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2003-03-10 Multichannel Common Voltage Reference
This application note presents a multichannel reference supply for the T8532 codec
2007-02-23 Multichannel DACs deliver flexibility
ADI has introduced what it touts as the smallest and most flexible, multichannel DACs suitable for designers needing flexibility when specifying converters for high-voltage applications
2007-02-09 ADI claims 'most flexible' multichannel DACs
Analog Devices has introduced what it touts as the industry's smallest and most flexible multichannel DACs
2010-03-22 16/12bit DACs pack internal reference, SPI
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC2654, a quad voltage output 16- and 12bit DAC family with internal reference and SPI interface
2006-11-21 ADC offers programmable voltage inputs
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced a 16bit, 8-channel, 100KSps ADC that offers software programmable input ranges that are fault-protected to 25V.
2009-11-13 ADCs offer resolution, channel count flexibility
All the devices are software configurable to support uni- or bipolar inputs, as well as single-ended or differential operation.
2008-03-03 Power supervisor monitors own UV, OV inputs
Linear Technology has released the LTC2919 a triple supervisor that monitors its own supply voltage and two adjustable inputs
2005-11-04 DACs jammed with functionality
Analog Devices' multichannel DACs are said to pack the highest concentration of analog signal processing performance in a single chip
2012-09-07 Implement digital power control using LLC resonant converters
Read about a digital power control implementation using line level control resonant converters based on a flexible 32bit microcontroller.
2007-01-19 Transceiver targets wireless HID, VoIP markets
AlfaPlus Semiconductor has launched a 2.4GHz transceiver RFIC that operates in the unlicensed ISM band and targets the wireless HID and wireless VoIP markets.
2003-12-16 PLLs, DLLs becoming reusable IP
PLLs and DLLs are becoming increasingly important in the SoC design and are gradually turning into IP that can actually be reused by ordinary mortals.
2008-12-01 Plastic-encapsulated parts gear up for military apps
Maxim Integrated Products introduces its /PR family of ruggedized, plastic-encapsulated devices for high-reliability military and aerospace applications.
2008-01-17 Perform thermal tests on Class D amps
There are two kinds of amplifiers used to generate the output power, class AB and class D amplifiers. The shift to class D was mainly the result of the introduction of flat-screen LCD and plasma TVs, in which space was limited and heat dissipation became an issue. Since the thermal test standards were developed when only class output power AB was used, we want to investigate if they are still appropriate for class D.
2006-11-14 LED drivers address mercury-free requirement
Maxim said its new MAX16807-MAX16810 LED drivers are the first fully integrated, high-brightness devices that address industry needs for mercury-free, high-contrast lighting in displays.
2003-01-16 IC suppliers ramp system-level design
Many IC suppliers are morphing into subsystem-level suppliers for system integrators, so chip companies must therefore master integration at multiple levels - from IC to board to system
2009-02-09 Flexible DACs are pin, software-compatible
Maxim Integrated Products introduces a family of quad (MAX5134/MAX5135) and dual (MAX5136/MAX5137), 16bit and 12bit DACs which are pin and software compatible.
2016-03-17 Achieve picosecond precision with FPGA techniques
When dealing with digital converters implemented on FPGA, you need to take important features into consideration to reach picosecond precision.
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