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2013-04-10 Vishay rolls film snubber capacitor for direct IGBT mounting
The MKP386M features a wide capacitance range from 047 to 10?F, high-temperature operation to 105C, and seven voltage ratings from 700 VDC to 2500 VDC and 420 VAC to 800 VAC.
2006-06-01 Tyco barrier strips offer two mounting options
The BUCHANAN 0.375-inch centerline JC6 series dual-barrier strips from Tyco Electronics provide termination for wire and cable applications where panel mounting or PCB installation is necessary.
2006-02-07 Test sockets come in three mounting styles
Emulation Technology has expanded its test socket line with a surface-mount QFN/MLF Quick Lock version. The sockets are also available in through-hole and compression-fit mounting styles.
2006-12-19 Tactile switch allows PCB edge mounting
E-Switch has introduced the TL3320 right-angle, surface-mount tactile switch that allows for PCB edge mounting.
2002-10-09 Switches and attenuators metal package mounting
This application note describes the process of microstrip mounting for flat packs.
2008-12-15 Surface mounting technology assembly guidelines for Fairchild’s microcouplers
Fairchild’s microcoupler products are simple to handle in the assembly area and use the same assembly process as the BGA platform. Here are surface mounting technology assembly guidelines for Fairchild's microcouplers.
2003-06-20 Surface Mounting of Larger Devices
This application note details some of the solutions for surface mounting of larger devices, brought about by the increasing trend to board mounted power devices.
2001-06-15 Surface mounting instructions CR-9, 11, 12, 13, 14 ceramic 16 and 24 PIN packages
This application note discusses proper mounting procedures for CR-9, 11, 12, 13, 14 Ceramic 16 and 24 PIN packages.
2004-12-03 Soldering guidelines for module PCB mounting
This app note provides general guidelines for PCB second level interconnect design when assembling with Anadigics' module products.
2006-06-14 Snap-in mounting tech enables quick assembly
Schurter has announced a new mounting technology that enables quick and efficient assembly in buildings, controllers or equipment with limited or no access from the rear.
2005-08-31 Slide switch offers two mounting options
NKK Switches has introduced its new SM series of RoHS-compliant slide switches that give designers a choice of side-by-side or end-to-end mounting in space-constrained applications.
2003-09-18 Skymos chip inductors suit high density mounting
Skymos Microelectronics Ltd has released its PI series of high frequency and high current chip inductors.
2002-01-07 Sharp mounting technology enables multichip systems on film
The company has introduced an innovative technology for mass-producing high-density multichip systems-on-film (SOFs).
2005-10-03 Seiko Instruments' quartz crystals designed for easy mounting
Seiko Instruments offers four new quartz crystals that may be used with real-time clocks and timers or as a clock source for micro-computers
2013-05-27 Schurter's IEC C20 ready for screw-on mounting
The new GSP4 IEC C20 appliance inlet is equipped with PCB terminals for L, N, and E, and a 6.3x0.8mm quick connect or solder tab for additional grounding to the chassis.
2003-07-15 ROHM LED displays allow automatic mounting
ROHM Co. Ltd has developed what it claims to be industry's first LED numeric display that allows reflow soldering and automatic mounting.
2009-01-14 RF filters require less mounting space
Two block-type dielectric RF filters for telecoms base station applications have been added to Murata Electronics Ltd's GIGAFIL range. The filters' small size requires 72 percent less mounting space compared with Murata's previous generation of filters for this application.
2007-11-26 Quick-fit terminals come in two mounting styles
Keystone Electronics Corp. has introduced a quick-fit female PCB terminal with direct vertical or horizontal mounting options that accepts 2.8 mm to 6.4mm male terminals.
2003-06-20 PowIRtab Mounting Guidelines
This application note discusses the various fixment methods that are possible with the PowIRtab, and the associated thermal properties resulting from their use.
2000-05-04 PowIRtab mounting guidelines
The application note covers the various fixment methods that are possible with this device and the associated thermal properties resulting from their use.
2000-12-01 PowIRtab mounting guidelines
This application note covers the various fixment methods that are possible with the PowIRtab package, and the associated thermal properties resulting from its use.
2009-06-15 Power quad flat pack no-leads (PQFN) board mounting application note
This application note contains guidance applicable to Power QFN package. There are device outlines, substrate layouts and stencil designs for Power QFN MCM.
2002-03-08 Panel mounting an IP65 housing
This application note shows how to panel-mount an IP65 housing in portable device applications.
2007-08-08 Optical mux offers easy mounting option
Omron has released a new Tap Case package and additional fiber assembly options, extending the mounting options for CWDM muxes in fibre-to-the-node and fibre-to-the-home applications.
2011-10-05 NXP forecasts mounting demand for NFC apps
The convenience of a simple tap and the ease of use have paved the way for consumers to accept NFC applications.
2001-05-25 New packages for pressure mounting
This application note discusses the advantages of discrete power semiconductor packages and their mounting considerations.
2007-09-03 New COG mounting tech rolls for next-gen LCD
Seiko Epson has announced a new type of bump for mounting chips to drive next-generation LCD panels and new COG mounting technology for such panels.
2010-08-16 Mounting recommendations for STAC boltdown packages
This application note provides a set of guidelines to be considered for the proper attachment of STAC packages.
2009-03-25 Mounting layoffs fire up offshoring debate
The offshoring debate heats up with labor groups slamming companies for shipping jobs overseas at a time of spiraling U.S. high-tech unemployment.
2009-06-12 Mounting instructions for Flangeless packages
The correct mounting of any power device to the heat sink is the most important step in obtaining the manufacturer's published specifications.
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