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What is a stepper motor?
A motor that rotates in small, fixed increments and is used to control the movement of the access arm on a disk drive.
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2002-11-04 EADMotors brushless dc motor reduce vibration
EADMotors' new brushless dc servomotor-based actuator utilizes precision screw and low profile encoder to achieve high linear speed.
2014-08-13 Dual unipolar motor driver IC aimed at stepping motors
The TB67S158 from Toshiba incorporates 8ch-MOSFET outputs to control dual unipolar motors simultaneously and integrates a monolithic structure by adopting the latest analogue high-voltage process.
2006-11-22 Dual full-bridge gate driver eases motor control
Allegro MicroSystems' A3985 is a digitally programmable dual full-bridge gate driver for industrial bipolar two-phase stepper motors, two-phase brushless DC motors or two individual torque motors.
2001-04-15 DSPs in motor control
Digital signal processors are bringing a range of benefits to the control of electric motors?and the appliances and tools that use them.
2001-05-08 DSP solutions for motor control using the TMS320F240 DSP-controller
This application note deals with an overview of DSP solutions in digital motor control applications using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2006-02-10 DSCs target motor control apps
Microchip Technology Inc. has beefed-up its family of 16-bit dsPIC digital signal controllers with two devices that offer performance speeds of 30MIPS.
2009-05-05 DSCs cut power consumption in motor controls
Freescale Semiconductor has released the MC56F8006 family of digital signal controllers (DSCs), which combine the functionality of a microcontroller and the processing power of DSP with a flexible set of peripherals to create a versatile embedded control solution.
2007-06-27 DSCs advance motor control, sensor processing
Microchip Technology Inc. announced the free source code for sensorless FOC of permanent magnet synchronous motors and the low-priced dsPIC33FJ12MC and dsPIC33FJ12GP DSC families.
2005-05-23 Driver ICs suit DSC motor apps
Aimtron Technology Corp. offers its latest series of DSC motor driver IC.
2002-04-01 DMEGC mobile phone vibration motor rotates at 11rpm
DMEGC's FV12A coreless cylindrical vibration motor has a rated speed of 11rpm and is designed for use in mobile phones that feature a vibration ringer mode.
2001-04-27 Digital signal processing solutions for the switched reluctance motor
This application note deals with solutions to control a switched reluctance motor using the TMS320C24x DSP family. It presents both two-speed control algorithms and mechanical position sensorless algorithms.
2001-04-27 Digital signal processing solution for permanent magnet synchronous motor
This application note presents a solution to control a permanent magnet synchronous motor using Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x family of DSP controllers.
2001-04-27 Digital signal processing solution for ac induction motor
This application note presents a solution to control an AC induction motor using Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x family of DSP controllers.
2013-07-02 Digital isolators for AC voltage motor drives
Here are the benefits of digital isolators, including reductions in cost and component count.
2005-07-18 Digicams make use of integrated motor drivers
Learn motion-control requirements in modern DSCs and motor-driver solutions based on an integrated driver IC
2014-04-11 Developing more efficient motor control designs
Read about software examples of motor control designs that employ C8051F3xx MCUs to illustrate their use in controlling various types of motors.
2009-06-30 Dev't kits enable PFC motor control apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has packaged everything a designer needs to develop PFC enabled apps into two motor control development kits.
2011-11-21 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 2)
The second part of this series tackles torque effects and detection circuitry.
2011-11-07 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 1)
Learn about this method that takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection of current and duty-cycle sensing.
2001-08-23 Designing LC filters for ac-motor drives
This application note presents practical considerations when designing LC filters for AC motor drive applications.
2001-08-23 Designing LC filters for ac-motor drives
This application note presents practical considerations when designing LC filters for AC motor drive applications.
2014-08-19 Design vacuum cleaner using BLDC motor
Major manufacturers are considering alternative motor types to overcome the disadvantages of using DC motors. This article considers BLDC motor for vacuum cleaner application with good performance benefits.
2000-12-05 Design considerations for a low-voltage n-channel H-bridge motor drive
This application note focuses on the discussion of minimizing the gate drive complexity in a brushed DC motor drive with an all N-channel H-bridge configuration. In addition, design considerations, diode snap and shoot-through current are discussed and circuit solutions are given.
2002-09-04 Densitron presents accurate stepper motor
The DSM423LN stepper motor from Densitron Corp. features a leadscrew nut formed in the shaft that has an M4 hole threaded through the center, allowing the device to achieve accurate movement.
2016-02-11 Dealing with noisy motor: Traditional compensation
In this article, we present a typical method for compensating the vibration and audible noise, including the tuning required by this method.
2016-02-23 Dealing with noisy motor: Dynamic compensation
In Part 2, we introduce a dynamic method, showing its performance in a simulation environment as well as running an actual motor performed on a bench using tools that can be purchased by any user.
2013-12-09 DC universal motor drive: Paving a path for upgrade
DC drive architecture allows speed to become proportional to the duty cycle of the PWM drive, allowing for multiple correction opportunities within each half-cycle.
2012-04-19 DC motor drivers target battery-powered apps
TI's DRV8834, DRV8835 and DRV8836 motor drivers feature low RDS(ON) of 305m? and 10nA sleep current that claim to cut power use by 80 percent.
2009-03-02 DC motor driver boasts 500mA output currents
Allegro Microsystems Inc. has introduced a low voltage bi-directional DC motor driver with a typical input voltage range of 3.0V to 5.5V and output currents up to 500mA.
2007-01-31 DC motor controller features reduced noise
Atmel has announced the availability of the new ATA6831 driver IC with enhanced PWM performance for smooth DC motor control with reduced noise.
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