Fairchild Semiconductor's FSAM30SH60A smart power module has been selected by CMG Australia for use in its new SpeedMaster integral motor-drive.
2004-10-12 Fairchild DMOS 7-channel motor driver IC selected by TSST
Fairchild Semiconductor disclosed that Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) has chosen its 7-channel motor driver IC, FAN8741, for high-end DVD-RW product.
2013-12-19 Explore 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor control kit
Read about the design of a 3-phase brushless DC motor control drive using a sensorless algorithm.
2002-12-04 Eutronic dc motor fits portable DVD players
The company's DS305002 dc motor features a profile of 6.5mm and is suitable for integration into portable DVD players.
2002-12-17 Eutronic dc motor fits DVD-ROM drives
The DV312007 dc motor of Eutronic Technology Co. Ltd has a profile of 16.5mm and is designed for integration into DVD-ROM drives.
2001-05-01 Enhanced control of an alternating current motor using fuzzy logic and a TMS320 digital signal processor
This application note shows how the use of a DSP with a specialized fuzzy logic software kernel provides the required computing performance while maintaining a low cost.
2009-09-10 Employ integrated solutions for motor driver applications
To enable future innovation, designers will continue to require a blend of turnkey and multichip solutions, allowing them to solve complex problems in new applications when required.
2009-12-30 EC motor driver packs protection mechanisms
From Elmos Semiconductor AG comes the E910.87 EC motor driver that pack flexible configuration options and diverse protection mechanisms that make it suitable for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.
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