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2005-03-03 IR rolls out control IC for AMD processor-powered servers
IR unveiled the IR3082 multiphase control IC for AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 processor-powered servers and workstations.
2005-02-23 IR control IC simplifies non-processor-specific multiphase apps
IR introduced the IR3082 multiphase control IC for AMD Opteron and Athlon64 processor-powered servers and workstations.
2004-10-26 PWM control IC incorporates MOSFET drivers
Intersil developed a three-phase PWM control IC, with integrated MOSFET drivers, that provides a precision voltage regulation system
2004-02-06 Multiphase synchronous boost converter suits portable apps
Growing features in handheld devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable devices, demand higher load current and circuit density.
2008-03-12 Control IC rolls for Intel VR11.0, VR11.1 processors
International Rectifier has introduced the IR3502 XPhase control IC for Intel VR11.0 and VR11.1 processors
2006-03-08 Control IC increases multiphase converter efficiency
International Rectifier has expanded the IR XPhase family of scalable multiphase converter chipsets with the IR3084 and IR3084U XPhase control ICs
2008-12-15 Control IC delivers power solution for POL converters
International Rectifier has developed the XPhase IR3513 control IC for point-of-load (POL) converter designs
2008-06-27 Multiphase step-up DC/DC controller renders high power
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3862, a two-phase step-up (boost) DC/DC controller that delivers high output power in a compact footprint.
2007-09-14 Multiphase DC/DC controller suits power audio amps
Linear Technology had unveiled the LTC3811 dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller with multiphase operation, differential output voltage sensing and integrated PLL synchronization
2002-06-10 IR ships PWM controller IC for VRM 9.0 designs
International Rectifier has announced the shipment of the IRU3055CQ 5-bit programmable, three-phase PWM controller IC that is designed to meet Intel's VRM 9.0 specification
2009-10-05 Dual-phase IC packs independent power savings
International Rectifier has released the IR3527 XPhase dual-phase IC with independent power savings function for energy-efficient multiphase server applications
2008-09-17 Controller supports multiphase power conversion
Digital power IC manufacturer Primarion has released the PX3684 digital, multiphase power controller targeted for advanced computing and communications markets
2004-12-22 PWM controller IC offers 'highest performance-to-price ratio
Intersil announced a two-phase PWM controller IC that provides a precision voltage regulation system for advanced microprocessors
2005-03-04 Low-Z driver ICs boost multiphase, motor designs
Four new high-speed, low-impedance n-channel MOSFET driver ICs from Siliconix are intended to improve high-current, single- and multiphase dc-dc switching power supply designs
2003-04-30 Intersil PWM control IC handles high temp grades
Intersil Corp. has spun new versions of its Endura ISL6558 multiphase PWM controller, making it available in an industrial temperature grade
2010-05-28 Phase ICs improve light load performance
International Rectifier's IR3521 and IR3529 XPhase chipset enables phase dropping to significantly improve the light load performance of the power supply.
2007-06-28 Chipset shrinks powertrain footprint by 45%
International Rectifier has expanded its XPhase family of scalable multiphase converter chipsets with the introduction of the IR3500 control IC and IR3505 phase IC.
2007-06-11 Chips lower external part count, powertrain footprint
IR claims that its new XPhase chipset reduces external component count by 25 percent, which combined with a higher switching frequency, reduces the powertrain area by 45 percent in a five-phase design compared to previous generation technology.
2008-12-01 Flexible controllers adopt power-efficient strategies
Managing power to today's low-voltage, high-frequency processors poses many new challenges. But innovative digital control technologies make for high-performance business and consumer gear
2010-03-02 DrMOS delivers 35A continuous output current
Vishay's The SiC762CD DrMOS solution operates from an input voltage range of 3V to 27V and delivers up to 35A of continuous output current.
2012-03-09 StarChip sets up base in Shanghai
The company wants to build a strong and flexible manufacturing network in China, a country poised to play a significant role in the semiconductor industry.
2005-02-02 Siliconix unveils four new MOSFET driver ICs
Siliconix announced four new high-speed, half-bridge, n-channel MOSFET driver ICs.
2002-07-23 ON Semi controller to drive next-gen Athlon processors
ON Semiconductor's NCP5331 multiphase controller will be combined with fast switching, power MOSFETs to provide a cost-effective power solution for AMD's upcoming Athlon processor based on X86-64 architectures
2003-10-24 Intersil PWM controller features MOSFET drivers
Intersil Corp. has announced the Endura ISL6563, a two-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller IC that integrates 2A MOSFET drivers in a 4-by-4mm QFN package
2002-03-25 ADI thermal controller lowers PC noise
2002-04-10 Samsung selects ON Semiconductor's controller chip
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has selected ON Semiconductor's CS5322 controller IC to power its latest PCs
2011-05-12 DrMOS solution enables 1MHz operating frequencies
Vishay Intertechnology introduces the SiC779CD, an integrated DrMOS solution offering PWM-optimized high-side and low-side n-channel MOSFETs, a full-featured MOSFET driver IC and a bootstrap diode
2006-01-26 Converter simplifies DC/DC design process
Vishay's two new high-speed converter solutions integrate the control MOSFET, the synchronous MOSFET, and driver circuit in a PowerPAK MLF 10mm-by-10mm package
2008-02-19 XPhase chipset delivers AMD CPU power solution
IR has introduced the IR3514 and IR3507 XPhase chipset for AMD parallel and serial VID (PVID and SVID) processors.
2009-10-23 PWM controllers power DDR3 DIMMs
The IR3522/IR3506 chipset tracks accurately and enables margining between VDDQ and Vtt outputs.
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