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What is a resistor network?
A circuit containing only resistors, ideal current sources, and ideal voltage sources. This means that relationships between current and voltage are linear.
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2003-08-07 Resistor networks feature high-density packaging
The RA and RB series of resistor networks from Hosonic Electronic (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd feature miniature and high-density packaging.
2009-08-26 Resistor networks come in space-saving package
Vishay has announced that its precision thin film surface-mount resistor networks and dividers now feature a 4mm x 4mm dual flat no-lead package with a 0.65mm pitch and low 1mm profile.
2012-04-30 Resistor networks come in 14-, 16-pin SOIC packages
Vishay's NOMCA series features low absolute TCR of 25ppm/C, TCR tracking of 5ppm/C, tight ratio tolerances to 0.05 percent and long-term ratio stability of 0.05 percent after 1,000 hours at 125C.
2011-05-16 Resistor networks boast ultra-low CMMR rating
Linear Technology introduces the LT5400 resistors designed for high performance signal conditioning applications in difference amplifiers, precision dividers, references and bridge circuits.
2006-03-09 Resistor ladder networks packaged in 2512 size
TT electronics BI Technologies SMT Division has developed a series of miniature surface-mount resistor ladder networks for analog to digital and digital to analog conversion apps.
2002-07-16 Remote access using cellular networks
Find out some feasible ways to deploy Public Wireless Network Access (cellular) infrastructure into an enterprise environment.
2005-05-19 Reference platform supports design of unified enterprise networks
SiNett announced the availability of OneRunner, which they believe is the industry's first reference design platform for developing secure WLAN and Unified Access (UA) switches and WLAN appliances.
2004-06-21 Redundancy protection for T3/E3/STS-1 networks
This app note will examine some different types of redundancy protection schemes for a T3/E3/STS-1 network interface, while paying particular attention to how this scheme can be implemented with a Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim T3/E3/STS-1 LIU, or specifically for the DS315x family of parts.
2006-04-26 Receiver tailored for business TV, private satellite networks
Wegener, a provider of products for TV, audio and data distribution networks, announced the Unity 550 enterprise media receiver.
2008-12-23 RC snubber networks for thyristor power control and transient suppression
RC networks are used to control voltage transients that could falsely turn-on a thyristor. These networks are called snubbers. The simple snubber consists of a series resistor and capacitor placed around the thyristor.
2006-09-25 Radio network analyzers can scan several networks in parallel
The new radio network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz are suitable for use in different networks irrespective of the technology employed as well as for broadband applications in the frequency range from 80MHz up to 4GHz.
2011-01-19 Qubits reversible transfer could enable broadband quantum networks
Researchers at the University of Calgary and the University of Paderborn have successfully demonstrated the reversible transfer of entangled qubits from a quantum network waveguide to a solid-state memory device, bringing the concept of broadband quantum networks closer to reality.
2007-11-01 QoS is key to HD video in home networks
A whole-home entertainment network requires the rethinking of what we have traditionally found to be acceptable for "best effort" networks of the past. Streaming HD content around the home raises the bar substantially, requiring increased data throughputs coupled with higher levels of QoS.
2001-09-17 Qecc protocol analysis of OC-N/STM-N networks
This application note provides a data extraction solution to perform protocol analysis of Embedded Control Channel (ECC) information on STM-N/OC-N circuits.
2003-03-14 Putian resistor networks rated to 200V
The A104J series of metal-film resistor networks of Fujian Putian Holder Electronic Co. Ltd has a voltage rating of 200V.
2005-06-09 PTI rolls its most robust signaling gateway for next-gen networks
Performance Technologies; new signaling gateway solutionthe SEGway 4300, provides the signaling bridge to allow traditional TDM and next-generation, IP-based SS7 networks to work together seamlessly
2001-09-14 Protocol analysis of user data encapsulated within OC-N/STM-N networks
This application note presents a solution to analyze and extract the desired PDH signal from the higher-speed carrier within an OC-N/STM-N data stream.
2002-12-18 Protection networks for telecommunications systems
This article provides information on the protection networks for telecommunications systems.
2003-08-15 Protection networks for telecommunication systems
This application note lists down several of the standards and ways to protect telecommunication systems.
2015-05-22 Proposed 5G standards focus on landline networks
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is forming a working group on leveraging existing landline networks to be backbone of 5G.
2001-06-11 Programmable Tee Networks
This application note is intended to illustrate the idea of using digitally controlled potentiometers to form tee networks and provide the design engineer with reference designs for using tee networks and their derivatives as building blocks in analog circuits and systems.
2002-04-10 Procket Networks adopts Avant! technology for SoC design
Procket Networks Inc. has selected Avant!'s Astro optimization, place-and-route technology for its gate SoC designs.
2006-12-06 Powerline transceiver enhances in-home networks
SiConnect said its $5 powerline transceiver chip aims to enhance the performance of a wide range of applications using existing electrical wiring to carry audio, video, voice and data around the home.
2014-04-21 Power meter gives cost-savings boost for networks up to 690V
Shneider's PowerLogic PM5000 series provides a fourth current input, onboard web pages for viewing real-time and stored information, enhanced harmonics capabilities, and dual Ethernet ports to daisy chain meters together, which saves on installation and wiring costs.
2004-10-19 Portable 3G tester checks handsets, networks
The nomadic addition to Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions' test suite expands the company's range of communications protocol and parametric test systems.
2004-03-02 Polychromix platform eyes metro-, long-haul networks
Polychromix has released its Dynamic Channel Orchestrator platform.
2008-03-13 PMIC aims at MOST networks in cars
STMicroelectronics has launched what it claims as the industry's first integrated power management solution for MOST networks.
2013-03-19 PIC-based VICR ready for 100G optical networks
The PIC-based VICR integrates a variable optical attenuator on the signal path and is designed to increase dynamic range and improve the optical signal to noise ratio for coincident signals.
2003-11-10 Philips develops technology to push 3G cellular networks
Royal Philips Electronics has announced a breakthrough in LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology that is expected to reduce the complexity and operating costs of 3G cellular base stations while at the same time enhancing their performance and reliability.
2007-08-09 PC/104-Plus card connects up to two CAN networks
Swiss company Digital-Logic is now offering a compact, high-performance extension card for connecting up to two CAN networks with a PC/104-Plus system.
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