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2007-01-09 Nanotech group calls for gov't risk research, funding
The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies proposed a minimum of $100 million investment in risk research over the next two years by the U.S. government.
2003-08-15 Nanotech firm to co-develop titanium metals for military
A nanotechnology developer and a producer of low-cost titanium metals will join forces to further reduce the cost of titanium production using new electrolysis technology.
2009-06-26 Nanotech feels downturn sting
The economic recession is draining demand in several nano-enabled product market segments, and is eroding growth along the entire value chain, from nanointermediates to nanomaterials.
2008-01-03 Nanotech enables large-area solar cell
Head of Bar-Ilan University's Nanotechnology Institute in Israel, Arie Zaban, claims he has created a solar cell 100 times bigger than a typical solar cell, using nanotechnology methods.
2005-07-18 Nanotech conference plots future of electronics
Presenters at the First International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation have identified key issues facing nanotechnology.
2005-11-03 Nanotech conference chair calls for standards, funding
The development of international standards and an increase in funding are essential to the continued development of nanotechnology infrastructure, according to Lloyd Tan, chair of the International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005 conference here.
2006-08-07 Nanotech company sponsors research on flexible electronics
A nanotechnology research company has announced a deal to sponsor carbon nanotube transistor research by a professor at the physics department at the University of Florida.
2010-08-05 Nanotech brings down cost of fuel cell mass production
A Cornell University research team has used nanotechnology to make hydrogen fuel cells, which have been ready for commercialization save for the high cost of mass production, commercially viable
2002-12-11 Nanosys, Matsushita to develop nano-based solar cells
Nanosys Inc. and Matsushita Electric Works Ltd have entered into a collaborative agreement for the development of nanotechnology-based solar cells for the Asian building materials market.
2004-01-19 Nanosys, Intel partner in next-gen memory systems
Nanosys Inc. has entered into a collaborative agreement with Intel to investigate using nanotechnology for future memory systems.
2005-01-25 Nanosys signs to support Sharp in fuel cell project
Nanosys Inc., the nanotechnology startup forced to call off an IPO in 2004, has agreed to develop nanotechnology-enabled fuel cells with Sharp Corp.
2002-10-25 Nanosys obtains rights to nanotech patents
Nanosys Inc. has signed an exclusive license agreement for a set of nanotechnology patents from Professor Paul Alivisatos of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
2006-07-05 Nanosys expands collaboration with Intel, Micron
Nanosys announced that it has expanded its nanotechnology-enabled memory collaboration with Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc.
2003-07-14 NanoOpto signs deal with Enplas for consumer optics
NanoOpto Corp. has signed its first manufacturing and licensing deal with a consumer electronics company.
2006-06-27 NanoInk, SIINT to provide nanoscale repair solutions
NanoInk and SII NanoTechnology Inc. announced that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement to provide nanoscale repair solutions to the photomask industry.
2010-08-11 Nanofiber-based separator enhances electric vehicle battery performance
The Energain battery separator is the first nanofiber-based polymeric battery separator that enhances the performance and safety of Li-ion batteries, says DuPont. Mass production will begin in Q1 2011.
2006-03-23 Nanoelectronics roadmap aims to speed commercialization
The IEEE launched an Nanoelectronics Standards Roadmap initiative early this week to forge industry standards for nanotechnology.
2002-03-22 Nanoelectronics road-map cut in half
The roadmap for the introduction of commercial nanoelectronics has been halved by one of Europe's main specialist consultancies.
2003-02-13 NanoBusiness Alliance adds research, consulting unit
The NanoBusiness Alliance has created the NanoBusiness Development Group - a research and consulting firm specifically dedicated to the nanotechnology field.
2003-08-01 Nano-optics redefine rules for optical processing
The commercial introduction of wafer-based, nanofabrication techniques now makes it possible to create a new class of optical components called subwavelength optical elements (SOEs).
2007-01-15 Nano imaging sensor discards flash in digicams
Planet82 says its new sensor's use of nanotechnology eliminates the need for energy-intensive flash in digital cameras, mobile phones and vehicles.
2008-07-04 MTS Systems' Nano Instruments moves to Agilent
Agilent Technologies Inc. has acquired the Nano Instruments business unit of MTS Systems Corp.
2006-01-12 Metrology tool handles high volume production of 300mm wafers
The new, non-destructive, nanotechnology weight metrology tool from Metryx is designed to handle high volume production of 300mm semiconductor wafers.
2009-02-24 Markets open doors to carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes are the most popular and recognizable elements of present nanotechnology. Scientists and researchers now are discovering that carbon nanotubes could be more affordable and useful to many industrial areas including flame retardant materials market.
2002-08-13 Los Alamos, Sandia labs to jointly establish CINT
Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories will jointly receive $75.8 million for the design and construction of buildings to house the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies.
2004-04-12 Legislators seek DoD funds for Sematech
A trio of Texas congressmen is asking the Department of Defense (DoD) for $50 million in funding for International Sematech that could advance the chipmaking capability of the U.S. defense industry.
2002-03-22 Korea budgets $1.56 billion for nano R&D
South Korea's Ministry of Science and Technology said it plans to invest about $1.56 billion in 2002 for nanotechnology research and development facilities.
2002-08-02 Kopin creates miniature blue LEDs using semiconductor process
Kopin Corp. has revealed a semiconductor process that harnesses nanotechnology to produce blue LEDs smaller than a grain of sand but are ultra efficient solid state light sources.
2004-09-03 KLA-Tencor, SIINT to bring surface metrology solution
KLA-Tencor Corp. and SII NanoTechnology (SIINT), a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, have formed a partnership to distribute SIINT's Nanopics 2100 high-speed, high-resolution atomic force profilometer to markets outside of Japan.
2004-02-10 Keithley, Albany NanoTech partner in optoelectronics
Keithley Instruments has collaborated with the Albany NanoTech to further their understanding of nanotechnology and optoelectronics technologies.
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