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2013-05-30 Institute for Nanolithography planned for Amsterdam
ASML, the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter, UvA, the VU University Amsterdam and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research teamed up to establish the institute.
2006-06-27 NanoInk, SIINT to provide nanoscale repair solutions
NanoInk and SII NanoTechnology Inc. announced that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement to provide nanoscale repair solutions to the photomask industry.
2003-12-15 Nanofabrication achieved on a biological substrate
Dip-pen nanolithography, a process being developed for ultrasmall feature definition on semiconductor ICs, may blaze new trails in medicine as well, if preliminary work reported at the fall meeting of the Materials Research Society can be turned into practical procedures.
2005-07-21 IBM, AMD, Infineon, Micron form litho club
Chip makers IBM Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Infineon Technologies AG, and Micron Technology Inc. are joining forces with ASML Holding NV and KLA-Tencor Corp. in a $600 million seven-year consortium called INVENT, according to a report.
2012-05-17 Ultra-thin films open new possibilities in flexible electronics
The new class of thin films based on hybrid copolymers could give rise to numerous applications in flexible electronics, in areas as diverse as nanolithography, biosensors and photovoltaic cells.
2011-07-21 TCNL fabs ferroelectric nanostructures on plastic
Georgia Tech researchers have developed a way to fabricate nanometer-scale ferroelectric structures directly on substrates.
2012-05-10 Synopsys acquires photonics design tool company
A Synopsys executive said the addition of RSoft's products would expand Synopsys' product line in both the optical and adjacent photonic markets.
2003-06-30 Nanotechnology seen enabling next 'technology pulse'
Divining what is meant by nanotechnology and when products will arrive was the focus of a nanotechnology conference that concentrated less on technology and more on applications.
2002-10-03 Nanosys licenses breakthrough laser technology
Nanosys Inc. has signed an agreement with The Regents of the University of California for the exclusive license of semiconductor nanowire-based nanolasers developed by the university's research team.
2014-12-24 Low-cost lithography yields 3D nanostructures
North Carolina State University researchers said the innovative technique uses nanoscale spheres to create 3D structures with biomedical, electronic and photonic applications.
2015-06-23 KAIST team creates first flexible phase-change RAM
The research team developed a low-power non-volatile PRAM for flexible and wearable memories enabled by self-assembled BCP silica nanostructures and self-structured conductive filament nanoheater.
2003-02-10 JMAR streamlines lithography operations
JMAR Technologies Inc. will restructure and streamline its operations in order to improve profitability and better support the commercialization of its CPL semiconductor manufacturing systems and related technologies.
2002-02-15 JMAR receives letter of intent for point source system
JMAR Technologies Inc.'s JMAR Research Inc. division has received a letter of intent from the Department of the Army to execute a formal contract to be funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency worth $34.5-million.
2002-06-25 JMAR receives funding for plasma lithography systems
JMAR Technologies Inc. has received a contract from the U.S. Army Robert Morris Acquisition Center to finance the completion of its integrated proprietary point-source laser plasma lithography systems.
2002-07-10 JMAR announces breakthrough in lithography technology
JMAR Technologies Inc. is using "Collimated Plasma Lithography" to more accurately describe its breakthrough technology for processing higher performance silicon and GaAs chips.
2006-02-14 Evanescent wave litho to surface at SPIE
Is a technology called evanescent wave lithography the next big thing in IC manufacturing? It's unclear, but RIT claims to have printed 26nm images based on EWL.
2011-09-29 Controlled evaporation yields high-quality graphene
Scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology have detailed their technique for creating graphene layers on silicon carbide wafers.
2014-05-29 A primer on BAW gyroscopes for inertial sensing
Here is a look at bulk acoustic wave gyroscopes and how a company's MEMS manufacturing process can be utilised to produce inertial sensors these days.
2013-03-05 10nm patterned-bit to double HDD data density
HGST Labs combined two innovative nanotechnologiesself-assembling molecules and nanoimprintingto create large areas of dense patterns of magnetic islands that are only about 50 atoms wide.
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