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What is a networking IC?
A networking IC is a chip used in interconnected systems that transmit any combination of voice, video and/or data among users.
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2006-06-02 MCU packs FlexRay networking protocol
Freescale's MPC5567 MCU enables fault-tolerant communication at high bandwidth rates of 10Mbps, reducing system cost by integrating maximum functionality on the chip.
2004-08-23 MCI taps Ericsson to enhance networking strategy
Ericsson Inc. and MCI Inc. have agreed to deploy Ericsson's engine solution to migrate MCI's U.S.-based international gateway traffic from traditional circuit switching to carrier-class VoIP.
2014-03-12 MAX-Fujitsu demo up to 800Gb/s optical networking speed
The trial showed that MAX can provide a 400Gb/s-capable networking infrastructure to the R&E community, as well as deliver even higher speeds on the existing installed base of equipment.
2003-07-01 Marvell acquires networking software provider
Marvell Tech, a provider of extreme broadband communications and storage solutions, has completed the acquisition of Israel-based RADLAN Computer Communications.
2000-11-29 Managing clock distribution and optimizing clock skew in networking applications
This application note defines the skew in a system, describes the effects of the skew on an application, and gives recommendation and supporting analysis for designing near optimal clock networks. It also illustrates that clock network design can be a surprisingly complex task, which involves many tradeoffs.
2002-06-14 Magis licenses ARM core for networking ICs
Magis Networks Inc. has licensed ARM's processor core from for its first-generation chipsets used in 5GHz wireless networking.
2007-09-07 LSI beefs up networking portfolio with acquisition
Through the acquisition of Tarari, LSI has added content processing capabilities to its portfolio of networking and storage solutions.
2007-12-06 Low-power, high-speed ADC suits optical networking
austriamicrosystems has expanded its ADC portfolio with the AS1542, a multi-channel successive-approximation ADC with low power consumption and high DC performance.
2011-11-23 LIN slave ICs ease automotive networking
MLX80105 is a fully integrated LIN slave that claims to significantly reduce BOM cost.
2003-03-28 LightRiver receives orders for its latest optical networking product
LightRiver Technologies has announced a sale of its Metropolis DMX Access Multiplexer to two new customers in the U.S.
2011-03-03 Kontron modules tout Freescale QorIQ chips for networking, control apps
Kontron's AM4120 AdvancedMC processor module will enable OEMs and system integrators to take leverage the integrated and scalable QorIQ processors on MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA platforms.
2003-11-10 King Yuan to deploy Credence networking test platform
King Yuan Electronics Co. Ltd, an integrated IC back-end service provider in Taiwan, has selected Credence Systems Corp.'s ASL 3000 RF test system as one of its wireless device test platforms.
2003-10-08 KDDI, Tokyo FM jointly conduct networking field trials
KDDI and Tokyo FM Broadcasting have agreed to jointly develop a new service integrating programming to be broadcast over digital terrestrial audio networks.
2007-08-21 Japanese networking firm mulls WiMAX partnership
Japanese digital subscriber line provider, Acca Networks Co. is considering seeking partners to offer WiMAX services.
2004-01-13 ISSI SRAM suits high speed networking, telecom apps
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) has announced a 300Mhz version of its 18Mb No-Wait and standard synchronous SRAMs that is targeted for use in high speed networking and telecommunication applications.
2002-09-10 IRIS develops technology for low-cost networking
IRIS Technologies Inc. and IRIS Technologies India Pte Ltd, have developed what they claim as the first set of protocol independent lookup algorithms for searching data structures in switch routing applications.
2008-02-22 IPv4/IPv6 dual stack tipped for embedded networking
Express Logic has announced the availability of NetX Duo, an IPv4 and IPv6 dual TCP/IP stack that works with both protocols.
2007-01-03 IPTV to drive networking gear in '07
iSuppli Corp. forecasts that global IPTV subscribers will soar to 14.5 million this year, up a stunning 192.4 percent from 4.9 million in 2006.
2002-05-10 IP SANs: Techniques for storage networking over IP
This application note discusses various techniques in storage networking protocols.
2006-02-13 IP core aimed at telecom, networking apps
Xilinx Inc. announced the availability of its compliant x1, x4 and x8 lane LogiCORE PCI Express IP core targeted for telecom, networking, storage and video applications.
2003-07-17 Intersil to sell wireless networking group
Intersil Corp. has agreed to sell its Wireless Networking Product Group to GlobespanVirata Inc.
2003-02-28 Intersil chipset powers SMC 802.11g networking products
SMC Networks Inc. has integrated Intersil Corp.'s PRISM GT WLAN chipset in their latest line of 802.11g wireless networking products.
2009-11-23 Internet MCU eases networking implementation
WIZnet combines a TCP/IP stack with and 8051 MCU and 64Kbyte SRAM and 32Kbyte internal buffer to create a one-chip solution.
2006-03-02 Interface ICs suit telecom, networking apps
ON Semiconductor introduced the NB7L32M, NB4N11M, NB4N11S, and NB4L52 fully differential interface ICs.
2002-07-10 Intellon powerline networking IC transmits up to 14Mbps
The INT51X1 powerline networking IC from Intellon Corp. allows users to share Internet access and connect PCs and peripherals by plugging them into power outlets in a SOHO environment.
2014-03-13 Intel, Mellanox, Vello aim for optical networking standards
The companies announced their respective standards efforts for optical networking aimed at the rising tide of data at various points through Internet data centres and carrier networks.
2004-03-15 Intel, LG to cooperate on home networking R&D
Intel Corp. has concluded an agreement with LG Electronics to initially collaborate on development of home networking technologies and later expand the alliance to WLANs and mobile communications devices.
2002-08-29 Intel forming home networking industry group
Intel Corp. will announce the details of a cross-industry working group on home networking at the Intel Developer Forum next month.
2006-03-29 Intel backs wireless sensor networking startup
Intel Capital has joined with venture capital firms New Enterprise Associates and Shasta Ventures to provide a total of $5 million in Series A funding to Arch Rock.
2002-09-03 Intel adopts Wind River technology for storage networking
Intel Corp. has selected Wind River Systems Inc.'s Tornado for Intelligent Network Acceleration for iSCSI Initiators platform to be integrated into its PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter.
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