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2011-09-29 Agilent discusses Asia business, modular instruments
In conversation with EE Times-Asia, Lawrence Liu, Agilent's regional manager, talks about their measurement forum, Asian business and modular instrument strategy.
2007-05-03 AeA report: China pursues 'indigenous innovation'
U.S. industry group AeA reports that China is introducing a 15-year research plan targeting "indigenous innovation."
2013-10-01 A*STAR speeds up commercialisation of nanoimprinting foundry
A*STAR IMRE and its partners launched the Nanoimprint Foundry that will develop, test-bed and prototype specially engineered plastics and surfaces for commercialising the technologies.
2009-03-03 22nm chips to be developed by trio
IBM Corp., Applied Materials Inc. and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany have agreed to jointly develop process modeling technology for manufacturing 22nm logic and memory chips.
2015-05-20 20nm transistor uses sweat to monitor health
Researchers at the EPFL laboratory developed a sensor for real-time scanning of liquids such as perspiration to provide accurate real time monitoring of a person's level of hydration, stress or fatigue.
2012-01-17 12-atom magnetic memory beats HDD
IBM Research scientists have created an atomic magnetic memory that cut number of atoms needed to store one bit of data from one million to only 12 atoms.
2016-01-14 'Light recycling' enables power-efficient incandescent bulbs
MIT and Purdue University researchers have come up with a two-stage process to make incandescent bulbs as efficient as compact fluorescent and LED bulbs.
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