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2006-06-16 Just how low can FPGAs go?
Perhaps the biggest barrier to FPGA use in applications is their high power consumption. But low-power FPGAs are technically feasible and may become economically viable as feature nodes shrink.
2010-07-16 JA Solar, Innovalight reach for 20% conversion
JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd has signed strategic agreements with Innovalight Inc., raising the bar for solar cell conversion efficiency.
2009-10-09 Is Russia ready to build a nanotech industry?
Russia President Dmitry Medvedev wants to move full speed ahead in developing a nanotechnology industry to weed the country from its dependency on profits from its vast oil and gas natural resources.
2008-06-11 Intel, Rosnanotech collaborate on sub-45nm research
Intel Corp.'s Craig Barrett has signed an agreement with Rosnanotech, Russia's state nanotechnology organization, for co-development in several areas including sub-45nm ICs
2006-11-01 Instruments shorten nanoscale test times
Measurements and test system features that facilitate speed and accuracy in instrumentation for nanotechnology research must be understood by users to arrive at more reliable measurements.
2008-01-03 India drafts nanotech policy to keep up with rivals
India has formed the Vision Group consisting of about a dozen researchers from academia, industry and research spheres to develop a national nanotechnology policy.
2013-10-29 Imec, Johns Hopkins to push nanotech for medical apps
Johns Hopkins University will team up with Imec to advance silicon applications in healthcare, beginning with development of a device to enable a broad range of clinical tests.
2002-09-01 ICCAD adds panels, workshops for designers
This year's International Conference on Computer-Aided Design show will feature design-related papers and panels, as well as workshops on open source and open standards.
2006-11-02 IBM, Lehman Brothers to invest $180M in China
IBM and Lehman Brothers will invest $180 million in the China Investment Fund to drive financial and business transformation for enterprises in the region.
2003-06-27 IBM announces breakthrough in semiconducting nanoparticles
In a joint effort between scientists from Columbia University and the University of New Orleans, IBM has announced a new three-dimensional designer material assembled from two different types of particles only billionths of a meter across.
2007-01-18 HP touts FPGA breakthrough
Hewlett-Packard claimed a breakthrough that could lead to the creation of FPGAs up to eight times denser than those currently being produced today.
2007-12-18 Hitachi considers Israel for nanotech, software R&D center
Hitachi High-Technologies is considering Israel as a location for a nanotechnology or software R&D center, according to Israeli newspaper Globes.
2005-03-16 Guru plumbs nanotech in all dimensions
For the most part, nano research activities are not that futuristic, says Yoshio Nishi of Stanford University.
2010-07-29 Graphene outperforms silicon nitride in automated DNA sequencing
University of Pennsylvania researchers working on a system for automated DNA sequencing have demonstrated how carbon-based platforms can outperform silicon nitride systems.
2006-09-25 Govt, industry leaders renew calls to study nanotech risks
Government and environmental leaders renewed calls for greater federal scrutiny of the health effects of nanotechnology.
2004-12-10 Global Nanosensor market to reach $17.2B, says NanoMarkets
Sensors designed and built using nanotechnology will generate global revenues of $2.7 billion in 2008 and reach $17.2 billion in 2012, according to NanoMarkets LC in its latest report, "A Market Opportunity Analysis."
2005-10-10 FSA keynoter eyes 'ambient intelligence'
Rudy Lauwereins, vice president for design technology at the Belgian IMEC research institute, came to the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) Expo here Thursday with a
2008-07-14 France pledges support for Crolles3 project
Aiming to foster innovation in microelectronics in the Grenoble area, France has agreed to provide subsidies to a new alliance between STMicroelectronics NV, IBM Corp. and the CEA.
2004-06-01 For metrology, nano changes everything
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors said that the transistor gate length of microprocessors at the 45nm node will be <20nm in 2010.
2003-10-14 FEI breaks ground at new headquarters
Nanotechnology company FEI Co. has opened its new HQ and "World Campus", consolidating its local Oregon operations at one site and providing room for expansion.
2014-07-17 Exploring next-gen CMOS: Moving towards application
An Imec fellow is looking at many ideas floating around CMOS that can be tested and tried out, and see if they can be put to use and if a technology can be built from them.
2007-06-19 Experts see potential for nanotech, MEMS in energy harvesting
Though still at the research phase, using nanotechnology and MEMS technology in energy harvesting applications shows huge potential, experts at the Sensors Expo said.
2006-08-01 Emerging challenges of nanotech testing
As nanotechnolgy research continues to advance, scientists and engineers are faced with new challenges, particularly in testing.
2008-07-23 Efforts heat up in bid to draw investors on energy apps
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is making beefing up efforts to attract entrepreneurs at early stages to commercialize renewable energy concepts.
2003-02-10 Education overhaul pushed for nanotech revolution
Nanotechnology is taking on a life of its own, inexorably changing electronics in the same way as the transition from tubes to ICs.
2010-02-18 Editors list ISSCC surprises
The focus on power management, lack of papers on nanotechnology and software and slow recovery of attendance were among the surprises for EE Times editors at the 2010 ISSCC.
2010-06-24 Duo develops nano biosensors for elderly care
ActiveCare Inc. and Vista Therapeutics Inc. have forged a strategic relationship to develop nano biosensors for ActiveCare's products and services to be utilized by the elderly.
2005-06-01 Designing a better world
Can problems at the Third World be met by interesting engineering solutions that lead to sustainable businesses?
2006-08-10 Demand for nanoscale tech to surpass $28B by '08
More than $9.5 billion was spent on nanotechnology research and development last year, which showed a considerable rise as compared to 2004, according to a new market analysis from Research and Markets.
2003-02-03 Creating optical devices by nano-machining
Nanotechnology is the driving force in today's technologies; knowing the processes involved in creating such technology can help engineers design new materials.
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