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2012-07-04 Study allows transistors to switch to vacuum as medium
A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a device structure which allows a switch from solid-state back to vacuum as the medium for electron transport in transistors.
2003-08-12 Spire to develop technology for orthopedic prostheses
Spire Corp. has received a two-year, $750,000 SBIR Phase II grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases to develop nanotechnology coatings.
2007-03-13 Slowly but surely, China climbs nanotech ladder
Although the United States is still a leader in nanotech, the low cost of doing business in China is boosting its ranking for nanotech R&D investments, according to Lux Research.
2009-11-25 Silicon-air battery touts unlimited shelf life
Created from oxygen and silicon, the batteries are lightweight, have unlimited shelf life and high tolerance for extreme conditions.
2005-04-05 SII system for advance processes
SII NanoTechnology will release its SIR7000FIB photomask defect repair system that repairs defects on photomasks for semiconductor devices which accommodate the 65nm node.
2013-02-13 Self-powered sensors eliminate need for new batteries
An engineer at Columbia University designed self-powered systems using nanoscale devices that can transmit and receive wireless signals using so little power that their batteries never need replacing.
2009-02-16 Self-aligning nanotech targets display, solar markets
Cima Nanotech, which has been working with Japan giant Toray Industries, said that it is preparing to launch production of its self-aligning nanotechnology films.
2008-08-05 Russia's high-tech dream hits roadblocks
Russia has been unable to turn big R&D investments into commercialized technology, according to a report from The Economist.
2007-02-01 Retired industry pioneer muses on IC trends
Epitaxy innovator and SIA founder Wilf Corrigan shares with EE Times his take on the developments in semiconductor business.
2002-06-10 Researchers run molecular machines on light
In a breakthrough suggesting that a new field of nanotechnology based on optical fields might emerge, researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universit?t have demonstrated the feasibility of operating molecular machines with light.
2006-08-04 Researchers propose technique to eliminate need for substrates, chips, boards
Instead of fabricating circuits on chips and soldering them to printed-circuit boards, Canadian researchers propose painting transparent "solution processed" circuits directly onto a device's surface.
2010-04-20 Researchers demo light twisting nanoparticle ribbons
University of Michigan engineers and their collaborators have demonstrated that light can twist ribbons of nanoparticles.
2010-01-19 Report urges nanotech health, safety assessment
Frost & Sullivan reports that research about nanotechnology have thrown up mixed results on the negative impacts of nanotechnology.
2004-09-09 PTC, HK University team up in nanotech R&D project
Product Development Co. (PTC) has partnered with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the advancement of nanotechnology in Hong Kong.
2007-08-15 Plastics electronic technology center rises in UK
PETeC, a plastics electronic technology center in the UK, is expected to become a national prototyping facility, offering clean rooms and laboratories, as well as production and testing equipment which will be available on an open-access basis.
2005-12-16 Panel looks at ways to clean up nanotech's act
Explore how to extract nanotechnology's benefits without creating intractable environmental problems.
2006-06-14 Organic semicon help develop printed electronics
Advance Nanotech announced progress in the development of new organic semiconductors.
2009-10-12 NTU, CRNS, Thales set up nanotech lab in Singapore
The alliance known as the CNRS International-NTU-Thales Research Alliance (CINTRA) will set up a joint laboratory at NTU's Research Techno Plaza.
2006-03-23 NTS, SIINT announce electron, ion-beam system alliance
Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems and SII NanoTechnology jointly announced a global strategic alliance in the electron and ion-beam systems, service and solutions market.
2008-02-28 Nokia taps nanotech for next-gen handsets
Nokia has offered the first glimpses of the research it is doing in collaboration with the University of Cambridge when it unveiled a shape changing mobile device concept based on nanotechnology.
2007-03-09 Nokia partners with Cambridge University on nanotech R&D
Nokia is investing about $75 million in a joint venture with Cambridge University on projects that will focus on nanotechnology initially.
2010-12-20 NIST funds electronics, biotech, nano manufacturing research
The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced a technology innovation program for advanced manufacturing research in electronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
2009-07-21 New York injects $92.5M in R&D chip venture
New York R&D operation Marcy NanoCenter has scored a major R&D chip venture.
2007-10-31 NEC supercomputer is 'world's fastest' at 839TFLOPS
NEC has launched SX-9, said to be the world's fastest vector supercomputer with a peak processing performance of 839TFLOPS.
2003-08-21 Nanowire approach to supercomputing touted at Hot Chips
Developers mapped out four routes to supercomputing - including one based on experimental work in nanotechnology - in the opening sessions of the annual Hot Chips conference.
2006-12-07 Nanotech venture capital to exceed $650M, exits remain thin
Venture capital investments in nanotech start-ups will reach $650 million this year, but exits for venture capitalists in nanotechnology is said to remain elusive, reported Lux Research.
2007-02-08 Nanotech to propel China's economic growth
China's "growing investment in nanoscience" leverages its position to capture a big slice of the global market for nanotech manufactured goodsa segment projected to quickly hit $3 trillion.
2007-05-02 Nanotech to build 'clean' economy
As products made with nanometer-scale materials and devices spread, a report from the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies suggests to utilize nanotechnology to reduce pollution, conserve resources and build a "clean" economy.
2008-07-29 Nanotech research encourages Russia-U.S. partnership
Executives from Rusnanotech have concluded their first visit to four U.S. nanotech centers, with an objective of promoting collaborative research.
2007-01-22 Nanotech industry should develop safety standards
An internationally recognized toxicologist says it's time for the fledgling nanotechnology industry to develop its own safety standards.
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