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2005-03-04 NJR unveils new DC brushless motor pre-driver IC
The new single-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC from NJR incorporates Lock Detect/Auto Protection circuit and totem-pole pre- drivers for external power MOSFET
2005-04-22 NJR unveils new control IC
The NJW4120 from New Japan Radio is a 1-cell and 2-cell Li-ion battery charge control IC with a built-in ac-dc secondary side control feature.
2006-01-03 NJR rolls out new digital audio delay device
The new digital audio delay device from New Japan Radio can adjust output time of a two-channel or a four-channel voice signal
2005-04-11 NJR rolls new op amp
New Japan Radio unveiled a new single supply quad operational amplifier with full swing input and output
2005-07-13 NJR rolls new motor pre-driver IC
New Japan Radio's latest 2-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC includes lock detect/auto release, totem-pole pre-drivers for external power MOSFET, and supply chopping control circuit (PWM_IN / PWM_OUT).
2005-07-12 NJR rolls new motor control IC
New Japan Radio's NJM2627 device is a 3-phase DC brushless motor control pre-driver IC with an operating voltage between 4.5V and 18V.
2006-07-17 New LDO regulator ICs tailored for battery-operated portable devices
New Japan Radio unveiled two new products that target battery-operated portable devicesthe NJU7777 and NJU7254.
2006-10-13 New Japan Radio unrolls DSP with eMemory's OTP IP
New Japan Radio has announced the NJU26040 DSP with eMemory's Neobit one-time programmable (OTP) IP inside.
2005-06-13 New isolation amplifier from NJR
New Japan Radio has released a new single isolation amplifier that operates between the 4.5V to 9V voltage range
2005-07-28 New decoder from NJR
The NJU26220 decoder from New Japan Radio provides 5.1 surround sound from two speakers or headphones by Dolby virtual speaker and Dolby headphone
2005-07-08 New audio processor from NJR
The NJW1177 from New Japan Radio is an audio processor that includes all of functions needed in processing audio signal for TV, including volume, tone control, balance, mute and AGC functions.
2009-08-07 Gain control amp suits digital radio equipments
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has introduced the NJM2287 450KHz IF gain control amplifier IC with mixer for digital radio equipments.
2010-10-20 Analog surges due to new apps
As the IC industry matures, growth will be driven by new analog applications including power management, automotive, sensors, implantable medical devices and LED lighting
2009-09-28 Transceiver radio enables two-way wireless comms
RF Monolithics Inc. has expanded its low-power short-range radio RFIC line with the addition of the new 300MHz to 510MHz TRC105 transceiver radio
2003-03-12 Silicon Wave unveils Bluetooth radio processor
Silicon Wave has started sampling its single chip CMOS Bluetooth radio processor that is targeted for portable and cellphone apps
2004-08-03 Satellite TV service set for launch in Japan, South Korea
A new satellite TV service to be launched here and in South Korea in October promises to deliver programming along with radio and data broadcasting to mobile terminals
2002-07-16 Packet radio seeks voice
Until all-IP implementation is fielded, "packet radio" does not necessarily mean packet voice and data
2010-11-15 Omron pushes MEMS into new markets
Omron is repurposing its pressure sensors, radio-frequency switches and thermal infrared sensing arrays for the mobile consumer and green energy markets
2015-04-22 Moore's law and 5G: Out with old, in with the new
In order for 5G to happen, there needs to be a collective effort to shy away from 20nm CMOS and Moore's law and look toward next generation technology for increased speed and lower power.
2014-12-18 LTE breathes new life to WiMAX startup
Georges Karam, Sequans CEO, shared how Sequans Communications managed to transition from a purely- WiMAX provider to target LTE-only single modem chip market.
2015-04-23 Japan's mobile infrastructure market plunges
The Japanese mobile infrastructure dropped by double digits in 2014 as a severe cut in 3G investments drove a decline that LTE could not offset despite the addition of over 100,000 eNodeBs.
2009-09-10 Japan gets HSPA-connected
Ericsson and Emobile have launched Japan's first High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) Evolution network
2007-09-26 Huawei expands HSPA contract with Japan's EMOBILE
Huawei Technologies has secured a network expansion contract with Japan's EMOBILE, following the commercial launch of the country's first IP-based HSDPA radio access network for the operator
2005-03-29 HP establishes RFID lab in Japan
Anticipating that a 950MHz band will be assigned for RFID applications in Japan, Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd will open an RFID verification facility in May in Japan with three partner companies
2013-07-04 Cloud radio access networks draw Asian carriers
China Mobile, Korea Telecom and Deutsche Telekom are working on plans to deploy cloud radio access networks as a modified approach to building cellular networks
2006-06-01 Call to arms on software-defined radio
Cellphones shipping in 2010 using the pending Long Term Evolution standard, now being drafted by the Third Generation Project Partnership, will support data rates of up to 100Mbps.
2006-10-11 Toshiba picks Altera's CPLDs for new PMPs
Altera announced that Toshiba has selected the Pb-free version of its MAX II CPLD family for their newest line of gigabeat portable media players.
2006-12-18 New tech breaks into network specs war
Six top CE vendors formed the WirelessHD group in October to define 60GHz radios that could carry uncompressed high-definition video across the living room at a roaring 5Gbps.
2005-02-14 Netgear launches MIMO gear in Japan
Netgear became the latest WLAN equipment vendor to launch a line of equipment using Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) technology.
2008-10-29 Fujitsu, Nokia Siemens partner to drive LTE services in Japan
Fujitsu and Nokia Siemens have partnered to jointly develop the Service Architecture Evolution (SAE) Gateway, including the Serving Gateway and the PDN Gateway, for the Super 3G project's Long Term Evolution (LTE) core.
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