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2002-03-15 Consortium may take over Bell Labs research facility
Lucent Technologies and Agere Systems Inc. are attempting to spin-off their nanotechnology and electron-beam lithography lab in Murray Hill, N.J. as an advanced prototyping foundry that would be run by a consortium of local public and private investors.
2014-09-29 Conductive film touts clear EMI shielding
Available in 100m thin-film form, the AC2ES utilises conductive nanoparticles that are only 5m or 10m thick. It offers EMI shielding for industrial and consumer electronics.
2003-08-27 Company to fabricate inorganic nanotubes for FPDs
Applied NanoMaterials Inc., a provider of nanotechnology-based products, announced plans to produce new types of inorganic nanotubes for FPDs.
2009-12-11 Coming soon: Nanoelectromechanical systems
According to experts on emerging chip technologies, nanoelectromechanical systems, or NEMS are underappreciated and could be the next big thing in semiconductor technology.
2007-12-06 China, Finland ally on nanotech research
The Finnish National Nanotechnology Initiative and the China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster have signed an agreement that aims to foster nanotech research and put Sino-Finnish nanotech products onto the market by 2010.
2006-08-09 Carl Zeiss NTS, SIINT expand joint workstation portfolio
Carl Zeiss SMT's Nano Technology Systems division and SII NanoTechnology Inc. introduced the latest member of its CrossBeam family of combined scanning electron and focused ion beam workstations.
2006-09-18 Cadence CTO mulls over CAD architecture, EDA
Cadence Design Systems Inc. senior VP and CTO, Ted Vucurevich, sat down recently with EE Times' Richard Goering and discussed developments ranging from new CAD architectures to EDA tools for nanotechnology-based systems like labs-on-a-chip.
2008-09-02 Bell Labs drops IC research biz
Bell Labs has confirmed Aug. 29 that it is exiting the semiconductor researcher business.
2006-05-22 Applied Nanotech, Mitsui partner on nanotech
Applied Nanotech has announced a strategic alliance with Japan-based Mitsui & Co. Ltd to develop nanotechnology-based products based on its IP patent portfolio.
2003-02-03 Applied Nanotech, Mitsui enter strategic alliance
SI Diamond Technology Inc., through its subsidiary Applied Nanotech Inc., has signed a MoU with Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
2006-08-11 App-specific solutions challenge nanotech developers
Advancements in the nanotechnology industry promise to offer improvements in capabilities across a spectrum of applications.
2004-08-10 ANI enters into R&D agreement with Alps
Applied Nanotech has entered into a research and development agreement with Alps Engineering, a Japanese equipment manufacturer, to expand the usage of current equipment designed and produced by Alps Engineering to various nanotechnology applications.
2007-07-19 Amkor, IMEC sign 3D wafer-level packaging pact
Amkor has agreed to develop 3D integration technology with IMEC based on its wafer-level processing techniques.
2013-03-05 10nm patterned-bit to double HDD data density
HGST Labs combined two innovative nanotechnologiesself-assembling molecules and nanoimprintingto create large areas of dense patterns of magnetic islands that are only about 50 atoms wide.
2007-01-12 TEL acquires GCIB technology provider
Tokyo Electron has acquired Epion Corp., a supplier of gas cluster ion beam technology for semiconductor applications and emerging nanotechnology markets.
2009-12-02 Survey finds China EEs lukewarm to hot tech
Engineers from China appear to be less enthusiastic and optimistic about newer technologies, including nanotechnology, system-in-package and embedded memories.
2005-04-14 Standards may move inside the process chamber, says Intel's Gargini
Paolo Gargini, Intel Fellow and chairman of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors organization, said that standardization may have to go much further than in the past to allow nanotechnology to be developed on 450mm diameter wafers.
2007-09-27 Researchers discover razor-like 'nanoblades'
The September 2007 issue of the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology detailed the discovery of razor-like nanoblades that could be applied in energy storage and fuel cell technology.
2013-05-31 Research reveals SiC film epitaxial growth on 300mm silicon
The Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Facility of Griffith University and SPTS said the finding is the result of over 10 years research at QMF on low temperature SiC deposition on silicon.
2006-02-24 NEC unveils 'smallest' fiber-optic field probe
NEC Corp. announced the successful development of what it touts as the world's smallest fiber-optic electric field probe, enabled through the adoption of a nanotechnology process.
2005-06-13 Nanotech breakthrough said to increase wireless speeds
Scientists at the University of California Irvine Thursday claimed a breakthrough using nanotechnology that they claim will increase the speeds of wireless and cellular networks.
2011-03-31 MEMS-over-CNT memory claims greater energy efficiency
A non-volatile memory with superior energy efficiency compared with existing storage devices can be developed via a mechanical method combined with the benefits of nanotechnology.
2011-10-27 Malaysia, U.K. team up on tech research
The collaboration sets off a bilateral research agreement focusing on nuclear energy, research commercialization and nanotechnology.
2007-07-24 Keithley, French lab enter nanotech testing pact
Keithley has agreed to jointly develop advanced nanotechnology and chip materials testing technology with France's CEA Leti Laboratory.
2008-04-03 iSuppli acquires PV, MEMS research specialist
iSuppli has acquired German market research firm Wicht Technologie Consulting, which specializes in photovoltaic technology, MEMS and nanotechnology.
2004-03-01 Intel boosts nanotech work via Zyvex link
Intel Corp. is studying the use of carbon nanotube-based polymers in thermal-interface materials, the latest evidence that nanotechnology is no longer a curiosity but is being put to work in the electronics industry.
2005-08-04 IMEC project seeks to develop nanoscale oscillator for wireless devices
Global nanotechnology research center IMEC is seeking to demonstrate the concept of spin torque in a nanoscale microwave integrated oscillator for wireless integrated devices.
2008-06-27 IBM, ETH Zrich establish nanotech lab
IBM Corp. and the ETH Zrich University have partnered to jointly build a nanotechnology research laboratory.
2002-10-21 Cymbet introduces thin-film rechargeable batteries for semiconductor apps
Cymbet Corp. has introduced the ASSET thin-film rechargeable batteries that is targeted for integration into IC packages of non-volatile SRAMs, real-time clocks, active RFID tags, and nanotechnology devices.
2005-08-23 Carbon nanotubes key to future flat TVs, says scientist
Carbon nanotubes are expected to become an important enabling technology in future large area flat-screen TVs, according to Zvi Yaniv, chief executive of nanotechnology IP company Applied Nanotech Inc.
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