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2004-12-14 Common footprint for the MPC7441, MPC7445, MPC7447, MPC7447A, and future generations
This app note describes how to design a platform with a common footprint for the MPC7441, MPC7445, MPC7447, and MPC7447A; that is, it is intended to help design a single board compatible with all of these devices.
2003-03-17 Motorola's G4 PowerPC line cut power to 10W at 1GHz
Motorola has lowered the power consumption of its two PowerPC RISC processors by 10W, making it utilize the least power of any embedded RISC chips in that performance class.
2003-02-18 Motorola PowerPC processors dissipate <10W at 1GHz
The MPC7457 and MPC7447 PowerPC processors from Motorola Inc. operate at speeds of up to 1.3GHz.
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