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2004-01-22 Zoran multimedia processor runs MPEG-4, DivX
Zoran has announced its seventh generation of Vaddis 7, an advanced DVD multimedia processor SoC solution that integrates a servo front-end, MPEG-4, DivX and DVD-Audio.
2006-06-12 Xilinx, Ateme unroll FPGA-based MPEG-4 encoder
Xilinx and Ateme announced a new FPGA-based H.264/AVC real-time standard definition at Main Profile video encoder.
2004-01-01 Which MPEG-4 are you talking about?
MPEG-4 can imply to different technologies depending on which version, part, profile and level of the ISO standard referred to. Here's a look at MPEG-4 technologies, requirements, architectures and implementation strategies.
2003-03-04 Vweb encoder, codec support MPEG-4 standards
Vweb Corp. has released its VW005 encoder and VW2010 codec ICs, which support full-screen interlaced DVD MPEG-4 video images.
2004-09-14 VIA enhanced Xine Player supports MPEG-4, MPEG-2
VIA released enhancements to the Xine project in the form of VeXP 3.0 that supports hardware-based MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 video acceleration.
2006-05-19 Tut Systems launches MPEG-4 transcoder
Tut Systems announced that it will exhibit its MPEG-4 Advanced Video Codec High Definition compression at Globalcomm 2006.
2002-10-01 Turning on mobiles to MPEG-4 video protocol
Wireless video requires excessive resources; adaptive computing may be the answer designers are looking for.
2002-09-13 Toshiba MPEG-4 codec eyes mobile apps
The TC35280XB video codec LSI encodes and decodes MPEG-4 A/V in mobile system for digital broadcasting and videophones.
2006-08-25 ST MPEG-4 decoders pass Allegro tests
The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 decoders from STMicroelectronics have successfully passed Allegro's compliance test suites, including syntax, stress and system tests.
2002-08-07 Software groups collaborate for next-gen MPEG-4
iVAST has collaborated with Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corp. of Japan to deliver MPEG 4-based interactive multimedia solutions.
2006-12-15 Ref design rolls for MPEG-4 network video servers
Video processing IC company AverLogic Technologies has announced its latest MPEG-4 network video server reference design.
2001-06-16 Powering up 3G handsets for MPEG-4 video
Adaptive computing may hold the key to good performance and low-power consumption for MPEG-4 video.
2004-12-14 Portable media jukebox reference design includes MPEG-4 video
Want to beat iPod to the video punch by manufacturing a low-cost portable jukebox that plays MPEG-4 video on a color screen, along with MP3 audio, from a 1-inch hard disk drive?
2001-05-17 On the implementation of MPEG-4 motion compensation using the TMS320C62x
This application note describes the implementation of MPEG-4 motion compensation on Texas Instruments' TMS320C62x DSP family.
2005-05-13 Multimedia MPEG-4 encoder processes four video inputs
Parvus' new PC/104-Plus video compressor board comes with an on-board microcontroller to handle computationally-intensive video compression. The product's footprint measures 3.55-by-3.775 inches.
2002-05-31 MPEG-4? Thanks but no thanks
One must wonder whether the proposed video royalties will kill the MPEG-4 goose before it lays a single golden egg, says Berkeley Design Technology's Jeff Bier.
2006-06-01 MPEG-4, AVS deliver better video compression, more flexible format
Learn the technologies inside and the functionalities provided by various video coding standards.
2008-08-08 MPEG-4 reference design zooms in on various apps
OmniVision Technologies Inc. and eASIC Corp. jointly introduce the eDVR91, an MPEG-4 camera reference design suitable for a broad range of applications including camcorders, security and surveillance cameras and automotive vision systems.
2002-02-06 MPEG-4 embarks new design wins
Multimedia communications dynamo MPEG-4 is steadily approaching the market fervor its designers had dreamed on its launch a few years ago.
2006-09-14 MPEG-4 AVC encoders easily switch between HD and SD
Modulus Video announced it is shipping its ME2000 family of MPEG-4 AVC video encoders, said to be the first compact encoding platform that can easily switch between high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video.
2007-10-16 MPEG-4 AVC encoder cuts cost of HD broadcast
Fujitsu has introduced IP-9500 MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder designed for broadcasting companies that desire to transmit remote HD content through existing satellite configurations, while minimizing costs.
2005-04-19 Motorola, Modulus Video to offer HD,SD MPEG-4 encoding solutions
Motorola and Modulus Video Inc. will work together to provide high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) MPEG-4 advanced video codec (AVC) encoder and decoder products to cable, satellite, and telecom providers globally.
2002-03-16 Meeting MPEG-4 advanced audio coding requirements
This technical news article describes how with adaptive computing, system engineers can implement the hardware required to boost MPEG-4 coding requirements over a DSP.
2004-04-23 Media processors offer MPEG-4, JPEG hardware encoding, decoding
Fujitsu's two Mobile Media Processors for mobile phones and other handheld devices boast MPEG-4 and JPEG hardware encoding and decoding functionality.
2004-04-21 Media Excel decoder supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264
Media Excel has developed the SoftStream Player, which is an MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264 real-time software decoder and streaming package.
2002-07-10 Matushita LSI supports HDTV, MPEG-4
Matushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd's MN2WS0010 LSI handles back-end processing of digital HDTV signals and can be configured to support other digital broadcasting standards and MPEG-4 video playback.
2002-05-31 Matsushita develops MPEG-4 codec LSI for mobile phones
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has developed the MN195905 MPEG-4 multi-codec LSI for use in mobile phone systems including WCDMA, PDC, and PHS.
2007-03-07 IP core enables one-chip H.264/MPEG-4 codec
Techno Mathematical has developed the industry's first H.264/MPEG-4 intellectual-property core to offer a one-chip encoder/decoder LSI solution.
2012-09-11 FPGA core tech for H.264/MPEG-4 AVC/SVC
Vanguard Software Solutions' released an AVC-I encoder and decoder core for FPGA devices that can be customized to reach desired performance, core size, memory bandwidth and power use.
2002-11-08 Divio MPEG-4 codec delivers 30fps
Divio Inc. is sampling an integrated MPEG-4 codec it claims can deliver 30fps video quality in systems targeting the emerging solid-state camcorder market.
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