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2001-06-01 Xilinx rolls soft core 32-bit MPU, targets networking
Xilinx's MicroBlaze 32-bit processor setting up the groundwork for a new multi-processor platform for the industry to use in the near future.
2001-06-16 Xilinx offers 32-bit Java MPU
Embedded Java applications and smart Internet appliances such as wireless phones and STBs are the main target of Xilinx's new core, which enhances long byte-code execution times.
2005-07-07 WEDC unveils new RISC MPU
The new WED3C755E8M-XBHX multi-chip package from White Electronic Designs features a 755 RISC processor (E die revision), dedicated 1MB SSRAM L2 cache, configured as 128K x 72 on a 21-by-25mm, 255 HBGA.
2007-10-04 Wavecom gives free MPU design licensing for service contract
Wavecom SA is hoping to drive its intelligent-management software and machine-to-machine embedded subsystems by offering its own microprocessor design free of charge with a service contract.
2010-05-19 Usage of MPU sub-regions on the TI TMSx70 Cortex devices
A memory protection unit (MPU) is a module used to modify the memory types and attributes as defined in a processor's memory ordering model.
2002-12-18 Toshiba 300MHz RISC MPU consumes 0.6W
The company's TMPR4955BFG-300 64-bit RISC MPU consumes 0.6W when operating at a maximum frequency of 300MHz.
2005-09-30 SuperH MPU supports GbE apps
Renesas' newest 32bit SuperH microprocessor called the SH7763 supports Gigabit Ethernet for network devices and digital home appliances.
2007-08-13 Sun tips 'world's fastest' commodity MPU
Sun Microsystems has entered the commercial silicon market with what it claims is the world's fastest commodity microprocessor, the UltraSPARC T2.
2002-05-27 Strix adopts Cirrus MPU for its Bluetooth network system
Cirrus Logic Inc.'s EP7312 microprocessor will power Strix Systems' latest Bluetooth-based wireless networking system.
2010-10-22 ST, Green Hills collaborate on software support for SPEAr MPU families
STMicroelectronics and Green Hills Software Inc. collaborated on software development tools and operating system support for the STMicroelectronics SPEAr300 and SPEAr600 family of microprocessor units (MPUs).
2012-10-25 Renesas shows next-gen MCU, MPU roadmap
The company announced plans to use the company's 40nm metal oxide nitride oxide silicon embedded flash technology with its RX family of high-performance, general-purpose 32bit MCUs.
2013-06-24 Renesas launches MPU solutions with high on-chip RAM
Renesas' 15 new products in the RZ/A1 Group of embedded microprocessor (MPU) solutions feature 10Mb of on-chip RAM and capabilities needed to implement an HMI.
2011-02-23 PRU daughter cards expand TI's ARM MPU
Texas Instruments' programmable real-time unit UART and CAN-lite daughter cards let customers add peripherals to increase the functionality of their AM1x Sitara ARM microprocessor-based systems.
2005-11-08 Programmable logic outpacing MPU industry, Altera exec claims
Programmable logic developers are a decade ahead of the microprocessor industry, and use of the chip technology continues to rise, an Altera Corp. executive told a conference here
2014-10-28 Persuasion meets passion: Inside a $125 million MPU start-up
A microprocessor start-up that raises $125 million is a rare desert flower in Silicon Valley these days. The founders of Soft Machines shared some of the story of how they survived seven years through a historic recession and the hurdles that still stand between the company and its first revenue.
2010-10-19 New MCU/MPU modules, peripherals debut
Freescale releases new processor modules, peripheral modules for Tower System development platform
2006-04-07 Networked industrial MPU targets small-footprint SoCs
AMCC's new networked industrial MPU delivers speeds ranging from 100MHz to 400MHz to provide high-performance, low-power solutions for small-footprint SoC designs.
2002-01-28 NEC MPU integrates >18 peripherals
The VR4181A 64-bit microprocessor integrates more than 18 peripherals to provide an SoC solution for portable devices, automotive communications, and industrial and telematics applications.
2010-09-22 MPU, chipset prices reduced by Intel
Canaccord Genuity technology analyst Bobby Burleson said he believes that Intel has lowered its prices for microprocessors and chipsets in an attempt to stimulate demand.
2005-03-22 MPU trace tool does instant replay
Green Hills Software announced TraceEdge, a tool that collects trace data for debugging microprocessors that lack built-in trace support.
2005-04-11 MPU touts increased speed
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. says its new AMCC 440GR PowerPC-based microprocessor (MPU) offers increased processor speed, memory performance and integrated dual Fast Ethernets. Aimed at line card, system control and multi-radio systems, the MPU operates at a clock frequency of up to 667MHz.
2010-01-14 MPU improves video in embedded industrial apps
Atmel's SAM9M10 embedded microprocessor integrates a video decoder and 2D acceleration to provide high-quality video performance in industrial embedded applications.
2005-03-21 MPU boasts enhanced performance
TAEC's new 64bit single-chip MIPS-based RISC microprocessor is targeted at diverse digital consumer apps, including IP STB, home gateways and multimedia appliances.
2011-09-19 MPU boasts 1GHz processing speed
TI's ARM MPUs can process up to 1GHz and performs with less than 2W power dissipation.
2005-08-23 MPU achieves 1GHz clock speed
The new high-end processor core from Toshiba is touted to be the first configurable microprocessor to achieve a 1GHz clock speed.
2002-03-14 Motorola MPU performs up to 125 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS
Designed for audio electronics, imaging, security/biometrics, and industrial control applications, the MCF5249 microprocessor features a performance of up to 125 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS at 140 MHz, while consuming 1.3mW per MHz.
2003-07-03 Motorola MPU backs Metrowerks OpenPDA platform
Metrowerks Corp. has announced the support of Motorola Inc.'s i.MX1 microprocessor (MPU) for the Metrowerks OpenPDA platform.
2012-05-08 LSI expands Axxia MPU offering
The AXE2502 processor combines the efficiency and performance of hardware accelerators with the programmable flexibility of PowerPC processors to accelerate complex tasks, the company said.
2005-12-02 LDO regulator powers low-voltage MPU cores
Micrel launched an ultra high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 5A voltage regulator for powering core voltages of low-voltage microprocessors.
2009-06-11 iSuppli: Intel MPU shares slide in Q1
Chip giant Intel Corp.'s year-long streak of sequential market-share gains in the microprocessor business ended in Q1 09, as rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. staged a comeback, according to iSuppli Corp.
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