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2007-02-16 Open-source APIs up multimedia performance
The new interfaces make it possible to use the GStreamer Linux multimedia framework to leverage the software infrastructure of TI's DaVinci platform of processors. This combined infrastructure provides a flexible framework that can accommodate new generations of multimedia codecs
2003-11-27 Oberthur, STMicro develop SIM card for TIM
A 1MB SuperSIM card has been developed for TIM by Oberthur Card Systems and STMicroelectronics
2008-08-18 Numonyx seeks flash memory supremacy
Looking into how Numonyx positions itself in the flash memory market and how it sees the competition with industry leader Samsung, Harrison said the company's strategy is to achieve profitability through the efficiency and cooperation between Intel and ST to lead in flash memory industry
2008-09-01 NAND flash benefits multimedia phones
Today's multimedia phones require the density, cost and write performance advantages that NAND flash offers. Because of these, NAND flash has become mainstream within mobile phones through the growing use of additional high-density embedded storage chips card slots
2004-01-29 Multimedia card striving to become universal memory
The MultiMediaCard Association is equipping its flash memory cards with higher data rates, a wider bus and more security in hopes of overtaking the CompactFlash card for market dominance
2006-06-21 MCP memory has 2GB NAND, SD card controller
Toshiba's new MCP memory with 2Gbyte NAND flash memory and SD card interface targets mobile phones
2006-11-15 IGP chips support PCIe, DDR/DDR2 memory
VIA Technologies has developed the VIA CN800 digital media IGP chipset that supports PCIe and DDR/DDR2 memory
2008-10-09 Graphics cards pack in gaming, HD multimedia performance
AMD has introduced the ATI Radeon HD 4550 and ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics cards, the latest additions to its ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics lineup.
2012-06-18 Graphics card pushes digital signage to next level
AMD's FireProW600 graphics card features the company's Graphics Core Next architecture and 28nm production technology for high-resolution, content-rich, multiscreen display walls that are easily updated with new content
2010-02-08 Graphics card delivers HD multimedia at low price
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has launched the ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card that offers HD multimedia and game experience at a value price
2007-08-06 Faster ARM core drives new Nomadik multimedia ICs
STMicroelectronics' new Nomadik mobile multimedia application processors, which builds on the success of the pioneering STn8810 by increasing the speed of its ARM9 core by almost 50 percent
2004-09-07 Alphamosaic sampling second multimedia processor
Alphamosaic has started sampling its second generation VC02 processor, the first part using the company's recently released VideoCoreII architecture.
2004-06-03 5-in-1 card connector comes with xD support
Yamaichi Electronics offers a new combination 5-in-1 Flash card connector that supports xD Picture Cards, MS, SM, SD and MMC cards
2006-12-20 Card' server streams content to devices
Agere Systems' screenless, credit card-size mobile content server lets consumers access, back up and share digital content among multiple devices in a peer-to-peer mode over the Internet
2003-07-04 Oak Socs to enhance multimedia imaging apps
Oak Technology has announced the availability of its OTI-4100 SoC solution that is designed to enhance the performance of entry-level print appliances.
2003-06-11 Crucial Tech flash cards eye multimedia apps
Crucial Technology's SmartMedia, Secure Digital, and Memory Stick removable flash memory cards are suitable for use in digital cameras and handheld computers
2004-12-17 Samsung MMC measures 12-by-14-by-1.1mm
Samsung developed a small, low-power MMC for mobile phones that is touted to overcome a major hurdle in cellphone design.
2006-09-18 Vendors push for flash, HDD coexistence
HDD and NAND flash vendors have agreed on a peaceful coexistence, claiming that the two technologies are complementary and emphasizing the need to select the one most appropriate for a particular application.
2002-04-23 TaiSol connector supports various media cards
The 4-in-1 memory-card connector from TaiSol Electronics Co. Ltd has a single slot that accepts either a smart media card, memory stick, SD card, or a MultiMediaCard
2005-07-14 SanDisk to supply TransFlash for Kyocera wireless music phone
SanDisk announced that Kyocera Wireless, a manufacturer of CDMA wireless phones and devices, will bundle a SanDisk TransFlash memory card with the new Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 mobile phone
2006-09-07 Samsung ships samples of moviNAND
Samsung Electronics announced that it is now shipping 1- and 2Gbyte samples of moviNAND embedded memory card to leading manufacturers of mobile products
2003-04-25 Samsung develops RS-MMC for 3G mobile phones
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the production of its 128MB reduced-size MultiMedia Card (RS-MMC) device for use in 2.5G and 3G mobile phones
2005-08-01 Removable media, DRM design challenges
Mobile-content business models are challenged by the limited on-board memory in handsets and concerns over rights management
2008-01-14 Processor combines ARM9 CPU, 3D graphics engine
Magnum Semiconductor Corp. announced the ZEVIO ZV1050 multimedia application processor, the latest member of its ZEVIO SoC line for cost-effective and power-sensitive applications in consumer entertainment and information applications
2006-11-28 Peripherals controller IC revs phone-to-PC downloads
Cypress is rolling out a dedicated peripherals controller that is said to boost the transfer rates for complex data and media files from a handset to a PC via a USB link at speeds up to 480Mbps.
2007-09-06 NXP single-chip solution enables ultralow-cost handsets
NXP Semiconductors has released its Nexperia PNX4903 GSM/GPRS-optimized multimedia solution for the ultralow-cost segment of the mobile handset market
2004-04-12 Flash cards seek a slot in mobile expansion bid
As the mobile industry gears up for multimedia applications on cellphones, service providers, and handset makers are scrapping over the best format for handset memory expansion to accommodate the new apps
2005-06-22 FCI interconnects designed for removable ExpressCard modules
FCI introduced a series of connectors and kit components to support the removable ExpressCard Standard, which was developed by PCMCIA as a replacement for the PC Card Standard, defining the popular CardBus and PC Card add-in cards
2011-05-09 Embedded MPU integrates two ARM Cortex-A9 cores
STMicroelectronics has launched a new embedded microprocessor family with advanced multimedia capabilities
2009-08-31 Controller IP supports ultrahigh-speed SD operation
Arasan Chip Systems Inc. claims the world's first Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) Card Controller IP
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