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2008-02-26 Nanogenerators weave power suit
Georgia Institute of Technology professor Zhong Lin Wang has invented clothing fabrics that generate electricity from the motion of wearing.
2008-04-21 Memory tech puts 300M tunes in MP3 players
Researchers at the University of Glasgow have devised a molecular scale switch that they claim could dramatically improve the data storage capability of devices without increasing their size.
2013-05-31 Magnetic domain control to lead to low-power memory
MIT researchers said the approach controls magnetism by applying a voltage and requires little power to write and no power to maintain the stored information, leading to low-power data storage.
2011-12-21 Low-cost technique targets flexible electronics
Solution-based processing technology pushes for smart applications with stretchable and plastic backplanes.
2015-09-28 Light detector on a chip shines path leading to new apps
Vanderbilt University engineers developed what they claim as the first integrated circularly polarised light (CPL) detector that may allow the development of small, portable sensors.
2010-06-10 LEDs to transmit data, too?
With enough advance work, new LED light fixtures could also be wired into the network backbone, accomplishing wireless communications to any device without burdening the crowded RF bands.
2013-09-06 Laser spectroscopy eases nanoscale measurement
A team of researchers from Drexel University revealed an approach that could allow cell phones, laptops and tablets to become increasingly thinner and more energy efficient.
2010-02-25 Junctionless transistor eases chip making
Scientists at the Tyndall National Institute have designed and fabricated what they claim is the first junctionless transistor that can help simplify chip manufacture.
2011-03-04 JSR, IBM launch self-assembly litho structure
Targeted at the sub-20nm half-pitch node, the new DSA technology enables phase separation, resulting in good profiles and more flexible use in both logic and memory applications.
2009-02-13 Implantable SoC improves drug therapy
Engineers at National Taiwan University have developed an implantable SoC capable of drug delivery within a living person that has shown potential for improving the effectiveness of drug therapy through precision control, according to a paper presented on Feb. 10 at the IEEE's International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).
2015-12-14 Imec showcases next-gen devices to supersede silicon
Imec's R&D programme on advanced logic scaling is targeting the latest and mounting challenges for performance, power, cost and density scaling for future process technologies.
2013-06-14 Imec presents RRAM, FinFET innovations
At this week's VLSI 2013 Technology Symposium, Imec presented improved quantitative statistical prediction of the RRAM operation as well as the the first strained germanium devices based on a Si-replacement process.
2012-09-11 ICs grown on graphene, patented
Researchers from a Norwegian university have patented a technology which enables the growth and characterization of GaAs nanowires on graphene.
2007-01-18 HP touts FPGA breakthrough
Hewlett-Packard claimed a breakthrough that could lead to the creation of FPGAs up to eight times denser than those currently being produced today.
2013-07-19 Gold-studded polyurethane can better conduct electricity
Networks of spherical nanoparticles embedded in elastic materials result in the most flexible conductors, claims University of Michigan engineering researchers.
2013-07-12 Getting into the meat of Li-ion batteries
A nano-tool for designing the next generation of batteries has been developed by a mechanical engineer from MTU.
2010-09-09 Georgia Tech demos piezotronic transistors for MEMS apps
Transistors harness the piezoelectric effect in zinc-oxide nanowires to transform mechanical motion into a signal that controls logic operations.
2014-02-07 French researchers develop first ever single-molecule LED
The researchers used a single polythiophene wire made of hydrogen, carbon and sulphur, and emits light only when the current passes in a certain direction.
2004-06-01 For metrology, nano changes everything
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors said that the transistor gate length of microprocessors at the 45nm node will be <20nm in 2010.
2002-12-17 Flash gets a quantum makeover at IEDM
Research at the University of Tokyo and at Advanced Micro Devices Inc. dangles the possibility of using quantum-well technology to breathe new life into Flash memory.
2014-07-17 Exploring next-gen CMOS: Moving towards application
An Imec fellow is looking at many ideas floating around CMOS that can be tested and tried out, and see if they can be put to use and if a technology can be built from them.
2010-02-25 EC funds nanoscale memory project
The European Commission has established a taskforce to design future microchip memories which take into account the variability and unreliability of nanoscale transistors.
2005-07-06 Dutch scientists build nanoscale superconducting transistor
Scientists from the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft, The Netherlands and Philips Research have developed superconducting transistors based on semiconducting nanometer-scale indium arsenide wires, Philips said early this week (July 4).
2010-06-24 Duo develops nano biosensors for elderly care
ActiveCare Inc. and Vista Therapeutics Inc. have forged a strategic relationship to develop nano biosensors for ActiveCare's products and services to be utilized by the elderly.
2015-09-09 Display market sees growth with rising flexible tech
Flexible displays, which lend themselves to wider applications than conventional ones, are expected to create an entirely new display market and replace existing non-flexible display solutions.
2015-09-29 Developing next-gen batteries using Si-based electrodes
Anodes based on silicon can theoretically store up to ten times more lithium ions than conventional graphite electrodes, making the material attractive for high-performance lithium-ion batteries.
2005-03-16 Crossbar logic shrinks to nanoscale
HP designs a crossbar switch that packs the power of a traditional microprocessor logic unit into just a few square microns.
2011-03-31 Atomic switches pave way for new computing architectures
Researchers have published a review of new types of nanodevices and computing based on cationic-based atomic switches.
2012-12-04 Aerosol-based method utilised for growing nanowires
Lund University researchers experiment on how aerotaxy, an aerosol-based growth method, can be used to grow nanowires continuously with controlled nanoscale dimensions, a high degree of crystallinity and at a remarkable growth rate.
2013-01-07 A*STAR develops robust MEMS pressure sensor
Advancements made by A*STAR IME researchers resulted in a miniaturized pressure sensor that resists deformation and mechanical breakage.
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