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2016-04-21 Royal Malaysian Navy to be equipped by ICS
Test and measurement equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz has been awarded a contract by BNS to enhance and modernise the Royal Malaysian Navy's communications
2008-10-08 Navy taps TriQuint GaAs amp manufacturing tech
The Office of Naval Research has awarded TriQuint Semiconductor a 21-month, $4.5 million contract to advance manufacturing methods used to produce high-power, high-frequency GaAs amplifiers
2013-04-29 Tilera's cyber security building blocks ready for 100Gbit/s
The security on Tilera's TILE-Gx processors have been bolstered with the MDE software tool suite and an array of powerful application building blocks that enable customer solutions.
2012-11-21 Researchers grow carbon nanotubes in predefined structures
Researchers from USC and NIST claim to have cleared a key hurdle to carbon nanotube manufacturing with a system which consistently creates nanotubes in a predictable diameter and symmetry.
2006-04-24 Prototyping-to-production kit accelerates software-defined radio
Xilinx and ISR Technologies announce the availability of a prototyping-to-production kit that accelerates implementation of software-defined radio modems.
2014-12-29 Novel technique opens path to low-cost 3D nanomanufacturing
Laser shock imprinting creates large-area patterns of 3D nanoshapes from metal sheets that will inexpensively mass produce innovations such as "plasmonic metamaterials" for advanced technologies.
2011-09-06 MIT launches center for graphene-based tech
MIT has announced the creation of MIT-CG, a center that will explore advanced technologies geared toward the development of graphene-based materials, devices and systems.
2015-09-28 Light detector on a chip shines path leading to new apps
Vanderbilt University engineers developed what they claim as the first integrated circularly polarised light (CPL) detector that may allow the development of small, portable sensors.
2014-09-08 Graphene detector sees invisible THz waves
The detector claims to be as sensitive as, and a million times faster than any existing room temperature detector in the terahertz range as a result of using special properties of graphene.
2014-11-26 Cruise lines tap satellite tech for faster Wi-Fi experience
Cruise companies address the problems of slow and expensive Internet connection with O3b satellite system, which offers affordable high-speed connectivity.
2009-07-08 Coming soon: Carbon chips
Carbonthe basis of all organic compoundsseems destined to displace silicon as the material of choice for future semiconductors.
2015-08-06 CMOS optical transistor boasts speeds up to 4THz
Potentially over a 1000 times faster than silicon transistors, the novel transistors can be fabricated atop CMOS to boost switching time by nearly 5,000-times less than 300fs.
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