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2008-08-14 Unidym, Samsung extend carbon nanotube partnership
Unidym Inc. and South Korea's Samsung Electronics have extended their joint development agreement for another year.
2008-05-27 Study warns of nanotube cancer risk
A study showed that carbon nanotubes could cause the same maladies as asbestos, as the long-thin fibers can cause the pathological response known to be a precursor to mesothelioma cancer in mice.
2013-04-18 Silicon-nanotube anodes enhance Li-ion batteries
Stanford University-spinoff Amprius proposes that silicon nanowire-based anodes can boost the energy density of traditional lithium ion batteries by tenfold.
2011-06-22 Researchers dispute toxic nanotube claims
Nanotubes may not be toxic, according to Semiconductor Research Corp. as researchers have found a way to remove contaminants introduced during manufacturing.
2013-10-02 Researchers demonstrate carbon nanotube powered computer
Stanford researchers hope to revitalise carbon-nanotube development efforts by surmounting its problems with a CMOS compatible process they call "imperfection-immune design".
2004-01-12 Protein recognition tapped to build nanotube FETs
Molecular self-assembly assisted by DNA and protein recognition might provide a route to complex logic and memory circuits built with nanotubes, a project in Haifa, Israel, suggests.
2006-05-29 ON Semi, Nantero to jointly develop carbon nanotube tech
ON Semiconductor and Nantero announced they have teamed up to develop innovative semiconductor process technology to effectively integrate carbon nanotubes in CMOS fabrication.
2010-12-02 NIST shows thermogravimetric analysis for nanotube purity
A thermogravimetric analysis technique that places a microbalance atop a quartz crystal enables measurement of microsamples of carbon-nanotubes and coated-nanoparticles.
2004-03-08 NEC claims carbon nanotube monopoly, offers licenses
NEC Corp. asserted Wednesday (March 3, 2004) that it owns essential patents on carbon nanotubes and, as a result, all companies seeking to make or sell carbon nanotube materials must obtain licenses from NEC.
2008-06-04 Nanotube fab looks forward to multiple chip apps
The first foundry offering carbon nanotube thin films to fabless chipmakers will soon be available, whose thin films will be on variety of substrates like displays, touchscreens, solar cells, sensors and MEMS devices.
2007-07-12 Nanotero tries HP inkjet tech on nanotube memory
Nantero said it is working with HP to explore the use of HP inkjet tech and Nantero's carbon nanotube formulation to create flexible electronics products and develop low-cost printable memory.
2005-05-11 Motorola unveils carbon nanotube emissive display for flat-panel TVs
Motorola Labs, the applied research arm of Motorola Inc., unveiled a prototype color display based on carbon nanotube technology. Motorola said its prototype could lead to development of large flat-panel TV screens that cost less but sacrifice no performance compared with existing displays.
2013-08-05 Low kerf loss achieved by carbon nanotube saws
In place of diamond-impregnated steel wires, scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials used ultra-thin and stable threads made of carbon nanotubes coated with diamond.
2009-03-11 Light-emitting nanotube gets efficiency boost
Researchers claim to have discovered the mechanism limiting the efficiency of light-emitting nanotubes along with a remedy to the problem.
2004-11-25 Infineon claims lead with 18nm nanotube transistor
German chip company Infineon Technologies AG has made the world's smallest carbon nanotube transistor, the company claimed Monday (Nov. 22).
2012-11-06 Imec, Nantero to develop carbon nanotube NVM
Imec backs Nantero in research project aimed at producing carbon nanotube non-volatile memories smaller than 20nm as possible DRAM replacement.
2008-04-07 Fujitsu tips first self-organizing carbon nanotube composite
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a nanoscale carbon composite featuring a self-organizing structure, by combining carbon nanotubes and graphene.
2009-10-13 Friction gives direction to nanotube assembly
Researchers from four different institutions report measuring different friction forces when a carbon nanotube slides along its axis compared to when it slides perpendicular to its axis.
2002-04-18 CVD process tames carbon nanotube growth
A chemical-vapor deposition technique has been applied to carbon nanotubes to give them unusual electronic properties, according to researchers here at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
2006-05-24 Carbon-nanotube arrays take heat off chips
Researchers from Purdue University say a carbon-nanotube-based thermal material can transfer heat from chip to sink 3x better than paste.
2006-01-24 Carbon nanotube, molecule joined to create new transistor
Columbia University researchers have successfully married a carbon nanotube with an organic molecule, creating what they said is the world's first hybrid carbon-nanotube/molecular transistor.
2008-02-19 Carbon nanotube transistors suit printed electronics
NEC's carbon nanotube transistor with reduced environmental impact has been verified, confirming its application in the printed electronics field.
2007-07-06 Carbon nanotube transistors run at 30GHz
A group of French researchers announced they have made transistors from carbon nanotubes on a silicon substrate, and these transistors can reach cutoff frequencies of 30GHz.
2011-08-31 Carbon nanotube reliability questionable
NIST researchers are questioning the reliability of carbon nanotubes as tests have revealed that the nanotubes performance slowly deteriorates under constant current.
2007-08-21 Carbon nanotube elastic property enhances LCD TV quality
In the August issue of the Nano Letters journal, South Korean scientists presented research on new electroactive elastic qualities in carbon nanotubes that can enhance the quality of display panels.
2015-10-05 Carbon nanotube breakthrough could extend Moore's Law
IBM Research found a way to scale down the channel length to the 1.8nm node and may allow Moore's Law to be extended to the sub-nm angstrom levels using the same EUV CMOS process.
2011-12-14 Carbon nanotube beats copper in 3D integration
A research team at Chalmers is working with carbon nanotubes as conductive material for TSVs, citing its thermal qualities as crucial to the application.
2012-02-02 Carbon nanotube beat silicon as transistor material
IBM researchers found that carbon nanotube transistors at under 10nm outperformed silicon in terms of speed and power.
2002-04-24 ANI demonstrates 14-inch diagonal nanotube display
Applied Nanotech Inc. (ANI), a subsidiary of SI Diamond Technology, has demonstrated a 14-inch diagonal carbon nanotube display made with low-cost fabrication techniques on inexpensive glass substrates that did not require any photolithographic steps.
2004-03-16 Zinc-oxide structure joins nanoscale-device push
Nanorings, a new type of geometry in the quest to build nanoscale devices, hold out near-term promise as injectable pressure sensors to monitor the human body.
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