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2006-08-14 Home network storage market to triple by 2011
The market for consumer network storage will increase from this year's $305 million to nearly $1.2 billion by 2011, according to a recent report by ABI Research
2013-11-15 High smart device uptake ups wireless test equipment market
Frost & Sullivan revealed that the global wireless test equipment market is growing rapidly alongside the healthy growth experience by the wireless communications industry.
2008-07-01 Guide to low-power wireless network specs
Chipmakers need high volume sales to generate meaningful return, and high volumes require global markets. For a global technology market to take off, history has demonstrated that standards are essential. This was true for both Wi-Fi wireless Internet and Bluetooth. It will also be true for sensor networks.
2015-06-12 Grasp AUTOSAR integration for MOST network
Read about the results of an investigation on how to integrate MOST into AUTOSAR in such a way that AUTOSAR systems and conventional MOST systems work together in a vehicle network seamlessly
2008-02-08 GPS turns cellphone into handy navigation device
As an alternative to pricey personal navigation devices, you might consider upgrading your cellphone to one with a built-in GPS and paying as little as $4.16 per month to have it give you directions.
2010-10-11 GoogleTV device by Logitech gets shaky start
The Logitech Revue launches as the first GoogleTV device, integrating broadcast and Web video on any HDMI-capable HDTV and supporting personal media playback and video conferencing
2008-09-04 Gbit network equipment LSI draws low power
Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd has developed a low power consumption gigabit high-speed network processor, the ML7240, for the network equipment market
2007-12-12 Gain compression tool enhances network analyzer
Agilent Technologies has unveiled a new Gain Compression Application for its PNA-X network analyzer, which is well suited for characterizing, measuring and testing amplifiers
2004-07-12 Fujitsu taps IDT network search engine for server
Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) said late Tuesday (June 6, 2004) that Fujitsu has selected its 75K62134 network search engine for the IPCOM S2200 network server platform.
2011-03-30 Front-end power supply ideal for network systems
Emerson Network Power's DS1200DC-3 is a high-efficiency DC-input 1,200W bulk front-end power supply for systems that use distributed power architectures
2012-06-15 FPGA design software upgrades 28nm device support
Altera's Quartus II Software v12.0 enhances Qsys system integration and DSP Builder tools and offers an improved IP core, claiming to provide customers with 4X faster compile times for 28nm designs.
2008-06-06 Firms partner on network attached storage solutions
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. and Silicon Image Inc. has announced a working alliance to provide Network Attached Storage reference designs based on AMCC Power Architecture-based processors and Silicon Image's Serial ATA controllers and port multipliers
2003-03-27 Fiberhome network systems powered by Agere chip solutions
Fiberhome Telecommunications Technologies Co. Ltd has selected Agere Systems Inc.'s latest MARS Lite (LT) access devices to be used on its optical networking systems.
2011-12-01 Femtocells to solve network capacity issues
Femtocells are able to offload resource-intensive over-the-air data traffic onto an IP backbone, thus reducing both capital and operational expenditures.
2002-03-07 Fairchild to manufacture MEMS devices for Network Photonics
Network Photonics Inc. has entered into a supply agreement with Fairchild Semiconductor under which Fairchild will fabricate 1-dimensional MEMS devices for Network Photonics
2002-12-20 Extending 1-Wire range with network proxies
This application note covers a methodology for extending the 1-Wire range to a limit of near infinity using proxies.
2014-12-24 Exploring network functions virtualisation
Network functions virtualisation for the data plane touts enhanced flexibility, reduced CapEx and OpEx, and increased innovation, but the data plane presents unique challenges
2002-08-09 Epson network controller integrates TCP/IP stack
The S1S60000 network controller from Epson Electronics America integrates a TCP/IP protocol stack
2008-10-16 Ensure full service with mobile device management
Data suggests that the Open Mobile Alliance Device Management standard has support across all key markets, and that this support is growing. Here's why
2013-07-15 Engineers develop miniature GPS-like device
University of Michigan engineering researchers packed seven devices-master clock and six sensors-that together could potentially provide navigation in place of a GPS.
2012-06-15 Enable distributed device situational awareness through cloud-based data mgmt
Know how to manage clouds of sensors through situationally-aware distributed data management.
2004-06-16 Embedded device net security or safe nets
Secure access is only half the problem as the world of network-connected devices grows
2002-04-23 Elpida, Hynix entries further muddy network DRAM waters
Network systems designers beware: If the low-latency memory market seemed fragmented before, it is about to be diagnosed as downright schizophrenic
2007-04-04 Dual-input clock generator maximizes network uptime, system stability
ADI has unveiled the AD9549 dual-input network clock generator that promises a new performance standard to maximize network uptime and increase system stability and reliability
2009-12-02 Differentiate your mobile device's UI
This article covers key components and approaches when building successful mobile device user interface (UI), today and in the years ahead
2005-03-31 Device functions as high-speed mobile hotspot
IPWireless' Mobile Broadband Gateway integrates high-speed packet-based UMTS TDD, WiFi and Bluetooth.
2008-03-28 Device delivers Ethernet mapping over PDH
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced a new Ethernet mapping device that enables the delivery of new Carrier Ethernet services over existing PDH telecommunications infrastructure
2011-11-10 Designing domain-driven device clouds using Monte Carlo methods
A class of computational algorithms from the Manhattan Project can help you calculate the result of complex processes using random variables in the device cloud
2010-04-21 Converged network fuses Ethernet, Infiniband
Taking a step forward in the race towards converged networks, a trade group announced a capability for layering Infiniband's low latency features on top of Ethernet.
2005-09-16 Control the home with a wireless network
A robust and reliable RF communication is crucial to allow the home-control system to handle sensitive operations.
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