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2014-12-19 Examining structural faults that lead to glitches
Learn about the structural faults that can lead to glitches in clocks. We will also tackle some bad design practices that lead to glitches in data.
2005-09-07 Decoder increases format compatibility
National Semiconductor introduced what it touts as the industry's first decoder with an integrated 2:1 MUX video switch that uses analog technology to accurately convert standard and high-definition video signals to a computer video format
2009-06-22 CMOS analog muxes consume low power
Vishay has released two muxes that are optimized for 15V high-precision, low-noise signal switching in data acquisition, industry process control, test and measurement, and medical systems.
2010-05-05 Clock, data muxes handle high-input rates
ON Semiconductor has expanded its multiplexer portfolio with new mux/fanout devices, designed to function at high input rates/clock frequencies.
2015-06-26 Better RTL quality boosts design convergence
Higher quality of RTL delivered to the physical design team will have an impact on their ability to achieve design closure. Read this article to learn why.
2003-04-04 AVR242: 8-bit Microcontroller Multiplexing LED Drive and a 4x4 Keypad
This application note describes a comprehensive system providing a 4x4 keypad as input into a Real Time Clock/Timer with two outputs.
2010-09-03 Atheros grows with Opulan purchase
The acquisition brings to Atheros 1G/10G Ethernet passive optical network and MUX technologies, enabling it to provide WAN-to-LAN broadband architecture for the home and multi-dwelling unit.
2010-07-21 Atheros acquires Opulan Technologies
Atheros Communications Inc. recently sealed a deal to purchase Opulan Technologies Corp, a private China fabless semiconductor company, for about $72 million.
2004-07-01 Analyzing the impact of VT/TU switching on the edge
Take a look at the impact of VT/TU switching in the network, network element and silicon levels.
2002-04-03 Wolfson codecs support Dolby 5.2, EX6.1, 7.1
The WM8770 and WM8771 24-bit codecs from Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd integrate an 8-channel mux with stereo ADC and 8-channel DAC.
2002-09-27 VCOs hit 10Gbps and 40Gbps apps
Designed for 10Gbps and 40Gbps applications, VCOs from Agilent Technologies Inc. perform the MUX, DMUX, and clock/data recovery functions required for board and line card designs, delivering sub-50-femtosecond jitter performance.
2006-06-16 Scale JTAG to meet evolving embedded needs
The biggest hurdle to JTAG adoption and integration is recognizing that a strategy is needed across multiple development disciplines. Once this step has been initiated and initial adoption of ATPG support and a JTAG mux device is completed, it becomes easier to evaluate or implement additional new JTAG capabilities one small step or generation at a time.
2002-10-03 Pericom switches feature 0.7-ohm on-resistance
Pericom Semiconductor's PI5AxxxxT family of analog MUX and switches offer 0.7-ohm on-resistance capability that provides near zero system distortion.
2002-08-14 ON Semi analog switch has 2-by-2.1mm footprint
The NLASB3157 2:1 MUX/DEMUX analog switch from ON Semiconductor is offered in an SC88/SC70 6-pin surface-mount package with a 2-by2.1mm footprint
2003-04-10 Microchip PGA provides digital control of analog domain
Microchip Technology's MCP62Sx programmable gain amplifier enables user to have digital control of the analog domain with the integration of an amplifier, mux, and gain control selected via a SPI bus.
2002-01-04 Micrel chipsets support 28Mbps to 2.7Gbps operation
The AnyRate chipset family, which consists of the SY87721L CDR, SY87724L mux/demux, and the SY87729L AnyClock fractional-N synthesizer, operates at any rate and any protocol from 28Mbps to 2.7Gbps.
2002-11-13 Infineon develops 40Gbps RF CMOS ICs
Infineon Technologies' mux/demux chipset is manufactured using a 0.13?m CMOS process and achieves a transmission rate of up to 40Gbps.
2001-04-24 Disabling the channel-assignment feature of the MAX3831
This application note discusses how to disable the channel assignment feature of the MAX3831 mux/demux for applications where the user wants to perform the channel assignment downstream or for non-SDH/SONET applications.
2009-12-23 DAQ system claims 75% power savings
The system integrates a 12bit successive approximate register ADC; a continuous-time programmable gain amplifier and 8-to-1 mux.
2003-12-16 Xerox prints transistors for use in LCDs
Printed organic electronics, which uses an ink jet printer to implant semiconductive polymers on a flexible substrate, process could lower the cost of LCD panels.
2006-11-03 Wintegra's WinPath processors support iTDM
Wintegra has announced the availability of Internal TDM (iTDM) support on its WinPath family of processors.
2003-06-23 Wintegra broadens Altera deal for NPU codesign
Wintegra Inc., the network-processor startup launched by several Motorola executives, announced an expansion of its relationship with Altera Corp. during the Embedded Processor Forum.
2014-09-11 When sub-systems are more than just bigger IP
At the end of the day, the reason CPU and GPU sub-systems are not just bigger IP is that they have to be wrapped and optimised to the nth degree to be competitive on Power, Performance, Area/Cost, and Reliability.
2007-03-20 What is digital power?
The advantages of digital power control make it a suitable approach for power supply design and board mounted power supplies in particular.
2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels.
2006-08-31 Video filters enhance anti-aliasing, DAC smoothing
Maxim Integrated Products said its four new video filters have solved the issue of fine-tuning filter cut-offs in anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters.
2006-06-27 Video filter IC has intelligent power management
Maxim says its MAX9508/MAX9512 are the world's first analog standard-definition video filter-amps equipped with intelligent power management electronics.
2006-09-20 Video crosspoint switch promises black-level accuracy
Intersil's new 32x16 video crosspoint switch integrates a DC-restore clamp on each video input to eliminate black-level fluctuation, providing correctly balanced composite video with fewer external components.
2002-02-13 Vendors ramp products for 40Gbps networks
Though 40Gb networking components have yet to make their way to market in any appreciable number, optoelectronics experts see few technical barriers impeding a smooth transition from 10Gbps to 40Gbps data rates.
2005-05-20 Ultra-fast A/D board packs 2GHz silicon
Pentek continues to churn out DSP, SDR (software defined radio), and ultra-high-speed data acquisition boards and systems at a prodigious rate
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