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2003-07-09 SMIC buys stake in Motorola fab
China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) has swapped $260M in shares to buy a stake in Motorola Inc.'s MOS-17 fab in Tianjin, China.
2000-05-15 Motorola's Solutions for very low power in standby mode in SMPS
This application note summarizes the Motorola MC33363B device while achieving a very low power in standby mode
2002-09-27 Motorola to transfer 0.135m process to Tower
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector will transfer its copper 0.135m CMOS process technology to Israel's Tower Semiconductor Ltd. as part of a technology transfer deal.
2002-01-11 Motorola to cut management ranks, close Hong Kong facility
Motorola Inc. plans to eliminate 20 percent of its 600 corporate officers and consolidate its five semiconductor test and assembly operations into two final manufacturing sites.
2004-03-15 Motorola to cut design jobs in Singapore
Motorola Inc.'s semiconductor operation is cutting back chip design operations in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong in preparations for the spin-out of the chip unit from the parent company.
2002-04-10 Motorola teams with Telcordia
Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector has formed a strategic alliance with Telcordia Technologies, aiming to offer high-quality, cost effective, next-generation communications and connectivity solutions for 5685x DSP-based packet voice, data and telephony applications.
2003-03-17 Motorola switch IC enables low pin count MCUs
Motorola's MC33993 multiple switch detection interface IC enables designers to eliminate discrete and standard linear ICs in their designs
2000-05-15 Motorola reliability report for the LCX product family
This Application Note describes the LCX logic family. The LCX family is Motorola's first low voltage CMOS family with 5V tolerant inputs and outputs
2000-05-13 Motorola receiving bar code specification
This application note describes the Motorola guideline for the print and apply labels on intermediate and shipping containers and packing lists
2000-05-13 Motorola pressure sensors?recommended housing for very low absolute pressure measurements
This application note describes the problems of measuring absolute pressure under 30kPa and a description of a housing to solve these problems.
2000-05-13 Motorola PowerPC CPU summary
This application note describes the summary table for the Motorola PowerPC CPU
2000-05-11 Motorola MPC8240 performance and integration meet
This application note describes the Motorola MPC8240 as it functions as a controller for desktop applications
2003-09-15 Motorola MCU speeds up LIN bus development
Motorola Inc. Semiconductor Product Sector has expanded its 8-bit HC08 "Q-LIN" family with a LIN-slave device, the 68HC908QL4.
2000-05-13 Motorola DSP assembler manual
This application note describes the Motorola DSP assemblers and how they translate source statements into object programs compatible with other Motorola DSP software and hardware products
2003-09-30 Motorola combines MCUs with analog ICs
The company's Semiconductor Products Sector has developed a series of devices that combine flash MCUs with SMARTMOS analog ICs in a single package
2003-03-19 Motorola CAN MCUs target industrial systems
Motorola Inc. has expanded its line of integrated CAN MCUs with on-chip Flash memory with the addition of the 68HC908GZ8 and 68HC908GZ16 devices
2000-05-12 Motorola BurstRAM: Fast static RAMs for Level 2 cache and the communications market
This application note discusses the BurstRAM. The BurstRAM is a synchronous fats static RAM designed to provide a burstable, high performance, Level 2 (L2) secondary cache for the PowerPC, Pentium, and other high performance microprocessors.
2000-05-10 MMDS11 Motorola modular development system operations manual
This application note describes the M68MMDS11 Motorola Modular Development System (MMDS11) for developing embedded systems based on an M68HC11 microcontroller unit (MCU
2015-02-18 Is Motorola's journey coming to close
How did Motorola, a company that 15 years ago had a market capitalisation of nearly $80 billion and 150,000 employees worldwide become the mere shadow of itself today
2004-12-07 Freescale completes spin-off from Motorola
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has begun its new era as a fully independent company following Motorola Inc.'s distribution of its remaining equity interest in Freescale in Dec. 2, 2004.
2000-12-06 Basic semiconductor thermal measurement
This application note provides the reader with a basic understanding of power semiconductor thermal parameters, how they are measured, and how they are used
2008-06-24 Wi-LAN pursues legal action vs. Motorola, RIM, UTStarCom
Wi-LAN Inc. has initiated litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division against Motorola Inc., Research in Motion Corp., Research In Motion Ltd. and UTStarcom Inc
2001-03-30 VIC64 to Motorola 68040 interface
This application note shows how Cypress Semiconductor's VIC64 VMEbus controller can be interfaced to Motorola's 68040 microprocessor operating at 40MHz.
2002-09-30 Tower licenses Motorola CMOS technology
Tower Semiconductor Ltd and Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector have entered into an agreement for the technology transfer and licensing of 0.135m CMOS process technology.
2005-12-23 StarFabric VMEbus board packs dual Motorola processors
This dual-processor XtraPower PPCM2 board from Radstone Embedded Computing is available in a range of ruggedization levels with pricing starting at $10,000.
2002-06-07 Stacked package trims Motorola's Bluetooth radio
While others tout the benefits of single-chip Bluetooth radio transceivers, Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector has turned to advanced packaging as an alternative to CMOS integration.
2002-05-15 Solomon, Motorola to codevelop GSM/GPRS modules
Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector and Taiwan-based Solomon Technology Corp. have formed a strategic alliance to jointly develop GSM/GPRS modules.
2002-05-28 Sewon selects Motorola i.250 platform
South Korea OEM Sewon Telecom has adopted the Innovative Convergence i.250 platform from Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector to develop 2.5G GSM/GPRS cellular phones.
2003-12-12 Semitool gets additional order from Motorola
Semitool Inc. announced that Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector issued a follow-on purchase order for another Raider SP (surface preparation) system, Semitool's most advanced single wafer equipment system for cleaning applications. The new system will join an earlier Semitool Raider at Motorola's Dan Noble Center in Austin, Texas.
2016-05-20 Semiconductor industry to undergo a paradigm shift
The semiconductor industry has shown no consolidation due to its rapidly innovating nature, but after so many decades, isn't consolidation through mergers long overdue
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